Berea pharmacist is accused of conspiring to illegally distribute Pseudoephedrine, Oxycodone, and Su

DISTRIBUTE PSEUDOEPHEDRINE, OXYCODONE AND SUBOXONE.A 38-COUNT FEDERAL INDICTMENT AGAINST LONNIE HUBBARD WAS UNSEALED ON FRIDAY. THE INDICTMENT SAYS THE CONSPIRACY BEGAN IN 2010 AND CONTINUED UNTIL EARLIER THIS MONTH. VICTOR PUENTE HAS MORE. (pkg) Victor 6 The discount pharmacy in berea is supposed to open at 9am x-apple-data-detector s: on Fridays, but when owner Lonnie Hubbard showed up this morning it wasn’t customers who were waiting for him. Leslie Howard Witness 32:05 they came in and pulled out back and surrounded him and I guess asked him questions and took him in. Vo Dea, irs, state board of pharmacy and Madison county drug task force members surrounded the building and began searching the property. 32:14 you couldn’t get in the parking lot at all, dea, city cops, state boys, they were all here. Vo An indictment filed in federal court shows Hubbard facing almost forty different charges. That complaint says Hubbard and others conspired to distribute oxycodone, Suboxone, hydrocodone, and pseudoephedrine, knowing it would be used to make meth. The paperwork also names Charles and Joseph McKinney, and Darryl Jones and says they helped Hubbard distribute oxycodone. Witnesses say they weren’t surprised when the police showed up. 33:48 you see little things, and it gives you an uneasy feeling. Hubbards wife, Megan, is also named. That indictment says the couple used drug money to purchase a home, vehicles, and a boat. All of that property could be forfeited. 34:20 he looked really calm, he didn’t put up a fight, he just went with them. The United States government has also filed a civil claim against Hubbard. The fine for each of those individual transactions ranges from ten to twenty five thousand dollars, meaning Hubbard could be facing hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. In Madison county, vp, wkyt. (1-shot) LONNIE HUBBARD’S INITIAL APPEARANCE AND ARRAIGNMENT IS SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY IN FEDERAL COURT IN LEXINGTON. (1-shot) MARTIN COUNTY OFFICIALS ARE SEARCHING FOR A MAN WHO THEY SAY