ASMR – Pharmacist Roleplay – Quick drop-by at the pharmacy

Hello, can I help you ? Yeah, you’re here for
some medication, right ? Can I have your prescription please ? Ok, Thank you So Okay so, do you know why your doctor asked you to get those medications ? Your dentist, okay Okay, because you’ve got that persistent ache at your teeth, yeah I’m sorry, um For how long have you been having this issue with your teeth ? Yeah okay Two weeks and your operation is in only two weeks Okay. So, yeah I understand now why your
dentist asked you to get these It’s just procedure you know just to know
what is the issue so I can give you the best advice that I can depending on what
is your actual problem, okay So Let me get these for you Okay, so the first one that
I’m going to give you are these These Spifen, okay So these are when you’ve got an ache Basically, that’s for your teeth If it’s hurting you too much, you take these, okay So you can take them every six hours So yes you have to wait six hours between two Spifens, okay So these will ease the pain basically, this is a pain-killer And also if you have some fever Or something like that, you can also
use these, okay ? So even after You don’t have any issue with your teeth anymore you can still take them if you have any pain or a fever, okay? So these you should take
with water, and the best is to take while you’re eating, okay ? So that’s it for this one Next one is this one So, this is an antibiotic I suppose that your dentist is worried
that you may have an infection maybe of some sort This is why you got this one So these you will take one in the morning and one in
the evening while you’re eating, okay ? And you will do so for the whole week but for antibiotic it is very important that you do the whole thing, the whole
week, that you do not forget to take those medications, okay ? Otherwise it may not be working, okay ? So I’m sorry I forgot to right on there I’m going to write all of it down So you don’t have to memorize it, I’m sorry Okay Same for the Spifen Okay, and the last one I have, last one I have is this, this is a mouthwash So, this is basically to make sure that your mouth is clean and that you don’t get any bacteria or anything Around the teeth that is hurting you and that this is not the cause of it, okay ? So for this mouthwash you’re going to use it after you brush your teeth of course Twice a day, once in the
morning and once in the afternoon In the evening after you brush your teeth And this you’re going to do for two weeks So I suppose it’s up to the operation that
you’re going to have, okay ? Just to make sure that you don’t get an infection or
anything that might complicate the whole procedure I guess Okay Okay so, that’s it that’s all that was written on your prescription Do you have any question
for me ? Was I clear ? Do you have any doubts about when to take one of these medicine ? No, it’s okay ? Okay Here’s your bag I wish you to get better very soon, I
hope that the Spifen help you with the pain Because I know what it’s like
to have a hurting tooth* for so long Thank you for coming to us and I hope
you will get better very soon Thank you again Okay, bye