Kalapa Clinic: la primera clínica especializada en tratamientos con cannabinoides

According to studies of WHO in 2016 14% of the European population will have chronic pain 15 people out of 1000 will be diagnosed with epilepsy and 36% of the population will have any type of cancer. Currently cannabinoids are an alternative treatment for these pathologies but, due to the lack of information the lack […]

Ayurvedic Treatment for Scleroderma with Herbal Remedies – Information & Real Testimonial

Namaskar Doctor Sahab! Today Mandeep Kaur, one of your patient has arrived, please tell about their disease condition and what the line of treatment was? Mandeep Kaur, was a patient of scleroderma. Exactly, when did you come to know about the disease? I saw a video on YouTube, through that I came to know about […]

Therapeutic Recreation Inpatient Program at Holland Bloorview – client testimonials

When I’m here, you can actually do anything you put your mind to and you want to do, because the people here will help you, such as your friends or, the recreational therapist will help you do it, even if you can’t use your hands or your feet, they’ll make a way that you can […]

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 30: More Global COVID-19 Outbreaks, Vitamin D May Aid Prevention

welcome to another MedCram COVID-19 update we’ll do some updates and also talk about preparation from a prevention standpoint here we have our Johns Hopkins dashboard at ninety four thousand total confirmed cases total deaths thirty two hundred total recovered fifty one thousand South Korea has the most confirmed outside of China and we’re talking […]

TEDxRC2 – Fiona Terry – The Paradox of Humanitarian Aid

Transcriber: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Marie-Claude Bélanger Good afternoon. Over the last decade, several western governments have introduced new legislation, or strengthened the existing legislation, to criminalize terrorist organizations. And this is, you know, a very logical measure to take, in order to try to stop terrorism spreading around the world. The problem is that the […]