Multiple Sclerosis Medications: How MS Drugs Work [2019 Update]

in this video I’m going to explain to you how the LS disease-modifying therapies work all of them using simple language and easy to understand analogies if you’d like to better understand how these meds work stay tuned because I’ll start explaining right now howdy thanks for learning about MS with me Aaron Boster. I […]

Bartholin Cyst Treatment | Ask Your Gynaecologist for Bartholin cyst Natural remedies

Hello everyone myself Dr kanchan Sharma And you are watching Ask Health Guru I this video we are talking about Bartholin cyst In ayurveda it is termed as yoni kand In allopathic medicine, there is only surgery without any treatment Buy in ayurveda there is very responsive and effective treatment for Bartholin cyst I have […]

Medicine on Main Street – How Pharmacists Change Lives in Rural WIsconsin

[relaxing instrumental music] – Main Street is the lifeblood of a rural community. That’s where you’ll find a place to get a cup of coffee, a grocery store, the post office, and drug store. In some small towns, where a doctor or nurse, hospital, clinic may be miles away, the pharmacist is the only health […]

아나스타샤 대 펜티뷰티 파운데이션 비교 – ABH Luminous Vs. Fenty Hydrating Foundation

I received a few products complimentary from Biore for my review. I already applied and reviewed them on my ABH Foundation review but I am not going to upload that… Biore Witch Hazel Cleanser is alcohol-free. Witch Hazel is plant-based. It is effective to oily, acne-prone skin. The cleanser is a clear gel type Witch […]