Bellabeat: The Best Fitness Tracker for Women

Hey, guys. Welcome back. Hello to you new people too. Before I jump into this video I want to remind
you to click that little subscribe button down below so you never miss my next video. All right, so today we’re going to be talking
about the Bellabeat, which is this cute little device right here. I have been promising that I would make this
video for quite a while, and people keep asking me about it, so finally I have done all the
things related to it, so I feel very confident about talking about it. So I bought the Bellabeat Leaf Urban to replace
my Fitbit Charge HR, because the Charge HR caused me to break out and gave me a rash
no matter what I did with it, no matter what sort of case I put on it. I got really tired of that, so I was trying
to find a replacement that was cute, that I could use. So this was what I ended up buying. Now, this does not do bpm, which is one of
the things that the Fitbit Charge HR does do, but it does everything else that I need
it to do, so I’m okay with that. So it does track steps and calories, which
are estimated based off of my height and weight. I’m currently 5’4″ and I weigh 154 pounds. Ideally I would like to be 140 pounds. I think my doctor would like me to be 130
pounds. But I’m trying to be realistic here. So the Bellabeat also functions as a sleep
tracker. It lets you know how light or how deep you
sleep. I think it’s probably pretty accurate for
that, because I know some nights I’m really restless, and it’ll say, “You’ve been light
sleeping for this long.” And then other times it says, “Oh, you’ve
been deep sleeping for this long.” So I’m like, probably accurate. It also tracks your stress levels and it’s
a fertility tracker, and it has a meditation, so you can do guided meditation with it. I did ask my gynecologist how accurate the
fertility tracking was with this. She said it was okay but slightly off. She’s off the opinion that if you’re trying
to get pregnant, you need to count eight days from the start of your period, and on that
eighth day you should start having sex. Have sex basically every other day from that
eighth day until the eighteenth day. Then don’t have sex again until that eighth
day rolls back around if you’re trying to get pregnant. So like I mentioned before, the Bellabeat
also offers guided meditation. So you can go into the guided meditation section,
download different guided meditation guides. This basically is supposed to help you achieve
zen and lower your stress. I’ve used a few of the guided meditations,
mostly the ones for sleep, but I don’t do that very often because Ray can’t stand any
noise, and when I come to bed he’s already been asleep for a couple of hours, so I really
try to be as quiet as possible. So one of the most frequently asked questions
that I get with the Bellabeat is, “Can I get it wet?” So what Bellabeat says is, you can get it
wet, but they don’t recommend you shower with it or get in the pool with it, but if you’re
going to wash your hands it’s not a problem. It’s supposed to be more water resistant than
a lot of the other devices, like my Ringly says you can only get it wet by washing your
hands. This is supposed to be more resistant than
the Ringly to water. One of the biggest draws that I had to this,
aside from the fact that I think it looks really cool as opposed to what my Fitbit looked
like, my Fitbit was really freaking ugly, is that you don’t have to charge it. I hated trying to remember to charge my Fitbit. I would sometimes forget, and then it would
really irritate me. So this, you don’t charge it. It claims that the battery lasts in it up
to six months. That wasn’t true for me. I bought mine on May 31st, I received it by
June 2nd. I bought it through Amazon. When I got it I was like, “Okay, let’s wear
it, let’s see how this works.” I really liked it. I didn’t like the bracelet that came with
it. I didn’t like the next bracelet that I bought
to go with it. So I actually ended up buying this band on
Etsy. It’s a custom made band with amethyst beads,
and I like this much better because it’s really easy to get it on and off since it’s stretchy. But back to the battery. So the battery’s supposed to last up to six
months. Like I said, I started using mine on June
2nd, and mine went out I think right once I got back from Dragon Con, so say around
September 5th or 6th. So then I had to change the battery in it
and put a new battery in. That was actually really easy. You just need a torques three wrench, like
you would use for a cell phone, and you need these batteries, these are like watch batteries,
they’re a specific number, like 2032 is the model number or whatever. I’ll put that information in my description
box in case you need to pick them up for yourself. But it was really, really easy to change. I was surprised. It’s basically just like doing a watch, so
easy, not difficult at all. I could do it myself. Because basically you just take the little
screws off, problem solved. So I mentioned, I didn’t like the band that
originally came with this. I bought the silver one. I don’t know why it didn’t come with a black
band or a gray band, that’s what it should have came with. Instead, it came with this crappy tan band,
which is not really my color. I do like the fact that it has silver hardware,
but I don’t like this color at all. So I went to their website to buy a black
band and ended up with a black band that has rose gold, so the metal doesn’t match, which
was really irritating, because they didn’t offer a black band that had silver metal. I actually like the way this hooks much more
than the second band that I bought. So this band, which is the one it comes with,
you just hook on very easily like this; super easy. This one, which is the second band that I
bought, is more difficult because you’re supposed to press it in and get it to go on like that. It’s really hard when you’re trying to put
this on one-handed, to get that done. I found it actually much more difficult than
the first band, although I know a lot of people like the first band. Which is why, as I mentioned, I ended up going
to Etsy and finding somebody to make me a custom bracelet because I really was tired
of dealing with those, I hated those. If you don’t want to wear it as a bracelet
like I do, it does come with a necklace, and you can also kind of clip it onto your clothes
if you want to do that. But I just prefer it as a bracelet because
it’s really easy for me to remember it, and then I don’t lose it, and it’s just, I don’t
know, I like that, I think that’s pretty easy to work with. So as far as sleep goes, I think it’s pretty
accurate, as I mentioned, with monitoring sleep. I like being able to track my sleep to find
out what do I need to change if something’s going on? But for the most part, I sleep pretty deep
these days, so I haven’t had as much of a trouble. When I first got the puppy, I was getting
no sleep, and I’m like, “No wonder I’m tired, I’ve had four hours of sleep, this is not
good.” So the phone interface for the Bellabeat is
really nice. I’m going to insert this up here and show
you, I’ll walk through it with you and everything so you can check it out. So this is the little leaf icon on my phone
for the Bellabeat. You can see it has my period going on right
now. So let’s go in to check on period tracking. It tells me my period’s going to last two
more days. It makes a guess as to my fertile days and
my ovulation. My gynecologist said it was close but not
exact in her opinion. Let’s show you how easy it is to sync. So you just hit the little button right here. If you need to adjust how long you slept,
you go in here, and I slept til 11:30. Do save. So it tracks that I slept for 7 hours and
54 minutes. Click on stress and it’s going to tell you
I have like a 25% sensitivity because I’m on my period, and I really need to exercise,
and I haven’t exercised. Talks about sleep. You can see like previous night’s sleep. So like for this day, the 19th, it tracks
how many steps I walked in a specific period of time, and then the walking that I did with
the dogs, and another activity. If I wanted to go in today and add a walk
with the dogs, I could do say 3:20 to 3:40. Then you pick the activity type and it will
add the activity. So like I said, I really like the interface,
I think it’s really easy to use. And I like how my bracelet looks. Mine is easy on and off because it’s stretchy. So the way you put it on is, you slide it
on the one side that’s opposite you. This is how you put it on. I think it’s a pain in the ass to do it this
way. There. It’s super easy to add in whenever I lift
weights or take a 45 minute walk with the dogs. My Bellabeat is made out of stainless steel
and some sort of sustainable wood composite that’s made to look like stone, which I actually
really like how it looks. Again, this doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It’s very easy to pair with your phone and
to update your information every morning when you wake up. You just press the little button and it works. So now I’m going to talk about what I love
and what I don’t love about this. So what I love about this, as I mentioned,
is it just works. It monitors my sleep, my stress, and my steps. Those are all of the things that I really
like having monitored, and I feel like it does a very good job at all three of those. It’s easy to use as a period tracker. You just press a button to say you’re start
your period, and it estimates when you should next start. My period this month started two days early,
I think it was because of stress because of the hurricane and all kinds of stuff. So I was at least glad to have a heads-up
that I knew it was coming, and then when it started early it was just easy for me to turn
it on and track it. I really love how it looks because I feel
like it looks really good. My Fitbit was ugly. This is not ugly. I think it’s very elegant and pretty to look
at, at least for me. I also didn’t want a display, so I like the
fact that it’s all in my phone. If I want to check anything out, I just go
to the app in my phone. What I don’t like about it, as I mentioned,
I really don’t like the bands that it comes with. I don’t like that I couldn’t choose to pick
out a black band or a gray band with silver metal to go with the Bellabeat. When you’re spending almost 150 bucks on a
fitness tracker, it’d be nice if you could actually get a band that you would wear. So I feel like that’s one of the things that
Bellabeat really fails on is providing a really nice looking band to go with your product. I did do a comparison with my Fitbit and my
Bellabeat to see how close they were steps-wise. They were within 20 steps of each other, so
I feel like this is super accurate whenever it comes to tracking steps. So anyway, that’s my review on the Bellabeat. Like I mentioned, I really like it. I understand that it may not be for everybody,
but it’s definitely been perfect for me. It was a great replacement for my Fitbit Charge
HR. I hope I answered all of your questions about
it. Please be sure to let me know what you think
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