today I’m going over some of my
favorites of March did I do a February? I can’t remember when the last time I did
a favorites which is why I stopped doing monthly favorites and I’m just gonna do
the favorites so that way I’m updating you on what’s going on and what I’m
loving this look I did do a tutorial kind of like a step by step tip video so
if it’s not already up it will be up very soon so let’s get into it favorite
foundation for the last few weeks is from Revlon I have never loved a Revlon
foundation as much as I have been loving these I’ve tried a lot of Revlon
foundations in the past and it just did not like the way it sat on my skin it
was either a bad undertone it was to read it was too pink I still have to mix
but these are really good I’m wearing it on my face today and I’m really enjoying
these when you receive reviews or tutorials on them it’s not someone just
saying that they like them they are really good they’re that skin like
foundation with a medium I want to say medium coverage but you definitely could
make it full coverage if you wanted to I loved foundations and pumps I just feel
like you can get every bit out it’s easier to travel with and easy to store
cuz it’s not like a big clunky class I got the shade for 40 which is caramel
but I find that this is too red and then I also got 400 but I find that this is
too light but it’s that yellow undertone that I need so what I mix it it makes
the color of me next favorite I have been enjoying this palette a lot this is
from dose of colors this is the desi Cady palette I did not get it when they
launched it just needed to stop buying so many things when they launched and I
just felt like I wasn’t using a lot of my stuff so I’ve like revisited my
collection and Olding adding things that I really think would add something to my
collection and I find that this does um I did use it on a bridal client last
week and she loved her makeup because this shade here what shade is this is it
just a kiss I don’t really know I think it’s just a kiss but it’s like this nice
glittery and I I just loved it I added as a pop of color on her lid and she was
like oh my gosh my eyes are sparkling and it’s not glittery but it’s also like
more than shimmery it’s like a pigment that was pressed that’s what it looks
like to me and that’s what I love about it definitely we’ll be using it on more
of my clients coming up soon but this is a really good one to definitely try next
up is the Hollywood flawless filter I think I talk about this all the time
since I purchased it a few I want to say maybe a year ago I’m wearing it on my
face today as well and I love the glow that it gives I don’t know how she
captured this look it’s not shimmery it’s not too greasy the color is perfect
I wear it with and without makeup I wear under makeup I use it as a part of my
foundation one of those multi-purpose products that you definitely need it’s
definitely worth the money definitely worth the hype I know it’s pricey I’ve
made my first Charlotte Tilbury purchases last year and this was one of
them if I had to mention two of my favorite products from her that I used
non-stop it would be the Hollywood flawless filter and then the film star
this is like one of my favorites because the bronzer is not Orange I can use it
to contour I can use it to warm up the face I’m also wearing this on my face
and it just looks really good so these are really good I also like her magic
foundation but if there were only two products I could recommend it would
definitely be these so check these out this is a favorite again as well two
more favorites are the J cap beauty and holographic 3d eye toppers I’m actually
wearing this shade on top of this base this is from milk makeup and I just love
it let me do a little bit of squatchy squatchy for you so you can see usually
this is like my go to have more shades in that don’t mind that blue right there
don’t may not but like it has a nice shift so it looks like multiple shadows
in one and I just like to wear it underneath the lash line on top of the
lid I blend it out I apply it on top of other shadows and it just looks really
great and it’s affordable so check out Ulta or j-cap Beauty comm
they have some really good stuff they have a lot of stuff that I love and
these are definitely some of them on to a contour palette that I’ve been
loving this is the true blend palette I’ve had this one for a little bit but
this is one of my favorites from covergirl because the contour is also
not Orange I don’t really use these two colors that
much I use it for this it’s more of a drier lighter contour so it’s creamy but
it it goes on really nice on the skin and it blends out more natural and it’s
just super pretty again it’s not like it’s not too warm it’s like the perfect
contour shade for my skin tone so if you are my skin tone try this out it’s at
the drugstore and it’s affordable I’ve been loving this fixing go spray from
Rimmel they have like a new line it’s called
the stay matte line and they have like foundations here’s just like a
foundation this is not my shade this is a really good one and they have these
concealers that are really good this is also like it’s not my actual actual
shade I do have to mix it but it’s a really good formula it’s very blendable
they claim that this line matches a lot of skin tones they love the fact that
they’re adding you know a lot of shades from the drugstore because that’s
usually the hardest place to find good makeup is that the drugstore that is a
pink undertone that isn’t too red that isn’t Orange you know I have a hard time
finding stuff like that so it’s really nice to be able to go there and find
products that work there a mascara that I love is from the balm this is the
scuba mascara and it is waterproof I really love this because the brush is
pretty tiny so it fits my eyes and it just looks really good I’m wearing my
lashes today wear it like every single day and if I have to recommend really
good waterproof mascaras that I love it would be the L’Oreal lash paradise and
this one this one is just amazing I love it highly recommend it it’s so good so
some favorites in the lipstick category I have been enjoying the new Becca
lipsticks that they came out with the packaging is amazing and the formula is
super creamy it’s very blendable if you’re looking for really good ones
don’t mind the blue that’s I think that’s not coming off but I
really do like these lipsticks and I’ve been using them a lot lately I’ve been
using the Rimmel London wonder swipe this is a two-in-one liner and shadow
it’s almost like the Finn T Beauty ones where it applies and then when you like
blend it out it turns into like a nice glitter so you have to do it when it’s
wet and it just blends out to a nice shimmer I have a few colors here I’ve
been loving this bronzy color and it’s just a really nice cuz I missed the Finn
T Beauty ones like when they first launched like nobody had them so it’s
really nice to know that I can just go and get like a liner and then just blend
it out and it becomes like a nice shadow so those are really nice those are also
at the drugstore so that’s all I have those are my favorites currently I’m
sure next month it’s going to change because I’m in a constant rotation like
this month i rotated all of my products I try to do that every month so I can
reuse products that I love re fall in love with them and not buy so much
makeup because I forget how much stuff I have until I rotate it and I’m like whoa
but yeah those are my favorites I will have links down below if you’re
interested in purchasing these yourself or if you’re looking for the colors that
I use hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and I will check you out
next time