Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh (2019) | Talking Medication on the Radio | HBO

FRED TOUCHER: 98.5 ,The Sports Hub, we’re Toucher and Rich.Gary Gulman coming on after a– not only an NLCS game,but a Patriots primetime game.That is the kind of bending-over-backwardwe’re doing for him, because he has this big documentary crew.All right, what– What is going on with this documentary? I’m making a new special called the–The […]

Long-Term Treatment Options for Sacroiliac Joint Disease

There are a few different options for a patient who has had positive injections in the sacroiliac joint. One is radiofrequency ablation in the sacroiliac joint, and the other is preceding to sacroiliac joint fusion. The data on radiofrequency ablation is short-term at best. And it’s less than gratifying to see the benefit that these […]