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– Hi, everyone. Today we are going to talk about the benefits of aloe vera. Ouch! This, aw, really? (electronic music) – Hi, everyone! Welcome to Discovery Natural. Today we are talking about the benefits of aloe vera in your hair, and the dangers of using aloe vera. If you’ve not yet
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other social media outlets. Today we are talking about aloe vera, and what is aloe vera? Well, aloe vera right
now, it is like, trending. When I say move over coconut, welcome aloe vera, you guys know what I’m talking about. A lot of people are using
aloe vera on their hair, and they’re using aloe
vera in so many ways, and some ways are beneficial and some ways are not so beneficial, and today I am giving you the down low, dirty information about
this aloe vera plant. This magical plant that everybody is just going out to buy, and going out to put on their hair. Aloe vera is excellent for the hair. It has a lot of benefits for your hair. Even digesting aloe vera
has benefits for your body. Now some of the benefits is that aloe vera contains natural enzymes, and this enzyme, they actually help you to repair like dead skin cells
that are in your scalp, and that’s why this aloe
vera is good for dandruff. It helps in getting rid of dandruff when used correctly and it also helps you in your hair. So, when you apply things like
aloe vera gel in your hair it helps to make your shiny, and it helps to make your hair smooth. Another thing that aloe vera does is that it conditions the hair, making it an excellent moisturizer. Later on I will be showing
you some treatments that you can use, in terms of using aloe
vera in hair growth. So, aloe vera has a lot of benefits in also promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss in your hair, and that is why a lot of people benefit from using aloe vera. Now, there are times
that aloe vera is useful, and there’s times that aloe vera can actually be damaging your hair. We’ll talk about that, but let me tall you about
some of the treatments that you can use in terms
of using aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice or aloe vera the plant, straight from your garden
or from the supermarket where you got this because I tried to grow aloe vera and my aloe vera never grew so, I just bought this for
a $1.50 at the supermarket. So, what are some
treatments that you can use, some recipes that you
can use aloe vera for? So, the easiest way to use aloe vera and this is one way that a lot of people are using it right now is as a pre-poo. A pre-poo is a pre-treatment that some people have been using for their hair before they
go and wash their hair. Pre-poo is usually using
oils, okay, for your hair, but some people like using aloe vera and if you like using aloe
vera and it works for you, what do I say? I always say, do you, boo. So, do you if that works for you. So, what people do is
that they take aloe vera and they cut up the plant, okay? And then they take the gel from the plant and they slather it in their hair, cover their hair, maybe sleep overnight with it, and that is how they pre-poo their hair. They condition their hair
before they wash their hair. So, that’s one way. The second way that some people do is use it as a conditioner. When used as a conditioner I usually prefer using it in terms of taking aloe vera gel, or it you are more into
the all-natural things, you can take this aloe vera, take the scoop, the gunk, you know the jelly part from it? You mix it, four ounces of that and you mix that with
four ounces of water. When you do that you create
a liquid conditioner. This liquid conditioner can also help you if you have itchy scalp you can use it to heal your itchy scalp. What you do is this, you spray the conditioner onto your hair. You can leave it in your hair, but you can also rinse it out after a couple of minutes. The other way that some
people use aloe vera is to use it as a dandruff reducer, or dandruff remedy. So, what you do is you take the aloe vera, the jelly part again, and you mix it, you kind of blend it, and you mix it with peppermint oil. This can be applied to the scalp once or twice a week and left in your hair
for about 10 minutes. When you do that, after you’ve left it in
your hair for 10 minutes, then you want to proceed and rinse it out. Giving your scalp a nice condition, and giving your scalp a
nice pH balance atmosphere for your hair to grow healthy. One thing about using
this as an humectant, as a cuticle closer, what you can do is you can
actually use aloe vera juice. So, now, using aloe vera
juice after you wash your hair cold aloe vera juice will
help close he cuticles. Now when you close your hair cuticles what it does is that it
leaves your hair shiny and it leaves your hair feeling smooth, so that might be the
last thing you want to do after washing your hair is to apply some aloe
vera juice on your hair to help close the cuticle, and also help you control
frizz in your hair. So, now let’s talk about the not so nice part about aloe vera. The most obvious one is, of course, the prickly sides over here. When you use aloe vera you have to be very careful with using it. Make sure you shave off, or you cut off the prickly part because what can happen is that if you use aloe vera plant directly on your scalp, like rub it in there, the prickly part can
actually cut your scalp. So, that is the most obvious danger. Be careful when using this because the prickly part, yes, it’s going to stab you in the finger, which it has done me and my daughter (noise of crowd)
so many times, but you have to be careful with that. The next danger that we have
in terms of using aloe vera in your hair is to know that aloe vera
is an humectant, okay? In the atmosphere they use aloe vera. Some people, they find that
when they use aloe vera is putting some particular atmosphere, it’s actually dries their hair out. So, you have to understand
when and how to use aloe vera in the right atmosphere
and the right climate. So, if you find that when
you’re using aloe vera your hair feels much drier than it was before using aloe vera, please, please, please stop using it. It’s not worth it because what will happen is that dry hair will
transfer to hair that breaks. The third reason why I feel that you shouldn’t be
using aloe vera so much, and I feel that you
need to educate yourself before using aloe vera, is that you have to understand, when you use the aloe vera from the plant you strain it well. You have to strain it well. If you don’t strain it well
what will happen is that the residue, you know the white residue that comes from using the aloe vera, can actually attract dirt. So, it will attract dirt into your hair and it will also cause
you to have dandruff. So, you will be more
prone to have dandruff, defeating the purpose
of using the aloe vera in the first place. The final reason that I feel, I’m giving you a fourth reason now, is that when you understand
the use of aloe vera and when you understand that aloe vera sometimes isn’t the best friend for low porosity hair. You know that you have to be so careful when use aloe vera when
you have low porosity hair. Now, if you don’t know your porosity you can click that card that
just popped up to understand how to know your hair porosity. My hair porosity is medium-low, so sometimes when I use aloe vera it’s a hit or miss for me. So, what does aloe vera juice or aloe vera products do to
hair that has low porosity. Now, with low porosity hair
you have to be very careful because it can actually
have a lot of rebuild up and products can build
up on your hair more, and you can also have what is
known as aloe vera build up or aloe build up. When you have aloe build up that is when the aloe
products has built up so much on your hair cuticles
causing it to be dry, causing it to be breaking, to be brittle, and causing breakage in your hair. So, when you use aloe
vera always research, research, research,
research, as I always say. You have to research before
you start using something. Don’t just say, this person used it, and that person used it, so I’ll just use it. Understand your hair. Understand that aloe vera
is a good ingredient, is a good natural product for remedies, like itchiness and dandruff,
(soft relaxing music) but you have to know how
it works in your hair and how not to use it and how to use it. So, thank you so much
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