Batman (1/5) Movie CLIP – You Can Call Me Joker (1989) HD

[creaking] That you, sugar bumps? Who the hell are you? It’s me… Sugar bumps. Jack? Oh. Oh. Thank god you’re alive. I heard you’d been– Fried? Is that
what you heard? You set me up
over a woman. A woman! You must be insane. Don’t bother. Your life won’t
be worth spit! I’ve been dead
once already. It’s very liberating. You should think of it
as, uh… Therapy. Jack… Listen… Maybe we can cut a deal. Jack? Jack is dead, my friend. You can call me… Joker. And as you can see, I’m a lot happier. Wait. Aah! Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo! [click click]