Bartholin Cyst Treatment | Ask Your Gynaecologist for Bartholin cyst Natural remedies

Hello everyone myself Dr kanchan Sharma And you are watching Ask Health Guru I this video we are talking about Bartholin cyst In ayurveda it is termed as yoni kand In allopathic medicine, there is only surgery without any treatment Buy in ayurveda there is very responsive and effective treatment for Bartholin cyst I have treated many patients of Bartholin cyst Successfully and without surgery So plz watch the video carefully and till the end Plz subscribe Channel and hit the bell icon To get the latest updates So let start the video Bartholin cyst is not so dangerous disease But if you ignore it, then may be it becomes dangerous And in some cases it can convert into cancer Bartholin cyst is very common disease And 2 out of 10 women’s may get effected by it Common age in women’s is 20 to 45 years Which is reproductive age of a women, or we called sexual active age Or we called marital age of life So these are the common age in which of Bartholin cyst occur Lets talk abt bartholin cyst Bartholin cyst occur in bartholin gland Bartholin gland located in opening of vagina Both in left and right side So bartholin cyst may occur in both left and right side Function of Bartholin gland Is to secret lubricant and keep moisture In vagina If there is blockage in duct of Bartholin gland This will cause formation of Bartholin cyst And can occur both in left and right side Lets talk about reasons of Bartholin cyst In allopathic medicine there in no sach reasons for Bartholin cyst But in Ayurveda there are many reasons for it And i will explain here The 1st reason is Any injury to vagina, via nails or teeth Excessive anger Day sleeping Excessive exercise Excessive intercourse, leads to bartholin cyst These are the clear reasons for Bartholin cyst in ayurveda Lets talk about symptoms of Bartholin cyst How do you know that bartholin cyst had been occurred In vaginal opening you may feel lump like structure And is pain less But if it got infectious, it will got puss in it And then pain will be there in the cyst Fever Trouble in Walking and moving Pain during intercourse These are the common symptoms of Bartholin cyst Lets talking about treatment of Bartholin cyst There is two way of treatment 1st is precaution and 2nd is treatment Precaution is better then cure Then we should follow this rule In precaution 1st we talk about vaginal hygine You can use vaginal wash available in markets now days And 1 important thing you must remember is not to use Bath soaps and Dettol etc in vaginal region Because vaginal region is very sensitive And is not ment to be washed with bath soaps etc Also clean after intercourse Anf all the reason which i had tell in the video earlier Avoid them And if you haven’t Listen the reason, plz go back And listen them carefully And avoid them You have to keep your female reproductive organs Healthy, for this there are awesome medicine available In ayurveda, so take them regularly Medicine are dashmoolaarisht, kumariaasv Ashokaarisht are very good and effective And keep your hormonal cycle balance Keep your menstrual cycle regular And help in to keep organs healthy There is also 1 syrup M2 tone and amicordial And are easily available in pharmacy You can take these also, this will do same function The precautions is over now Lets talk about Treatment Of Bartholin cyst Lets talk abt prescription Lets talk abt tablets Plz note it down Tab kancnar gugul, tab keshore gugul And are easily available in pharmacy Dabur, badhyanath, patanjali Duthpapeshver, are good company 2 tab morning and 2 at night Lets talk about liquid medicine Mahamanjisthadi kuwath, Dashmoolaarisht 20 ml after meal morning and evening With equal amount of water After breakfast and after dinner Medicine part is over now Lets talk abt local Application treatment Jatiyadi oil, Any good company jatiyadi oil Take it in a sterilize cotton Plz dont use dirty cotton Cotton should be clear and clean Dip it in jatiyadi oil At night after urinating, keep this oil soaked Cotton into vagina, do not keep it so deep ….. And next night use bala oil Bala oil and repeat same process As above Mentioned Take same Trifala powder Take 4 spoon of trifala powder In 1.5 glass of water, boil it And when 1/2 glass remains Filter it and cool it down Add 4 spoon honey Mix it well and Use it like vaginal wash So use jatiyadi lio and bala oil Use them alternate day in vagina And use this as a wash Follow all this prescription 1 month And then you will get the desired results I am using it on my Patients And results are very good In some cases surgery recommended due to complications Surgery is done in those cases If you have any any query regarding this issue Plz ask in comment section If u like the video plz subscribe Channel Thx for watching this video