Become a Pharmacist – UC James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy

[MUSIC] When many people think about pharmacists
they think about a person who is counting pills from a big bottle and
putting them into the little bottle. When people go to their doctors,
they get prescribed medications. The pharmacist is the person that will
make sure that it is the right medication, that will give them the most benefit
that they can possibly have from that medication. The pharmacists serve as the expert. We are seen as the experts. Medication experts. And we help provide advice to
the other members of our team. We’re the liaison between the patients,
the doctors, and the insurance companies. Along with that, a pharmacist is
responsible for counseling that patient. We’re the person to kind
of keep everybody in check. When a doctor writes out a prescription
for a patient to make them feel better, the pharmacist is the last
check in that process, to make sure that the medication is
the right medication for the patient, and that it is treating what
the doctor intents to treat. [MUSIC] You have to be ready that first day. There’s no professors out there. There’s no one there to help assist
you when you’re in the retail setting. It’s you and the patient, so
you have to be ready day one. There’s so many different things you
can do, once you’re a pharmacist. It’s not one of those jobs that you come
into, and you to master it from day one. We learn something new every day. We learn ways to be better every day, and
that’s the overall goal of our profession, is to be doing things better
today than we were yesterday. I get to talk to nurses all of the time. I get to talk to physicians
all of the time, and it’s a lot of fun to be able to show them
the value of what the pharmacist can do. [MUSIC] UC has so much to offer. It’s amazing. The first thing I noticed,
when I started at UC, was the engagement from our professors. My professors made themselves available,
which is the biggest thing. Being mentors for me,
giving me the opportunity to do research. It’s just amazing how much they
actually care about us here. The teachers that we have here
are just…they’re, they’re the best. Their involvement was much different than
I had even in an undergraduate situation. That’s very unique compared
to some of our other colleges of pharmacy across the globe. UC College of Pharmacy prepared me for
the rest of my career. The years I have spent here
have made me well prepared. I didn’t walk into the pharmacy feeling
overwhelmed and unsure of myself. I felt confident that I was prepared for
the job that I had been given. I have my white coat. It has the University of Cincinnati
on it and I love wearing that thing, not only because it’s a symbol of
pharmacists and what we can do, but because it has that UC on it and
it shows, hey, I’m from UC. I know what I’m talking about. I’m a force to be reckoned with. [MUSIC]