AUTISM and Anxiety (LOSING medication in the US)

I actually lost my anxiety medication it’s gonna be life on hard-mode for me to
get him home so before I get straight into this video
I trying to say that I’m Dan and I have Asperger’s in Syndrome ADHD OCD and dyslexia
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video just like this alright let’s go on so the first question here is from owl M
cs0 3 and they said how can often diagnosed is change a person’s life and
really simply I would say that having access to help and support that you can
only get access to through a an official diagnosis is going to change your life
definitely well did for me anyway it’s the next
question is from cows in three six six six and they said what were you doing
MCM London well great question I was actually talking on a panel a new
diverse panel at MCM comic-con London just this weekend gone I am actually
putting a video together which will be live maybe this week or maybe start next
week on my channel so don’t forget to hit the notification bar so you get
notified whenever videos basically we did the first ever kind of talk on this
kind of subject which is super awesome I’m very pumped about it I’m like yeah
it’s super good okay so the next question is from Hills oh and they said
hi Don just wondering have you any tips for transitioning from the end of
college and I absolutely do I have this issue where I was in college or
university as we call it here and then I finish University and I came out and I
was like what am i doing like how I want with you next and then I felt like this
this loss of like oh my goodness like this bad you know what to do so my
advice would be this plan something to get straight into when you finish
University of College so basically you’re in a system of learning something
and you have a structure to it make sure you plan to get then slip straight into
another structure learning something else because that is the best way to
deal with it okay that’s going on a minute so we are
to go to Boston playing trouble and just traveling in general gives me a
supermodel anxiety so I’ve got all the different hats with me I’ve got like
that as a pun for the plane I have melatonin when we get to the
hotel so we can actually sleep properly and I also have out of me it took me 24
hours to get here today and I’m working on down schedule right now why did it
take you 24 hours to get here so I left Portsmouth like from the other way to
Portsmouth and they look for since the London but they meant my coach wasn’t I
missed my connecting coach so there’s only one a day so I complained
International distress they took me in a hotel in London for the night and then I
got a train up this morning’s I’ve been awake for a little bit like I said a
hotel room but I didn’t really sleep much because I’m so conscious that I had
to leave early you think you didn’t so the Alex was gonna go supposed to come
across that so we just loved normal go up normal but this time he hasn’t got it
for like six because I was so conscious of time to get up but I got waking up it
really 20 minutes a flight we’re getting picked up today at 1:30 to get our
flight at 6:00 because you have to be there so now for with it’s like two
hours away from the airport so right now we’re just just like you know oh it’s up
to the discord community so I am packing all my stuff I have some work to do
before I go for MIT and yes just as loads of stuff so yeah anxious would be
a light to empties right now a bit more anxious and anxious would give me credit
for we’re in the airport right now oh it’s just doing this thing
but breathe a lot I’m gonna give you is my number one tip the travel never do
your hair before you travel know what I call is just fall through so shout out
before you fly I get a haircut Alex take that tip basically one of the ways of
doing with the whole stress is the travel and they look like that whole you
have to get my own place to know you visit again anyway it gets super messy
also get super hot I don’t like being hot I don’t like being stressed and I
don’t like feeling uncomfortable so Alex like dude you should weigh total like
like gym wear so I go through and like super baggy pounds super like life it is
just it’s killing it it’s awesome it’s like the best way to actually do and
treat like a catwalk dressed up in a suit absolutely and so this all we did
so right now I just took a dazzling tablet so I just took two milligrams of
diazepam and then I’ll take another two on the plane and then probably another
two when we land to get the other plane and then another two when I’m on a plane
this kind of like helps me stay calm and relaxed a bit more and not so like just
anxious about being Arnold feel but it’s cool it’s pretty much quiet little gate
waiting area well alex is obsessed with the she beginning of habit okay so we’re in like that’s all for
number two alex is dying we haven’t slept yet next flight and then oh yeah we are in Boston we’re in the
Marriott hotel right now we are in Massachusetts now we are super late and
let’s go to mirror very sure what’s going on right this is gonna be on
Instagram I think anyway so yeah we’ve got a bunch of stuff to do so again if
you get to check out this hotel I’m actually gonna be out Bureau listen do
you see the whole thing our Bureau live in a hotel properly right now we’re in
the lobby waiting to get a ride to this like the offending I don’t know my
hairpin oh man I didn’t pre-echo so I’m a combination of really excited but also
super gellick we’ve been on the ground for an hour already going I just I’m so
tired I’m like we’re going out that like hope we survived I can get up tomorrow
earlier okay so we’re at the first second venue
for the event and I forgot my plugs I know we put plugs on my ears aren’t they
don’t have these gaping holes but hey ho yeah we’re going into this this room
just like the orientation room it’s cool stuff it’s cool stuff it’s great it’s
actually really good because view look at it
this is cool I’m not entice you what to expect it’s all kind of like brand
spanking new cool cool arriving here we came alike two
different buses and we get like an I think it’s you get to find out what what
it’s actually doing what to expect in the week all kind of stuff just be
excited about actually cuz no its first day I feel like we’ve been on the go for
over 24 hours for you yeah four hours I said I said it
on Friday morning to get here I still feel like I said I feel like we hit some
sleep on the plane which is okay and I don’t always sleep on planes so good morning party people it is
currently 8 o’clock here in Massachusetts as you can see out of my
window this is the view from hotel now this is interesting so having social
anxiety this kind of stuff scares me because we have to walk we have to get
across here I’ll go over there and find something that we don’t know where we’re
going so this is this is interesting today is all about leadership and how
how you can be a leadership for people who have a very little voice I’m mainly
the disabled advocacy of the disabled people in general community have a very
little voice because I have no strong on there’s loads of strong leaders but
there’s no official big-time big like leaders like you know you have to put
Martin Luther King for like the the racial segregation and stuff so there’s
a lot that needs to do it and we’re gonna be learning all about today guys
I’m gonna put a bobble in my head because I feel like Tarzan son or
something stupid like so we’re gonna go head over to MIT which is over here
somewhere onion will be done just enough not all the time not like a
tremendous mom but just enough and I’m just going to share with you very
quickly an answer to your question is so in my position I’ll just tell you like
it is I take five okay so basically we’re in a futuristic right now we came
here 10 million years in the rain and I’m having a cocktail later I got one
motto anyway so we’re gonna get pizza we’re gonna go back to the top I’m gonna
edit yesterday’s photo to the bullet today I’m also gonna try and hook up
with fresh foods old books especially even even right now we’re going to join
these volunteers Oh okay guys hey what’s going on so I’m in
our hotel room right now in Boston and it’s pretty cool I think I see like we
we traveled from Boston to problem so we travel from Manchester to Boston now
we’re here because we are doing the lead to 20 summit which is like the leaders
thing to do with disabilities right application and we’re also doing at work
working with MIT in Google and things like that we went to Google today we
were working with my team we also work with some amazing people from YouTube
community at large and it’s just been an amazing experience like people like you
know Christmas special books by special kids
Ricky is here there’s also a guy called dr. Mike who’s here you know these are
all youtubers big youtubers big influencers you know and it’s very very
good anyway I am right now herring to record some videos with Josh from how to
ADHD because as you guys know I am friends with Josh from how to add HD
time we have recorded video before so now we’re gonna record some more videos
since I’m in Boston I’m right near New York so it might as well so this is an
interesting it’s a good day it’s all about today was all about application
like being an advocate well how can you help what we’re gonna do like it was
just amazing so I am right now on a chill out a little bit relax Alexes go
into CVS and I’m just gonna really just get ready for when just gets here so
alright let’s go okay so it’s a lot later on actually so
jess is actually here but and yeah we actually the reason is look that’s the
lens right this is a loon the reason it’s a lot later on is
because Chris from SP SK came over we have like a big power and it’s pretty
decent actually was really good and I was changing the world it’s awesome we
got some really good ideas and I hopefully just could do a video with
with Chris in his channel that’s gonna be just amazing I’ve actually got some
pictures some stuffy that we took here and yeah right now we’re gonna go and
make these videos and then I’ll catch up with you guys in a little bit we’re
actually rolling today and these all of these these things you were gonna be
like really they wanted to do because it’s like a came a Boston thing is the
Boston thing to do rowing so we’re here and it’s like rowing thing and yeah
we’re gonna we’re gonna roll I believe so I’m gonna yeah it’s gonna be pretty
good I’m hope hopefully I’m gonna be able to film some of it maybe or maybe
know I do have a GoPro but I don’t know where like I would attach it so I’m
gonna see if I can do that absolutely right let’s go get the gold now so we switch to the GoPro Alex what
we did swimming home now that thrown us in the hobbit forget the tea like dammit
Brits so yeah this is the this is the whole thing like this is this I’m
excited about it I’m not gonna lie but I don’t know if I I need to find out how
we can touch this excuse me I might okay to a tucked away GoPro to mark I’m gonna for another massage yeah Mike
don’t you ever baby don’t you guys look so good professional look at this it’s
all almond butter it is so good oh yeah okay we’re on the water we’re
about to do it oh come on gopher already which way should it go which way should
it be I have a question hey which way which
way is it out which way to this be positioned okay so we did the Rowan and
I did use my GoPro but the unfortunate truth is I’ve got all kind of
malfunction so I may have some footage whatever I have of the rowing Alice it
right here tastic family it’s Thursday which is our last day and as you seen
from the video footage we actually went down to the public access dock here in
Boston we did like a rowing session it was amazing alex is here
yeah which so this is our last date basically well tomorrow’s our stable we
have to tomorrow’s our last day but we have to pack it today Chris from SBS K
is already left and we’re all like dropping off with it’s kind of start
because it comes the end of our troubles so Dan what happens all the footage of
us actually being on the boats and stuff it was too raw for YouTube and we’re not
allowed to show it yeah here’s a dramatic reenactment from a movie I like so that way you just saw that was Bureau
of not as wrong with us or it was like I sort of felt like as doing so I’ve know
what happened but as Jack black would say this is just a tribute on your
blinky gear so this is this is Watson ladies and gentlemen this is Austin
we hung out with Google we were in an MIT or Wheaton and I know that that’s
the Google building right there but it’s that exact building right there yeah we
were in this building that is cool and I felt like I felt like we were like a
fucking Marx I took everyone fucking back yeah the outside of Boston’s again
just to hear you do a bit so basically we have a bunch of work to do so
tomorrow we’re presenting the project that we were working on all week which
is creating this like social justice campaign using hashtags and some social
media strategies that we’ve learned a lot from some professionals working in
the field and actually the mi t–‘s school of social media studies which is
actually the world class of new Kroger but I mean I’m pretty good teacher so
we’re super stoked about it I got I got with some work and tomorrow I’m gonna
take this camera and we’ll film some stuff inside the actual cost of water
right now he’s gonna do that I’m gonna go to a bar so I might take some b-roll
I might not but we don’t think editor cut to maybe might be wrong okay good morning it’s now its last day
so we’re gonna go to the little walk with MIT dealing with all our luggage
but something very interesting is happened I take you guys might take
anxiety medication for the plane and things like that I actually lost my
anxiety medication I do have some older ones from like last trip in my bag right
I don’t how effective are gonna begin as on up there okay sick I don’t know have
to just risk it trying to take those because I literally searched everywhere
inside this Vargas is my backpack I searched the floor it’s just everywhere
like just can’t find it it’s gonna be Mike on hardmode for me to
get him and oh ok so we had to run back the hotel because basically the idea is
that if they can get me to a hospital we’re on a hotel and this is the dilemma
we had we I needed to get my prescription box with Mike more but – my
prescription on it out of the trash can because we need to go to a hospital to
get them to write a new script any problem is you checked out the room so
we didn’t have a key so we run back here in case the door to clean the room
then we’re gonna have access to the rubbish long story short I’m gonna go
back actually go to the Massachusetts General Hospital it’s because somebody
there and then again do description get a script made go to the pharmacy go
fancy and we all have to do this with fishing a presentation for a very big so
the sprawling were pitching a hashtag campaign to the foundation to super get
funding to the campaign to make a difference in people’s lives so this is
very important our presentation starts in exactly two minutes ago so asked me
to call going on a book with the screen okay oh my goodness it’s too early and we
just had breakfast as well it’s not going good so the problem is by the
house medication can regardless joke louder to make a very shuttle day I can’t
concentrate on what we’re doing getting a good day you made it back here mixing it up so
we’re gonna okay so impossible right now what
happened is like they put this thing on me and then I went through the fast
track thing we were always on this area yeah
so right now we’re doctors gonna see me to go to all this like stuff like it was
crazy like it took ages to guess it doctor but our presentations for our
thing start across past nine it’s now ten to ten so we’re gonna have to really
faster truck it and get this show on the road to go into our presentation and I
feel like terrible because my group who’s pitching this thing they’re all
riding on us to get there quickly it’s just just a mess and I feel like it’s
just being an ordeal but hopefully you can get the medication just I don’t feel
good why I feel like I’m like panicking about like not having the medication
that I’m thinking about the stress of going to you know go through this if I
was so so difficult to not move on right now it’s really difficult like having
another analytical it’s really difficult I’m so like
overwhelmed I can have hot sweaty feel like absolute rubbish I’m gonna do a
presentation on my hands crazy so it’s just all crazy okay so I just looked on
the nurse another Clinton a nurse what’s going on and what what happened and why
I need it and then they’re gonna put a doctor in here no no doctors should be
able to prescribe it hopefully I saw the ideas we’d feel bad I feel about the
group I feel about everybody involved not have to pay like extra money you
know for the medication which I don’t mind because it’s I need it but that in
today attack taking time away from the experience I’m having with those people
and it’s just a number of things that you feel a certain way that really
affect how you are like I just feel I know I just feel terrible about it okay
so the doctor disrobe a prescription so we’re gonna get the prescription go for
pharmacy again a vacation go back to MIT do the presentation
let’s do this okay so we got so we picked up the
description we’re on the way to the town house go back to shop description off go
back to do the presentation then go pick up the script after it okay we’re back at MIT now so we’re all
right Phil’s just do it okay guys so this is the
Scott we okay so you know the story I got up tonight then I’m a medication and
then I lost it so they have to find it so we got all this journey this whole
thing this whole it which is crazy and there’s loads of feelings in this like I
was upset because I’ve lost my medication I was worried because I don’t
have it then the plane ride is gonna be excruciating if I you know Alex is gonna
feel more pressure to help out and like navigate the whole thing and also then
the team members who are here in MIT who we were doing this presentation with
were you know I’m gonna be teammate loss you know we weren’t gonna be there we
got to do our bit and then it was like I felt really responsible for it and then
we came back just in the nick of time of running and then like our presentation
was to be done but the weird thing about it was like everyone really cool about
it but I feel like I didn’t do my best because like I wasn’t here to brief for
it and there’s a huge pitch it was a pitch to try and get funding for a
campaign to help people like having you know shops and supermarkets to have less
fluorescent lighting for accessibility for people like on the spectrum and
things like that so I don’t know how we did and I’m really tired I don’t you can
see that it exhausted me the whole pressure of today just I hit rock bottom
right I got exhausted so I’m gonna put my sunglasses on and just chill because
like it was crazy so it’s half what half 12 in the morning
and it’s the day after we landed super interesting Arthur’s going out at the
end of this whole journey this thing it’s been free amazing and yes it’s
gonna take you 12 hours to get from here to my house I haven’t slept down with
your bed earlier I stayed away from New York 12 hours to get from well tomorrow
it’s really fun so yes this is the point where I leave Alex article another
journey and then we reconvene this in a month’s time against insane things