First Aid Kits and Tips : Treating a Strained Muscle: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of In this segment, I’ll show you how to take care of a strained muscle. First of all, you want to use an Ace bandage or a compression stocking to go around and dress the area. You are going to start at the area farthest from the heart […]

ORTOVOX FIRST AID KIT GUIDE: What you should look out for in a complete alpine first aid kit.

Hello, my name is Dani Hornsteiner. I am an instructor and team leader with the Bergwacht Bayern (Bavarian Mountain Rescue), and I also work as a paramedic. As a passionate mountaineer, I’ve been involved in first aid for a long time and I’ve been giving special alpine first aid courses for over 15 years now. […]

First aid kit

A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid, and can be put together for the purpose by an individual or organization or purchased complete. There is a wide variation in the contents of first aid kits based on the knowledge and experience of those putting it […]