Best Diet For A Breast Cancer Patient

>>>DR. JAY K. HARNESS: Diet! I am asked about
diet, if not weekly, then sometimes almost daily. My patients who are newly diagnosed
with breast cancer, or for that matter, my patients who are now beyond their initial
treatments of their breast cancer and into a longer followup phase, ask me on a pretty
regular basis, “Dr. Harness, what about diet? What can I do about my diet? I am worried
that if I don’t have the proper diet, it’s gonna increase the risk of my cancer coming
back…” And again I am repeating myself, but it is one of my favorite themes and that
is “Think diet that’s heart healthy”. “What do I mean by that?” “Low in fats,
particularly low in saturated fats, high in good protein coupled with fewer calories,
getting your weight toward more than ideal body weight, and combining that with exercise.”
So I am not sure that there is any actual specific dietary regimen that is more beneficial
than others. Anecdotally, there are various diets that have been reported and some people
have had good success with various macrobiotic diets and other similar diets. I am still
waiting for a prospective clinical trial to show the benefits of some of these extremely
special types of diets, but what I can generalize about diet is, “Think heart healthy, think
about absolutely lowering the fats, keeping your carbohydrates down, if you are going
to consume meat, consuming very lean meat, emphasis on fish, emphasis on chicken, good
vegetables; all those kind of things that mom talked about for years and years”. “Think
heart healthy”. Hi, I am Dr. Jay Harness and I want to share
with you important information that I believe that every newly diagnosed patient with breast
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