April Favourites 2016 | Zoella

Hello everyone, today I am going to be chatting you through my April Favourites. Firstly, I wanna say two things. It’s actually really hot today
so I have the window open So I do apologize if you hear dogs barking,
kids screaming or men banging hammers. Second thing, I wanna apologize for is
if you catch a glimpse of my orange armpit. I have a little bit of a fake tan mishap
going on in my pit region. And I just thought it would be the best day
to wear a top that does this And shows my armpit. Like, this one’s fine but this one, mmm, not so much. So I have an orange armpit so if you catch sight of that. Which, you probably wouldn’t have
noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out to you, But now that you have noticed it,
I apologize for the orange armpit. First thing is this which is the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing oil. I have tried the Clinique Take the Day Off balm and I didn’t get on with it as well. I really wanted to like it because
I’ve heard so many amazing things from a lot of different people about it. I’m very used to using something like the Emma Balmy. Emma Balmy? Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm which I feel like is a lot softer in consistency so I didn’t find myself rubbing my eyes too much with that one, but when I use the Clinique one it is a slightly firmer texture. So I found that I was rubbing too hard so I just think my eyes didn’t like it. Just didn’t get on with it. Since I’ve been using the Tata Harper cleansing oil
to remove makeup I’ve basically fallen in love with using oils to take my makeup off at the end of the day. So I wanted to give this one a try. I can’t remember when I ordered this. Possibly January? February time? From the John Lewis website actually and I love it. I am obsessed with it. I use this every single night to remove my makeup. I find it really easy to use, the makeup literally just melts away And I don’t know, I just really enjoyed it. Really, really like it It just makes it so easy. For me taking my makeup off isn’t my favourite part of my skincare regimen so anything that makes it that little bit more enjoyable or that little bit nicer is a bonus. I’ve been trying to convert people to this so that then extends to you guys because It’s just a really good product. Really, really good product. Onto makeup. I feel like you guys will have seen half of this already because I have been vlogging a lot
and using these products and I’ve mentioned two of these products in a couple of videos. Um, but — the first thing is this. It’s the Too Faced, is it called sweet — yeah, sweet peach palette. I’ve just been using this like every single day since I’ve had it. I love pretty much every colour in here. There’re so many variations, it smells of peaches. There’s nothing not to love about this palette. And, uh, I have seen this actually in Debenhams so if you have a Debenhams near you
and you want to try and grab this, I’ve seen loads in stock. They for sure have this in Debenhams in the Brighton store anyway. I just, I don’t know, I just love Too Faced eyeshadows. They blend well, they last well, the colours are gorgeous, really vibrant. I just have no complaints, absolutely no complaints. As I said in a previous video, I will be taking this on my holidays with me. Another thing by Too Faced is this, which I’ve also shown in a video and on my vlog channel, and it is the Too Faced Sparkling Bellini Blush. This is just gorgeous. It makes you look like you have this really healthy sunkissed kind of glow to your cheeks. I’m wearing it today. I really like it, it blends beautifully, it’s kind of three different shades but I kind of just swell my brush around in that and kind of just pop it on my cheekbone. But yeah, love it, love it. Another thing I’ve also mentioned and I even think in the video I was like, this is for sure gonna end up in my favourites because I could just tell, is this which is Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter which says it lasts for eight hours. I can’t say I’ve actually tested that theory. I mean I put it on in a day, but I don’t, I’m not on of these people that kind of checks their makeup throughout the day. Once I’ve done it I kind of just leave it. And then I’ll mostly just catch sight of myself in like a reflection or in a mirror in a shop and I’ll be like, ugh, my god, I need to sort my makeup out. But I don’t know whether this lasts eight hours. Basically. Moral of the story. And it is in the colour Fireball. And it’s just so — uh, I stuck my finger in it, it’s just so pretty, again, I have it on today. It looks peachy in the pan, but actually, it has this really gorgeous iridescent pink tone to it which really accentuates your cheekbones and reminds me of my all time fav — Estee Lauder Tease Blush. So if you love that or you really like very baby pink iridescent highlighters on your cheekbones, then I would for sure give this a try. I guess it’s not really very natural to have pink as a highlighter shade and I can see why some people wouldn’t want to do that but I personally really like it. It’s pretty much like a highlighter and a blush in one, to be honest. Next thing that I’ve been wearing quite a lot and a lot of you have been asking me what it is that I’ve been wearing on my lips so much, I don’t actually have it on today, but I have been wearing it a lot, is the Clarins Lip Liner in the colour 02 Nude Beige. I’ve just been wearing th-, oh, it’s completely blunt, I’ve just been wearing this over my entire lips so lining my lips and then completely filling them it and leaving it and I love it. I think it’s just the shade. I’m going to sneeze. Oh no, it’s like tickling in the back of my nose but I don’t know if I’m gonna actually sneeze. Come on. No, sneeze is gone. It’s kind of like a nudie brown and I have for sure come to realise that I much prefor, prefor? ‘I much prefor’ I much prefer matte shades on my lips. Whether that’s a bright colour or a nude, I much prefer something to be matte. I just think it… suits me better and it also lasts longer. And yeah, I’ve just been really, really loving this. It’s a really lovely colour
and it’s a really lovely consistency, lasts really well and I don’t feel like I have just a lipliner on my lips because lipliners can be quite drying and I just don’t find that this is that drying. So definitely check that out if you’re
after nude brown shade for your lips. Two more lip items.
Why do I have so many lip items today? I’ve been really unli-uhm, really unliking I’ve been really unliking you! I’ve been really enjoying the NYX or N-Y-X Soft Matte Lip Creams. Now, If you do watch my vlogs, sorry, I’m plugging my vlogs so much, I will leave a link in the description box
if any of you don’t watch them, but I was recently shopping
in my local Boots in Brighton and they had this huge NYX stand, which I swear hasn’t always been there
and if it has, I’m blind. But they had so many things. Whenever I watch any American YouTubers
who have really easy access to NYX I’m so jealous because the products
look so cool and so exciting and it’s just that typical thing of you
really want what you can’t have. So when I saw the NYX counter I was so excited, Slightly frustrating, though, because I did actually leave my purse at home and me and Poppy were shopping with Sean. Poppy is Alfie’s sister in case you’re confused
and Sean is her boyfriend. I have to keep remembering that not everybody that watches these videos knows the complete ins and outs of my life. And Sean was the only one who had his wallet so he was like, don’t worry, I’ll get it and you can pay me back but I was completely like restrained, I was like,
no no, I’ll just get two, I’ll just get two of these. I’m gonna have to go back and have another look. But I picked up this one which is the shade Copenhagen which is a really beautiful dark kind of purply brown colour – the colour that you guys know I absolutely love. And I also picked one up that was pink as well. I have no idea where that is, it’s living life in the bottom of my handbag somewhere. But these are so cool. I really really like them. I love the consistency and I love the feel of them. They don’t feel like a liquid lipstick. They feel very similar in consistency to these Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours. They sort of feel like air, like you’re putting a mousse on your lips and I really like it, it doesn’t feel heavy which I think quite a lot of liquid lipsticks can feel. Obviously, they are not as pigmented and opaque and they don’t last as long, I have found these don’t last as long but they also wear really well. They don’t leave your lips looking patchy or flaky. They kind of just fade quite nicely in colour. So I really really like these and I’m gonna have to go back and find some more for sure. This next thing is something that I have been
wanting to put in a favourites for like the past three months and I keep forgetting. And it is the First Aid Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm. This stuff has saved my lips. I would say it’s most similar in consistency to
the Nuxe lip balm — lip treatment. It’s very thick so if you hate thick lip balms or lip salve or lip treatment, then you won’t like this. But I have found this to be really great. I put it on just before I go to bed and I wake up in the morning and it’s still on my lips. And my lips feel ten times better than they did twelve hours prior. So, I don’t know, I just like it. I’ve used quite a lot actually. I’ve made quite a dent and that’s saying something because balms like this very rarely ever look like they’ve been used. I guess the only thing that I will say is: if you really hate putting your finger into a lip product and putting it into your lips, you probably won’t like this but I just kind of rub it in. I just feel like it, I don’t know, is so thick and like moisturising that it doesn’t really bother me so much. It’s not sticky, it’s just balmy, you know. I actually have two scents today. Two scents… sounds like I have two, in America, two cents. I have two fragrances that I really wanna share with you this month, both on very opposite sides of the spectrum. On the slightly lower end or much much lower end is my Zoella Beauty Let’s Spritz fae-, fraverance? Fragrance body mist. I can’t speak today, I do apologise. I have been using this pretty much the past two months because I just freaking love it. If any of you haven’t smelled this yet, please do. I really really like it. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t sell it. I do find for me the hardest part of doing
any new beauty range is picking the fragrance. I feel like I’m quite picky with fragrances and it means a lot that I like it and that you guys are gonna like it. But this one just, I don’t know, I think I’ve been wearing it a lot more recently because it was being developed and made this time last year, it was kind of ready to come out. And it reminds me of summer last year and it just brings back so many amazing memories and all the exciting meetings. And it’s also really strongly scented for a mist. Generally mists are a lot weaker in scent than a perfume or an eau de toilette. But this is a mist and it’s super strong, smells really like fresh and fruity and I love it. In case you aren’t familiar, this came out
with a range called Tutti Frutti and there’s a scrub and a body lotion and a shower gel and lots of other bits and pieces. And they will be gradually being replaced by a new and very exciting launch that I have coming up super soon. In brackets, stay tuned on all my social media for like sneak peeks and little bits and pieces ’cause I’m so excited to share that with you but I am keeping tight lipped for now. But that new collection will slowly be kind of taking over the Tutti Frutti range so if you do love the Tutti Frutti range, go out and grab your favourite bits and pieces now because from the end of this month onwards it will be leaving the shelves and it will be being replaced by a new and exciting one, but still, I know that a lot of you have your heart really set on the Tutti Frutti range so I would hate for you to just walk in one day and be like, where is that scrub gone? Get it now, get it now. However, this will be staying so if you love the scent and you love the mist, which I know a lot of you do, you will still be able to purchase this so don’t fret too much. It’s just mostly the body stuff that you’ll have to grab now if you still want it. The next fragrance is a Jo Malone fragrance. Now, I know these are a little out of some people’s price range but they are very very luxury amazing quality perfumes. This one is the Mimosa & Cardamom. I recently went on a little shopping trip and I was in the Jo Malone store in Blue Water and a really lovely lady was helping us. I’ve forgotten her name now which makes me feel so bad because I think there’s nothing nicer than complimenting somebody on their customer service because all too often — and having worked in retail myself — it’s very easy for people to complain when
they aren’t happy with something but not enough people praise and compliment. It is frustrating that people are so quick to talk about the things they hate or the thing they didn’t like but not all too often they will compliment somebody on their customer service or great experience in retail so Do that more often, guys. I want you all to try and do that at least once. Alfie’s really good at that, actually. Really good at that. Anyway, we had a lovely lady in Jo Malone whose name I’ve forgotten and that’s really annoyed me, I’m half-tempted to see if I can rummage through my bag and find the receipt but they’re all really lovely in there and she was kind of telling me a little bit more about Jo Malone and how you can mix scents because I already own quite a few Jo Malone scents because they are beautiful and they also last a really long time. And I feel like they are really like, ageless. I mean, my nan loves them, I love them and everyone in between loves them. They are also very timeless and classic and they have a really great variety of scents. I feel like there’s always something for everybody. I generally really like the Frutti and the Fresh scents. But I wanted to get something different, I wanted to try some of the other ones because it’s quite easy to walk into a Jo Malone store and feel a little bit overwhelmed. There’s a lot of bottles, there’s a lot of different scents, there’s a lot of different ingredients. And sometimes… you end up sniffing something and going ‘I think I like it, I’m not too sure’, there’s too much choice. So if you do go in, speak to somebody because they are super lovely and very very helpful. And we were talking about the ones that I already have and love, which is Blackberry and Bay, and English Pear and Freasia. And those are my, like, two favourites. And I wanted something that was different to those but that could also be layered with them. So I picked up this, which is the Mimosa & Cardamom. And this smells so good, I feel like this could be a summer scent or a winter scent. It’s quite warm and it’s quite like, vanilla-y. And, like… fresh at the same time, I feel like it has little bit of everything I love in a fragrance, which is why I’ve been obsessed with it. I also think it works really well as a daytime and a nighttime scent. Just gonna throw that out there. Another thing I’ve been loving this month, which I don’t have anything to physically show you, I did have the box on the side and somewhere along the way someone’s tidied it away and recycled it, so I can’t actually show it to you, but it is SourcedBox, which is my friend Marcus and Niomi’s joint venture. It is a healthy subscription service. So you guys know that I’m probably not the healthiest, however, I’m probably the healthiest right now than I have ever been. So there you go. At first, I was like, oh my god, this sounds like an amazing idea, maybe it’s not something for me personally, because I am that the sort of person that would go for a full, fat, amazing gooey chocolate brownie as opposed to a kind of gluten-free, vegan meal, beetroot kind of really healthy brownie. And that’s just more a mind state, I think. Because I just think ‘that one’s gonna taste better, so why would I eat that one?’ However, I received the first box complimentary by Marcus and Niomi and I loved it. I’m gonna admit that not everything in it is for me but I’ve tried every single thing in every single box. And I have found at least like 6 different things that I have repurchased and actually bought and eaten as snacks. I think I love it because it is making me trying new things and they’re healthy. And it’s made me discover so many amazing brands,
so many amazing ingredients, so many things that I would never have even taken a second glance at had I been in a supermarket or in a healthy food store. So I absolutely love it, I would highly recommend it to any of you that are eating healthily, who are vegan, who are vegetarian, who might just want a slightly healthier snack throughout the day or even if you just wanna find new brands and new things to eat. It’s just a really great box and it’s always jam packed full of things I’ve never seen before. And I’m not just saying that because I love Marcus and Niomi, I actually subscribed to the subscription box myself, so I receive them every month. I get so excited when the postman knocks on my door with it. I’ve genuinely found a really good handful of healthy snacks that I would not have found before. I’m just trying to think if there’s any like, music or any TV shows or films I’ve seen recently that I’ve really loved, but this month I’ve mostly just been reading. April was the month for reading. I read a lot of books in preparations for the W&H Smith Book Club. But I am gonna be doing a video all about the books that I’ve read that I want to recommend to you so I’m not gonna do that in this video. Uhm… I’ll tell you one TV show that I have really enjoyed. ‘The Island’ by Bear Grylls. It has had me on the edge of my seat every single episode. It’s basically about a group of men and a group of women who were taken to a deserted island and they have to survive. And they get given nothing. And I really enjoyed that. It’s literally just come to an end but I’m pretty sure you can watch it online. I don’t want to forget something because there’s a whole month until I can talk about another thing. I feel like that’s it… I feel like that might be everything. I don’t know, I kind of really want to get into a new TV series, to be honest. ‘Bates Motel’ I’ve been really enjoying. I started watching it with Tanya and Jim. And I really really liked that. But yeah, if you have any recommendations for any TV series, not that I actually have time to get stuck in a TV series right now, but if you have any that you think I would really like, let me know in the comments. So yes, that is everything I have been loving. As always, let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comments and give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And I will see you again very very soon.