Best First Aid Kit: Adventure Medical Mountain Fundamentals

Best First Aid Kit: Adventure Medical Mountain Fundamentals best comprehensive first aid kit cheap outdoor gear review hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m trying to get
a little more serious about some of my prepping and one of the things that I
wanted to make sure I didn’t go without was first aid gear so I bought this Adventure Medical Kit it’s called Mountains Series Medical Kit
Fundamentals and it is listed that it’s good for one to
eight people for up to 14 days and the activities are for camping
backpacking hiking or mountaineering and those are similar
activities to what my family likes to do so I decided I
needed this comlete and comprehensive Adventure Medical Kit g first aid kit to keep in my home or if
we go out camping hiking hunting travel abroad or other outings and I have a smaller Adventure Medical Kit the Mountain Series Day Tripper that I use just like for my Bug Out Bag or if
I go away on excursions so let me show you what’s
inside on the back it lists the ingredients or the contents so it has different categories there’s wound care for burns and
blisters severe bleeding sprains and strains medications and instruments I am going to open it up and show you what’s inside when
you unzip it it flips all the way out you can see
that there are lots of compartments and lots of different Items the first one here at the top is wound care burns and blisters there are
containers here first aid manual medications
instruments fractures sprains bleeding CPR and then some splints so I am going to pull out each packet
and show you what is in it the first pocket of the Mountain Series Fundamentals kit is labeled wound care burns and blisters has these items in it and the first
thing you have is the direction sheet for wound care and
it’s comprehensive and it’s coated paper so it’s not going
to get damaged if it gets wet then there are antiseptic towelettes an assortment of bandaids gauze pads triple antibiotic cream 2 gauze bandages long Q tips called cotton tipped applicators a syringe for irrigating
wounds duct tape surgical tape a stretchy
thing for going over your finger burn gel blister and burn dressing benzoine tincture swabs aloe gel wound closure strips and iodide solution they’re supposed to be mole skin but I’m not seeing any so I’m gonna
keep looking and trying to figure out why that’s not here those items all fit back there is a big compartment here and three smaller compartments here and then
there’s the cover strap that has velcro to hold those all in there then there’s
these two little containers with a lid so you could collect
specimens I guess and then let’s look in the next one
labeled first aid manual medications and instruments this compartment has a comprehensive first aid guide is included in all of the Adventure Medical Mountain Series First Aid Kits which is nice they have this in the smaller
kit also this is very good be sure you read it before you put your kit
away you know what to do in an emergency that’s not the time to be reading and
there’s a quick guide to medications there’s ibuprofen apap which is think is acetaminophen
allergy and aspirin then there’s the thermometer pencil
safety pin tweezers and scissors which will be very handy in an emergency deep in that first aid section there’s a
patient assessment form I put all this back in here there’s a large pocket on
the back and two divided ones in the front and they have little slots in
the back and the front goes all the way down you can
divide things up in there if you like and they’re pleated you could
add more contents if you desire the velcro is handy because then
no matter how much you stuff in there it probably would still close let’s move
on to fractures sprains bleeding and CPR the fracture and sprain
includes directions on what to do in an emergency and I like
that they have these quick little sheets available a triangular
bandage including safety pins latex free elastic band and they even put another bit of ibuprofen in here you remember to give it to someone if
they’re in pain then on the next side which was the CPR and bleeding there are 2 biohazard
kits with gloves a bag and the antiseptic ingredients and biohazard sticker then
there’s one of those nice big fat puffy pads there’s a face shield for CPR anda quick reference and what to do for CPR and stopping the
bleeding so that’s very handy too those each came out of one big deep
pocket I’m gonna stick those back in right now the last side flips over and has a SAM
splint on it which is 36 inches long it’s all wrapped up securely attached with
these elastic bands and it gives the directions printed
right on it how you would use it then it would all fold up into one
handy container I also found in the bottom there’s a note to register your kit so that you can get automatic whatever
so I’m not sure im gonna do that I’ll have to check it out I’ve also included a few extra thing bug
repellent that is something I always want when I go places I have a couple quick clot antibacterial stop the
bleeding fast and if there’s a real emergency I’m
going to want some of that then I also have a breath of life
emergency escape mask what if there’s a fire I live where they
have volcanoes and should there be something like that nuclear blast I can try to figure out put this on and then figure out what to
do these are single-use first aid mask with a filter and probably I should get a few more of these now that I think about it because I don’t want to be the only one
wearing and everybody else is in danger so I still have to decide how
many I would want for how many people I’ll probably
be with and if this will fit in here so that’s
just about as fat as this will go so I might not be able to add any more
this but I can always get some other things and keep them with this this is a very
comprehensive kit I’m very glad that I have this and I’m
not going to worry so much about emergencies for my family so if you’re interested in getting a
comprehensive first aid kit look at the Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Fundamentals Best First Aid Kit: Adventure Medical Mountain Fundamentals please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel