Beauty Empties | Products I’ve Used Up (2019)

Hey guys it’s Lauren welcome I channel
or welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m sharing with you a
bunch of makeup skincare haircare just a bunch of beauty products that I recently
finished up there are the past couple of months I’ve just been keeping this
little basket or this bucket it’s what it looks like in my bathroom and I just
set aside a bunch of products because now I feel like that I’ve completely
finished them up I really have a good opinion on whether or not I like the
products or not and I will be sharing if I’d recommend them to you in today’s
video so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this and let’s go down a tree alright
let’s pick the video off with the bozhe exfoliating peel gel here’s what it
looks like your retails for $34 and you can see you get this really nice pump
which makes it really easy to use it kind of I know this is gonna sound weird
but has kind of the consistency of like hand sanitizer with little little tiny
granules in it and you just put it on your face and you just rub like you
don’t put any water on before you just rub and it’s amazing what can come off I
mean you have no idea how much dirt and dead skin it’s just very it’s not
intense which I really do you like especially because I do have sensitive
skin I’m dry skin so I’m wanting to exfoliate but I’m also not wanting it to
be too too intense and this does a great job at that alright next up I have not
one but two of the Garnier Cleansing Waters this is a makeup remover and
cleansing water and one these are micellar waters so they are pretty
gentle on the skin and I just find that they do a really good job at removing my
makeup when I don’t want to use a makeup wipe I typically use these to remove my
makeup when I don’t have a ton on like right now because I’m filming I do have
kind of a more full coverage foundation on and that’s when I’ve used my
Neutrogena wipes but on day to day I really do like using these they do have
one that gets rid of like my makeup and water group makeup it has like a blue
cap I really enjoyed that one too and I’m actually I’m working on another one
of these right now so it is my pretty much my go to makeup remember in a
bottle so I definitely would recommend these next up we have the Becca
backlight priming filter here’s what it looks like every tiles for $39 and here
you can see like I really did enjoy it cuz I scraped up like every last bit but
I don’t think I’m gonna be rude to purchasing this product just because you
know it does give a really nice glow from within
kind of look but I feel like you can get the
same effect from a lot of like drugstore eliminating primers and then also I love
my dr. Brandt pores no more illuminating or luminizing primer I don’t know if
you’ve heard me talk about it but I know I have before it’s just an amazing
primer and it is still pretty up there in Christ I believe it’s like $38 just
like a dollar less than this one but that one does have like skincare
benefits and the only reason I would say that you should pick this one up because
once you have it it is really good I know that it’s part of like the ultra 21
days of beauty treatment every single time they have this sale for like $19
and I mean if you can find it for that price it is really good but I just don’t
think you could just find purchasing it for like $39 next up we have the Make Up
For Ever Ultra HD foundation here’s what it looks like it retails for $43 I don’t
really like this foundation it kind of is a lighter to medium coverage
foundation it is buildable but you’re not gonna really get full or high
coverage from this product and I do like like once I had I was like I’ll totally
use this and it’s a great everyday foundation however there are ones from
the drugstore that I just like a lot better so I cannot really justify
purchasing this product for that really high price tag so lately I’ve been on
the hunt for a really good like heat protectant for my hair when I’m
straightening it or doing anything heat wise to it and I try out this one a
couple months ago it’s this thermal protection from Tresemme it’s their heat
tamer and this one is really affordable and it worked pretty well I did find
that my hair just didn’t look as healthy as it does now when I’m using my cornier
one or even before when I was using one from some other brand all insert a
picture here because it that one was really good I haven’t been able to find
it in a long time this one is just okay like I want to recommend that you go get
it necessarily if you guys have any recommendations on really good heat
protectants for your hair please let me know because I am a really on the hot
right now alright next up I have two dry shampoos from batiste I first off have
the clean and classic version which is like their original I really like this
one it’s probably one of my favorite dry shampoos especially when it comes to
affordability this one gives a really you know clean look to your hair it may
not make your hair feel the most clean it definitely doesn’t make it feel dirty
there’s a lot out there that can kind of just feel like it’s adding build-up to
your hair it’s not gonna make your hair necessarily feel clean
why it’s not my number one but for the price it does a really good job at just
making your hair look clean and honestly all I really care about is the
appearance of my hair like if I’m just being real and then I have they’re kind
of more floralis and this is in the shade bear it’s described as a clean and
light scent this one is harder to find but I do find whatever I like I’m able
to hunt it down I do like this end of it just a little bit better but there’s
really not a difference like it’s not like this one’s gonna do more for your
hair and then this one I believe they’re like the same exact price I know batiste
has some that are like targeted for you know brunettes or targeted for blondes
but these I think are just gonna do the same thing so next up I have one of my
favorite everyday primers this is just one that I can’t get enough of it is the
hello fat first day Beauty coconut skin priming smoothie moisturizer every house
for $28 this is actually the second one that I’ve gone through and even then
like I’ve used up every last drop of this product like I was not letting one
bit of it go to waste it’s just so good it feels really good on the skin it
wears really well like it’s very comfortable and I don’t think it
necessarily makes my skin look amazing like when it comes to making your
foundation wear it does help it wear a little bit longer I think and it does
make it look good it doesn’t make it look bad or cakey or anything but I want
to say it’s not gonna make your foundation look amazing I just think
that it’s really comfortable and I think that it helps with you know the dryness
of my skin I think if you have normal skin I think this could be good for you
too Matthew of oily skin I don’t think I necessarily recommend it I do want to
pick this up again for sure it is definitely out there and like my top
favorite primers for definitely but I don’t think I’m gonna make it up quite
yet because I do have a few more to try out at the moment so next up I have my
st. Ives fresh skin apricot scrub and this is what it looks like it’s friendly
affordable first off and it’s a pretty deep kind of more intense
exfoliator so I really like using this book where I shave I find that it does a
really good job like when I’m shaving my legs it just makes them really smooth
and gives like a nice base for me to shave with I also use on my arms a
little bit just because I do have dry skin and it does really help with that I
know a lot of people like to use it on their face if they are a patron and not
go would I really don’t have acne prone skin so I don’t use it very often
I think I’ve used it like once or twice in my face but I mainly do use this for
around my body and just making sure everything’s nice and smooth and you
know hydrated I find that it does a great job getting rid of dead skin I’ve
already purchased another one I’m almost out of that one definitely gonna get
another one like it is just a must-have and you know my shower routine and just
my everyday routine so now I have to Maybelline mascaras the first one is the
Maybelline the falsies push-up drama mascara here’s what it looks like I like
this mascara I think the packaging is a bit deceiving just cuz you would think
that there would be another mascara on the bottom but it’s just one eye
I like Maybelline mascaras they are a little bit more wet of a formula but
they’re not my favorite like especially this one I just really it wasn’t the
best I did use it up I you know got a pretty good use out of it but I wouldn’t
recommend you out and begin it because I’m definitely not gonna purchase
another one of this specific Maybelline mascara so now I have the Maybelline the
falsies volume express mascara this is actually their water creep version and I
really would only use this when I would go to the pool or go to the beach like
I’d very much used it as my waterproof mascara I’ve never tried the original
volume Express but if it’s anything like this one I did really enjoy it I found
that it definitely you know withstand any water it wasn’t just water resistant
it was definitely waterproof like if I would be and the pool or you know in the
ocean at the beach or in the lake or whatever like it would definitely hold
up which I really do appreciate it did a great job and I don’t know if I
necessarily buy this exact waterproof mascara again because I think most
waterproof mascaras in the drugstore are pretty much do their job so I am trying
out a few more right now but maybe I will enjoy it I just it’s hard to tell
like if I really do think that this one was the best I’ll let you guys know but
I’m still drying out some other ones right now so this eyeliner is definitely
pricey but it is one that I just can’t get overly it is definitely my favorite
eyeliner that I’ve ever tried is the Lancome
art liner every test for $30.50 this one did last me a really long time
but not just that it looked amazing on my eyes like the wear time was great the
pigmentation is it took literally two seconds to apply lace you are not very
good at eye and you want to start getting better
this is a great product for beginners and for people who don’t have a very
like long time to do their makeup like this is a great quick product to use
very very easy I really do if you have the money and
you want to invest in a higher-end eyeliner this is the one I’d recommend
so if your not wanting to pay an obscene price for an eye liner this is another
one that I really really love it’s a deathly my second favorite and it’s the
one that I’ve already repurchased it is the Sephora colorful weekend
eyeliner and this is in the shade what is this little black dress 0-1
so where does eyeliners are really really good in my opinion and their
waterline liners there you know gel liners all of them that I’ve tried are
really good this is more of a liquid felt tip liner you can see I can’t
really use it because it’s like all out I’m trying to show that point it is a
little bit more difficult to work with then and that aren’t liner from Lancome
that I just showed you but I mean the wear time on this is really great this
one is waterproof as well and I do find that it you know with sands a lot I
haven’t necessarily like tested it when I was like swimming the water because I
just don’t really wear eyeliner for that reason but I’ve had enough holds up
really well it looks super super nice and you can get a really pretty wing or
you know just a precise on line which I really do enjoy about this liner so now
I have the two faced better than sex mascara here’s what it looks like this
mascara I mean I believe I touched on this before it’s just okay it’s
definitely not a mascara I would say you need to go out and get right now I know
a lot of people love it but as far as I guess remedy i wouldn’t repurchase this
i’ve gotten it a few times in like subscription boxes and you know and gift
sets and all of that but i would never go out and intentionally buy this
product because i do think it’s kind of flaky it’s a pretty dry formula I don’t
find that it really does very much for my lashes and for that high price tag I
mean I could get like five of my most favorite drugstore mascaras I just think
drugstore mascaras are better than this one and I don’t think you should really
you know waste your money on a product that is you know so brycie like this one
where you’re not really getting much effects so this is one that has actually
been in my empties for a while and it is the Naked skin weightless concealer
here’s what it looks like this concealer is really good and I think that back
when it first came out like I was obsessed
because there wasn’t that many high-end really good concealer options and this
one was really good but my thing is it’s just not the best anymore I find that it
does oxidize really quickly not only in the bottle but also on my skin so you
can’t really it’s just hard to find one that works for your skin and when
there’s so many other better ones out there that I think have a better lasting
time in my opinion and I think their formula is just a little bit more
comfortable and does a little bit more coverage as far as that goes I just want
I want to recommend this one so next up we have another dry shampoo it is the
Sephora green tea dry shampoo and here they have a couple different scents
these say that they’re limited edition but they’ve been out for quite a while
now I’ve actually already picked them up another one these are really really good
I think you know they’re not my favorite dry shampoos ever and for the price it
seems like you’re getting a really good deal but these are actually kind of tiny
like for comparison if you know the batiste ones like there’s the size
comparison so I have done a whole video on my best and worst ride shampoos if
you want to check it out I will have that video linked down below but as far
as this one goes it’s pretty good like is it my favorite no is it my least
favorite no but what I recommend it yes alright guys that wraps up today’s video
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