Barber killed himself after becoming addicted to online anti-anxiety pills

An inquest into the death of a barber who tragically took his own life by stepping in front of a train has revealed he got hooked on anti-anxiety drugs he found online Jack McGrath became addicted to anxiety meds after breaking up with his long term girlfriend last year The 27-year-old told his ex he had “ruined his life” and left a suicide note saying “I shouldn’t have gone on the internet” An inquest in Manchester heard Mr McGrath was hit by a train on June 24 last year Medical records revealed the budding young barber had struggled with depression since 2010 and was prescribed anti-depressants Sadly, his mental health worsened when he began buying medication he hadn’t been prescribed online Mr McGrath’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Punt told the inquest: “He was Googling everything “Any time he felt something wrong with him he’d Google it – everything. “I told him not to but he would “If he thought a certain medication was working then he would just keep getting it wherever it was from ” Jess said they spoke again the following week and claimed the conversation was “positive” as he told her he was feeling better She said: “We were meant to be going to a festival at the end of July and we were discussing about would I go with someone else or would he go with someone else “But we decided we wanted to go with each other. “He said he’d have to wait to see how he was feeling but we planned to go together “There was no cause for concern in that phone call. “We had no further contact after that ” Claudine Barsoum – Mr McGrath’s GP – told the hearing she first met him on May 9 last year when he told her he felt he “acute anxiety” Dr Barsoum told the inquest: “He was very anxious and upset that he’d ended a relationship with his girlfriend and was filled with regret “He felt he had ruined his life because he ended the relationship. “He had a past history of anxiety and a history of being on antidepressants but he felt they hadn’t worked therefore he didn’t want to go back on them ” The barber returned to the GP days later on May 14 and once again told the doctor he felt regret about the way the relationship had ended She said: “I found this very concerning because you don’t know what he’s taking, what the dosage is “His overriding thought was that he’d become an addict.” Dr Barsoum said she saw Mr McGrath one last time on June 14 where they discussed his fears of becoming an addict and regret at ending his relationship She said: “We booked in for another review two weeks later on June 27. “I was very shocked to hear what happened “When I saw him I didn’t think he was suicidal.”