Candidal Infections – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Candida is a yeast, not the maple syrup-loving country in North America – although Candida can be found in Canada as well! Candida sometimes causes a mild yeast infection, but in some situations, can get into the bloodstream and cause severe illness. Now, there are various types of Candida species, and over twenty of them […]

After watching this, your brain will not be the same | Lara Boyd | TEDxVancouver

Translator: Jessica Lee Reviewer: Denise RQ So how do we learn? And why does some of us learn things more easily than others? So, as I just mentioned, I’m Dr. Lara Boyd. I am a brain researcher here at the University of British Columbia. These are the questions that fascinate me. (Cheers) (Applause) So brain […]

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24 Review | Durable 24L EDC Backpack With A 3-ZIP Opening (UA24)

– The Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24, or the UA 24 for short is a durable 24 liter backpack that is pretty great for travel as well and has a super comfortable harness system. I’m Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker, where we use our expertise and real world experience to provide practical resources and […]

Flu: The numbers and the symptoms

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