Basic First Aid Supplies to Stockpile for Emergency Survival Situations

basic first aid supplies to stockpile for emergency survival situations prepper stockpile make a first aid kit top emergency medical supplies hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if you want to be prepared for any emergency you need to make sure you have a nice supply of
first aid supplies survival first aid checklist these are the basic first aid supplies every Prepper should have that I think everyone must have to be
sure they’re prepared for basic first-aid emergency situations stock up on these basic first aid supplies you need some
non-stick gauze pads try to get some small ones and some large ones first aid
tape and antiseptic wipes or hand sanitizer first-aid cream antibiotic
ointments cortisone creams burn gel and an itch relief stick for insect bites
scissors and tweezers be sure your first-aid kit includes a first-aid guide
make sure you’re familiar with first aid guide and how to give first aid so in an emergency you’ll know the correct
procedures to render first aid to those in need
disposable gloves and finger cots start with the first aid items things that I’ve suggested to
you add in the things that you feel would be most important to you in an emergency first aid situation and make
sure you include the first aid supplies that are specific to the needs of your family learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel