PUBG TOP 1 | Shroud Núp Sau First Aid Kit Thả Thính Camp Nhà và Cái Kết – 25 KILLS

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Amanda’s Story: WeWork’s investment in Red Cross First Aid training pays off

It was a normal day at work. Around lunchtime, someone came up to me and said “I think we need to call 911. One one of my colleagues is choking.” My name is Amanda and I work at WeWork. Through a partnership with the American Red Cross, I recently got CPR and First Aid certified. […]

How to Treat Severe Bleeding – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

When bleeding is severe, it can be dramatic and distressing. If someone’s bleeding isn’t controlled quickly, they may develop a life-threatening condition called shock and they may become unresponsive. Bleeding from the mouth or nose may affect their breathing so try to ensure that the airway is kept clear. An obstucted airway can be a […]