Best Basic First Aid Kit: Adventure Medical Mountain Series Day Tripper

Best First Aid Kit: Adventure Medical Day Tripper cheap outdoor gear review first aid basics kit for preppers emergency survival first aid supplies hi it’s AlaskaGranny Adventure Medical Day Tripper I don’t know
about you but I’m always just gathering up random first aid items to make my own
kits and I finally decided it’s time to get one that has actually everything in it and I can supplement and refill it it’s already in a nice little pack and so this is the one
I chose it’s an Adventure Medical Kit Mountain Series Medical Kit Day Tripper First Aid Kit it serves 1 to 5 people for multiple days and you can see right here it says it has supplies for camping backpacking hiking and mountaineering so those are
similar to the activities that I do on the back of the kit it gives a list of
all the things that are in it it has wound care burn blister care severe
bleeding kit sprain and strain supplies and medication and instruments I’m going to
take out the included items and show you can see they are
put in little packets in this area labeled with the category of supplies in each pocket so I am going to take each one out and show you what is in every pocket or pouch one side of the the pouch is labeled wound
care burn and blister and there were
several little compartments and I took everything
out and you can see there several types and sizes of gauze there’s one big piece of moleskin
except I think it needs scissors so you can actually cut the moleskin to fit the size you need there is a sterile cotton applicator
it says there are 2 one compound benzine tincture
swab stick there are several antiseptic towelettes surgical tape an ace bandage several triple antibiotic cream packets and an assortment of band-aid this is the
wound care pouch or pocket it all fits inside on the wound care burn
blister side there’s a large compartment here another
large pocket here where the tape and the elastic bandage go and then there are
three small comparments here for the little items if you look at the other side of the Mountain Medical Day Tripper First Aid Kit package it has a
hypodermic needle with a syringe in the middle and 2
compartments label severe bleeding and medication instrument so I’ll show you what’s in
those packets contents from the other side of the bag
there are a pair of gloves with the plastic
ziplock bag a biohazard sticker and a clean up pad there’s
a great big sturdy pad here that’s very thick and durable and a
very big selection of medicine there’s aspirin diphen
which is for allergies after bite for insect bite I definitely would put in an After Bite stick that’s not enough when I get bitten especially since there’s no repellent here dimode which is for diahhrea problems I pren which is like ibuprofen and then there’s a little pair of tweezers
which seem to be pretty good they are in in little container so they’re not going to
get broken or lost then there’s a very comprehensive
wilderness and travel medicine guide this is very complete now the
problem is it is in your kit don’t just put your kit
away and never study this you don’t want to wait until there’s an emergency to learn the information here as soon as you get a kit get this first aid guide out and read it and then
remember it and then remember to put it back in your kit here are the items loaded up in the severe bleeding there is a big pocket for that book and 2 smaller pockets
one for the biohazard kit and I put all the
little medicine here another thing that I think is missing
ladies if you’re getting this put in something like tampons and if
you’re going to ever need those because I can think of no bigger emergency than needing one of those so there you go that’s the contents of the Adventure
Medical Kit Mountain Series Day
Tripper I’m getting ready to go on a trip
into the mountains and I’m going to be taking this along but as I said I’m going to
be adding a few things for myself I’m going to be adding a little pair scissors and some bug repellent and a larger After Bite stick plus some tampons even though I
don’t know if anyone on my trip will be needing those enough so always make sure you have appropriate
medical supplies for what meets your needs and you know these are just to get
there’s no one right answer to what should be in a medical kit get the things that you know get a basic
and and add the things that you need an extra if you take prescription medicine
stick some of those in there be sure to label them Adventure Medical Kit Mountain Series Day Tripper Best First Aid Kit: Adventure Medical Day Tripper please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel