Babe With A Mobility Aid Lookbook [CC]

I Was born as a disability that affects my nerves and muscles I’m really quite wobbly as my feet are numb. But since I had peripheral pauses I can paralyzed limbs occasionally my legs go But that’s not the most important thing about me I love huge skirts. No, I really love huge skirts It’s a bit much Due to my disabilities I sometimes use mobility aids Especially when happen about my wheelchair is really light and awesome. Watch me glide Which is great because they get me twice as far with half of the energy and they take weight off my hips if they hurt However, I do have to think about how to be stylish with my aims That means tucking in skirts to avoid them getting dirty on my tires And knowing that a bag has to be over your shoulder on crutches, but around your neck in a wheelchair or your waist back Heels with my crutches which places people directly it might be taught injured. Why do I have to subject them to ugly shoes? I’m kidding So I find it hard to roll my feet and easy to see heels I also really love heels so I wasn’t kidding I Think my mobility aids are great They give me more independence and freedom when I’m out and about They’re also pretty useful in making it clear to people that I’m struggling and could do a little consideration I have lots of fun in my aides. I can’t exactly run anywhere, but I can go super fast in my wheelchair It’s the most common thing I get told and I’m out is you’re too young and beautiful to be in a wheelchair. Um Thanks, should I just be young and beautiful but sitting on the floor Using a mobility aid is never something to be ashamed of and it isn’t horribly tragic It’s just a thing I think about me and it means I can zoom around with my wife. Maybe the gay thing is more important Share your own shots Are you being a baby the mobility aid by tagging me on instagram or twitter and for more fashion inspiration? Check out these gorgeous Souls feel instagrams. I’ll link to you in a comment down below I Hope you’ve enjoyed this video, please like subscribe and share with your friends You know people you just like I mean, whatever Spread some happiness, which they’re great brave souls