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thank you so much for tuning in today I’m back with a favorites video I feel
like I haven’t done one of these in a long time because I actually filmed my
2017 favorites in December so it’s been a while since I’ve filmed one of these
but I’m excited to be back to tell you what I’ve been loving over the month of
January and there’s a bit of everything fashion beauty makeup so do stay tuned
if you want to see what I’ve been loving and without further ado let’s get
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channel okay so to change things up a bit since we’re in a new year I thought
I would do a new format for these videos we’re gonna start off with fashion and
the first thing I have been loving like so much ever since I got it which my
parents very kindly gifted to me December is this beautiful scarf I have
worn this so so much it’s so cozy it is so soft and I love the kind of gray and
silver color that it has it’s so beautiful I think it’s really flattering
and also it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe I didn’t think
it would go with like a camel coat but it actually looks really nice so I
absolutely love it and it’s so warm it keeps you really warm and honestly I’ve
got like my Max Mara code but that code isn’t super warm I love the design of it
but it’s just not very very warm and when I throw this over the top it
honestly makes such a huge difference even though you wouldn’t think like a
scarf would make a huge difference but it really does and also it just kind of
completely changes the look of the coat it literally makes it look like a new
piece I’ve also worn it over Blazers if it’s not that cold you can also actually
drape it around like this and use it as more of a stole and maybe even pin it up
here with a brooch if you want to work maybe we would like evening wear and it
could look very very glamorous I also want to look like a chunky knit cardigan
and just kind of worn this over the top and then belted it here and it looked
amazing so lots of different options to wear this one but my most favorite thing
about the scarf is that it has pockets so when
you wear it just kind of thrown over your coat you kind of have pockets and
that’s amazing because my mic saw a coat for example it doesn’t have any pockets
and this keeps your hands at super warm so I’ve absolutely been loving this one
and I think it’s gonna be a favorite for a very long time
next up is a gift that was very kindly sent to me by this brand called Yoda I
think that’s how you pronounce it it’s actually spelled jawed but you pronounce
it viewed and it’s a watch company and they do watches in wood and they very
kindly sent me one and actually I have to say it at the beginning I thought I
wouldn’t really wear all that much because it doesn’t really go with my
style well that’s what I thought because it’s all in wood it is really nice and
original I think it was something very different which is what I wanted to try
it out I’d never had a watch in wood before but I have to say that because it
has a lot of like kind of gold details which I obviously absolutely bailed I
think it’s actually a very elegant piece I don’t think it looks as rustic as I
thought it was gonna look and I have to say with more casual outfits like jeans
and a shirt with like what I’m wearing now or would like a chunky knit I’ve
been wearing it loads it’s really comfortable it’s really lightweight but
at the same time it feels really good quality I love the gold details on it
and I love the fact that at the back it’s got like a gold clasp and like I
said the gold accents I think make it a little bit more feminine and more
elegant I chose the one with the thinner wrist band but they do do ones which are
more kind of a little bit more masculine maybe with like a thicker wrist band but
I really love this one and despite it having a thin wrist band it has a
beautiful large dial and I really like large styles as you must have seen from
my share pod watch and then I love the fact that in the inside it’s all white I
think it’s very nice and easy to pair up with everything in your wardrobe so I
really love this one and they do ship internationally and they very kindly
offered me the opportunity to do a giveaway with you guys so they are gonna
be offering a hundred dollar gift voucher in the giveaway so to enter all
that you have to do is go onto the link that I’m gonna be putting in the infobox
below just enter your name and your email address and one lucky winner will
be able to win that hundred dollar voucher but otherwise everybody else
went to the competition will get a $25 voucher and also I’m offering a discount
code of five dollars which is down in the
infobox below so do you have a look at that and then go on to their website
because they have some beautiful pieces and they do do engravings as well which
i think is so nice because it’s a really lovely gift to give someone and they do
do men’s watches and women’s watches they’re kind of more unisex I would say
and then also to top it off it comes in this beautiful packaging I love the box
it’s got like a magnetic closure which i think is so cool and then you can
actually use this as a jewelry box because it has like a little drawer down
here as well where you can store stuff so yeah very very cute and I think it
would make a beautiful gift if you want to give someone special a very nice gift
I wish it’s a shame we weren’t able to show you this for Christmas but if
you’ve got someone’s birthday coming up I think this would make a beautiful
present moving now on to my favorite category makeup I don’t have all that
many things to show you this month but one standout has been of this Giorgio
Armani mascara I actually tried this one because Amelia lianna mentioned this on
her channel I will link her channel down below and this one is the eccentric oh
and it’s instant high volume and definition mascara and I have to say
when I saw what it did to her lashes I was like overly impressed I was like oh
my god I can’t believe that a mascara does that and I’m always looking for
mascaras that are really volumizing because that’s really the vibe I like to
go for but I have to say the first time I tried it I was a little bit
underwhelmed I mean I am in love with my combination of the better than sex
mascara from urban decay and the Maybelline one and those give me really
dramatic lashes and you know you guys have seen it in tutorials before so I
thought this would be nice because I liked the idea of just being able to do
two coats with the same mascara as opposed to having to use one and then
use the other one but the first time I used it I was a bit like it’s okay but
it wasn’t very different to the Maybelline falsies push-up drama so it
wasn’t kind of like taking a bag that one gives you a lot of volume anyway so
I didn’t think this one was anything kind of revolutionary but I do have to
say that now that it’s kind of dried up a little bit it’s not dry but it’s just
kind of I’ve used it a few times it’s amazing it does give you loads of volume
loads of length it gives you more length than the Maybelline one it is a little
bit more pricey but I think it’s about the same price as the better than sex
one and I the packaging I think it’s so sleek I
really like the kind of black and red and then it has this kind of brush with
very short kind of plastic bristles which I don’t think works the best on my
lashes I actually think I prefer the natural ones now but this one I have to
say is very easy to kind of wiggle in into the root of your lashes and it does
give you incredible length and volume so if you don’t like clumpy mascara then
you might not like this one because it gives a lot of volume and therefore
clumps up your lashes a little bit but I really don’t mind and it gives you very
very dramatic lashes so I’ve been loving this one a lot now moving on to
lipsticks I’ve been loving this Gigi Hadid one this one is from Maybelline
and it’s in the color Tora and it’s in this kind of a topi nudie color and I
absolutely love it it’s got a really matte finish to it but the texture is
really nice it’s very creamy it slides on beautifully it’s fairly long-lasting
it’s not as long-lasting as a liquid lipstick but I don’t really like liquid
lipsticks because I find them too drying and my lips are always chat so I finally
kind of cling onto all the dry skin but this one doesn’t do that and then it has
a very sort of topi sort of brownie color it’s a nude there’s more of a topi
nude not too pink and yeah I really really like it I think the finish is
beautiful the price is obviously amazing because it’s a drugstore products and I
actually think the packaging is really cool I really like it with the kind of
silver Gigi Hadid written on it and it’s kind of a very sort of nudie color as
well and then it has the magnetic closure so yeah overall really impressed
with this one and I’ve been wearing it loads loads loads it does have a little
bit of a grey hint to it as you can see here in the swatch but it’s just not too
much so it doesn’t kind of make my skin look sallow or anything it just looks a
little bit more kind of topi than my other nudes but it’s still pretty
flattering even though it has a kind of grayed tinge to it
up next is this lip liner and I think I spoke about this one
very recently but I just cannot get over how good it is
it’s the Victoria lip liner as you can see it’s pretty well loved this is from
the Estee Lauder out with Victoria Beckham collaboration range and oh my
god it is the best nude lip line I’ve ever had it’s creamy its
long-lasting it doesn’t kind of smudge but it still is blendable and you can
kind of fill in your whole lips it makes your lips look super voluminous I’m
wearing it right now and it just kind of makes your lips look so full I love the
nude because it’s kind of a again a topi sort of nude is kind of a bit brownie so
it doesn’t wash you out but it’s not super Brown so it’s not too dark or too
light because a lot of nude lip liners actually do wash me out a little bit
because I’ve got kind of wrote allof skin tone so this one’s amazing it just
looks so good and I love kind of doing this one over my sole lip liner which is
a bit more pinky and I think the two together just give you the most perfect
combination for a nude lipstick next up also from the Victoria Beckham range is
this nude eyeshadow palette it has an electric blue and a nude and although I
love the electric blue I have literally worn the nude non-stop
like that is the only shadow I use right now I mean this one combined with other
ones but this one is like my base shadow every single day I just love it so much
I think it’s such a flattering nude it’s got like a little bit of a kind of
peachy undertone to it so it really lifts your look but at the same time
it’s a very neutral nude it’s not a peach it does stand out on my more olive
skin tone so it works for like lighter skin tones and darker skin tones it’s
just so neutral that it looks amazing on the crease but I also like it to just
use it as an all-over shadow and just not bother with anything else it gives a
lot of depth because it’s got the right amount of kind of coolness in the shade
so I just love this one and I’ve done a tutorial with a kind of very simple eye
look that have been gravitating towards literally every day for the last two
months or so so I will link that tutorial up on the screen or if you guys
haven’t watched it but yeah it’s the most perfect nude and what I love about
these shadows is that there is absolutely no fallout they’re very
long-lasting the very creamy they’re easy to blend they’ve got a lot of
pigment but they don’t fall out at all and for me that’s a huge bonus moving
now on to skincare I wanted to talk about this Hydra life cream by dual and
this one is the deep hydration sorbet water essence and I actually got this
one in Delhi Airport because I had forgotten to take my clarence oil with
me and I thought I was gonna get super dehydrated after a really long flight so
I took this one because it felt I love the Hydra life BB
cream so I really like this range by duel and it was oil free and I thought
when I put it on my hand it was just kind of very I don’t know if the camera
is gonna be able to show you this but it just absorbs so so quickly as you can
see it’s kind of gone already and I really liked that it felt really light I
just tried it on my hand and I thought you know what this is gonna work best
because I didn’t want something that was gonna break me out so I don’t like stuff
that’s chewy and I have to say I love it I’ve been using it so so much it’s so
light it literally feels like water it absorbs into your skin really quickly
it’s great if you want to wear under makeup but I use it more at nighttime
because under makeup I like to wear my Charlotte Tilbury cream and it just
really hydrates but without bringing any of the oil or kind of greasy Ness back
into your skin and it does offer really intense hydration so I usually get very
flaky around here and I put this on a couple of nights when I’m getting
starting to get flaky and it completely goes away so I love this one and I love
that it has a pump that is the best thing because I hate creams but you have
to kind of put your hands into the top next up is this customer prestige
natural peeling try active and I think I spoken about this one in a favorites
before but it’s literally replaced my Dermalogica gentle the gentle cream
exfoliant that’s what it’s called this one is amazing and it is so much easier
to use because that wouldn’t easily but one for 15 minutes whereas this one you
only needs to leave it on for five so it means I can use it a couple of times a
week and it’s great it’s got like a kind of gel texture to it it’s very liquidy
actually when you put it on your hand it just comes literally out like a liquid
but it does have a little bit of a gel texture to it
it’s very very thin you put it all over your face you leave it on for about five
minutes and then you kind of just rub it into your face like you would with an
oil or a cream and it just comes off and it takes off any dead skin it can feel a
little bit tingly at first because it’s kind of a chemical sort of peel but
nothing that you can’t bear and my skin feels are so smooth and so amazing
afterwards it’s definitely helped with my blackheads it’s definitely helping
with like old pigmentation from blemish marks and it’s amazing it’s
glycolic acid lactic acid and salicylic acid so all the acids in there to get
rid of all the debris dead skin and just kind of leave you with beautiful smooth
skin and I love to wear this especially if I have an event before I’m gonna
apply my makeup because it just leaves the most smooth skin so that you makeup
literally just glides on and now I’m actually using this twice a week and
I’ve noticed a huge difference with my skin finally for skincare is this I do
teach report remedy cream and oh my god this is from far side beauty and I know
a lot of bloggers have spoken about this before me but I’ve only just recently
discovered it and I am so impressed basically it has this like metallic
applicator on the back which is there to like rubbing the cream and just cool
down the eye area I store it in the fridge that this is always really cold
and it’s very calming and it kind of deep puffs your under-eye area of your
puffy in the morning I take it around here as well because I can get quite
puffy around this area and then the cream is just amazing it just has the
most easy application you just squeeze that and you get the most perfect amount
coming out and as you can see it’s got like a bit of a tint to it it’s kind of
a salmony tint and I find it just brightens my under-eye area so so much I
don’t know how well it’s showing on here but I’ll show you a before and after
picture and oh my god it just brightens your under eye area so so much it just
gives it a lot of radiance it kind of counteracts the darkness and I have a
lot of kind of bluish grayish kind of darkness underneath my eyes and this
just makes a huge difference if I want to apply it with no makeup I just take a
very small amount and just put it on here but if I’m wearing it underneath
makeup I just apply it like a normal eye cream then spread it out using this
applicator and just take it all around and I just find that it’s very hydrating
it sits really well under makeup and you just brighten so much that I need a lot
less concealer moving now on to body care I have this cream souffle from the
sanctuary spa and I feel like nobody talks about this brand online and they
have some really really great products I love their shower gels and I actually
got this one because I had points on my boots card and I decided to get this one
and it smells amazing it literally smells it’s like a flowery sort of
citrusy smell I’m not very good at describing smells by the way but it just
smells like a perfume honestly and when you put it you
kind of lingers around on your body the whole day it has like a whipped texture
so it absorbs into the skin really really really quickly although it is
super moisturizing my skin is lately so dry because of like heating and it just
feels very very dry especially on my hands and my feet and this one just
leaves it super moisturized that leaves an amazing smell but it sinks into the
skin super quickly because I hate spending like an hour just rubbing
something into my skin I actually love the fact that it’s such a huge tub and
it has a very very good price I don’t remember what it is exactly but I’ll
link all the products down below but it is very very affordable and yeah I love
the fact that it just sinks in so well and hydrates so well it says here that
whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes you can simply relax and let go
and definitely I think that is true because it takes no time at all to just
moisturize your whole body with this one finally moving on to hair care an old
favorite that ivory patches so I thought I should mention this is the living
proof healthy hair shampoo and you can get this one at Space NK it is pretty
pricey for a dry shampoo but I think it is so amazing firstly it just smells
amazing it leaves you a hair smelling like you sprayed perfume on it and it
doesn’t leave a white residue but I have to say what I do is I spritz it on leave
it on for about five minutes and then sort of rub it into my hair like I would
with a normal sample and the powder completely goes away and it definitely
cleans your hair it doesn’t feel kind of stuck to your head it absorbs all the
oil and it actually just leaves it like really loose so you actually feel like
you’ve washed your hair it actually cleans it it says here you need to leave
it on 30 seconds but I prefer to leave it on a little bit longer I usually kind
of leave it on get dressed and then sort of brush it out and just kind of blow my
hair a little bit and I have to say it’s amazing it’s really good if you’re going
to go to the gym because they’re also kind of cleans and absorbs like any
sweat that you have so if you don’t wash your hair everyday or you wash it once a
week like me then this one is a great option and finally the kind of discovery
of my life is this Infinium hairspray and I was recommended this one by Tom
him who cuts my hair at Michael John he’s amazing you guys are always asking
me who colors my hair and who cuts my hair so it’s time and despina just been
a car my hair and timon colors my hair and
they’re both amazing and tell him actually recommended this product
because this is from l’oreal as well but he told me that actually the lawyer
Arnett spray which is the one I’ve been using for years literally for the last
ten years is actually very oily and it actually makes your hair pretty dirty
and my hair’s already naturally very oily so you recommended I try this one
because this one has a lot more hold and it’s actually completely dry so it
doesn’t make your hair more oily and actually it just brushes out the same as
the Loreal Elnett one because I always feel like I don’t like very strong hold
ones because I don’t like my hair to kind of feel sticky because like I said
I only wash it once a week so I don’t want to have a lot of product on my hair
but this one literally brushes out super quickly super easily and it just leaves
your hair as if you had no product on it but it has a lot more hold and it
definitely does not make my hair greasy so I absolutely love this one you can’t
get this one everywhere but you can’t get it online so we’ll link it down
below they don’t have any boots but you can pop into Michael John and get it or
I will link down some links so that you can get it online okay guys well that
was everything from me I hope you enjoyed this January favorites do let me
know what you’ve been loving this month and let me know what other videos you
would like to see for me thank you so much for watching don’t forget to
subscribe and I’ll see you in my next video bye