Best Basic First Aid Kit Review 2018

Hey guys it’s Em and Mike with Em and The
Gang, and today we are going to be reviewing the surviveware first aid
kit. we did get this kit in the mail surviveware contacted us to do a
review and so today we’re going to take a look at it and see what we think about
it so today we are going to review this surviveware first aid kit and first
things first let’s look at the outside first off it’s nice and bright it’s got
a kind of a really thick nylon canvas so it’s it feels tough it’s got cool well
it’s got a spot where you could loop it it’s got a handle it’s got nice zippers
with pulls on them they look like really good quality zippers everything about
looks very very tough I like this too on the back it’s got you can put a belt
through or you could strap it on you’ve already had something you wanted to put
through what it’s got snaps it’s got snaps here so you could actually snap
this on to here I’ll hold it up a little closer so you can snap onto a loop of
some sort or you could velcro onto a loop of some sort a lot of ways to carry
it with you then on the front it’s got a little zipper which is really neat they
thought about this ahead of time they have little bags for personal
medications so you can go ahead and bring your own personal medicine in
these little bags and they have a special spot right then on the inside
lot of goodies it looks nice and organized you can see and everything’s labeled really well
mm-hmm so you have adhesive dressings which are
basically band-aids and they give you a good number of band-aids they’re just a
regular size looks like a regular-sized band-aid what else is in here
hypoallergenic tape okay so some like first-aid team so there’s a CPR kit and
it comes in a little baggie and inside the baggie is actual instructions for
CPR so that’s really awesome I’m really interested in the mouth-to-mouth birth
I am CPR certified my crazy parasite and so that’s good to have a kit that you
can use anytime you need to and they even have child CPR and adult CPR in
this kit and if you wanted you could just carry this kit separately like on a
keychain they have a loop and they also have a like a strap so you could strap
it on to something that’s really cool here when they said they have a bunch of
safety pins oh those are always good to have yes especially for some bandages
and they have actually label this year they’ve got a nice medical shears
package in here there’s a nice set of big tweezers there was a little nylon
robe and we’ll come on mr. that is splinter probes so these
look like if you look really closely this looks like a needle with a little
handle on it that is a really useful thing I use this all the time on the
husband or the spine of the kit is oh there’s some q-tips and an emergency
whistle oh this is a tourniquet what else do we have Mike
well we’re on them on this side there’s a bunch of different sections there’s a
triangular bandage and an emergency blanket in this section there is the
large triangular bandage there’s one of those thermal thin emergency blankets
that’s the back section there are other wound closures and it’s nice because it
gives you the instructions on how to use them they’re large bandages anything
they look like really big band-aids and like butterfly band-aids stuff like that
the next section down is cutting Gugs swabs and I pad cotton gauze swabs and
iPads they’re nice to have in case you need them I liked how everything’s
labeled it’s late at night it’s all in the individual bags so it won’t get wet
yeah it’s not gonna if you’re if you get wet your stuff isn’t necessarily gonna
get ruined everything everything that you shouldn’t get wet is then so many
pests what else is there this looks like I’m
gonna take that skin cleaning wipes there are some sting relief pads and
antiseptic towelettes so like to clean clean wounds
mm-hmm and then this outside pocket has what’s called it says pressure bandages
wound sprains and snake bites so in that is a conforming bandage and a what I
would call like an ace bandage but it’s a pressure bandage very grim it’s just a
generic brand ace bandage which is what I think you safety pins are for yeah
because you can’t close this without a special type of work and it’s pretty
nice they include this card which tells you all the different things that are
inside the first-aid kit and on the back of the card is a coupon and it’s one
purchase per person and I’ll make sure that the discount information is in the
description below so that’s pretty pretty nice kid overall is there
anything else we need to note about it no I mean it’s just it looks light it
only weighs maybe yeah it’s pretty nice the zippers some nice and sturdy the
whole pack seems nice and sturdy now I mean this might be a little bigger than
what I would want to take with me most of the time but I would not want to pack
that into a bag no but even this in the camper would be good well the fact that
would strap on the outside of the bag do not take up space inside the tree is not
so bad because then it could be right here mm-hmm
on your shoulder strap on a backpack and it’s highly visible no that’s nice
really cool product I think I mean I like it yeah and so we will have one of
these to give away if you would like to get one of these from us just leave a
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comment section and give one of these right so we have 50 comments but we’ll
do numbers 1 through 15 / 4 yeah like I mean that’s the easiest way this is way
better I was gonna do rock-paper-scissors but with you like
that’s what I mean it’s gonna be hard to do so no we’ll just do a random number
much better okay so if you’d like to win one of these just go ahead and comment
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that way you get more than one entry so anyway if you’d like to win one leave a
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one too these are pretty nice sometimes I go hiking and you’re not
with me mm-hmm good I know this has been Mike and n with em in the game get your
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