Best Foundation for Dry Skin – Pale Skin Friendly & Cruelty Free

Hey friends, welcome back. For those of you who don’t know me I’m Courtney,
and today I’m going to be bringing you my top five current favorite foundations for
dry skin. Number one on this list will come as no surprise,
it is the Idun Minerals Nordic Veil Foundation in the shade Jorunn. Now, the reason I love this is that basically
it gives me a long wearing formula that matches my skin tone, and I don’t have to add white
to it. I do end up mixing it with the Hourglass Veil
Mineral Primer, because it’s a silicone based foundation, to basically thin it out. On its own it’s more of a medium-full coverage
foundation. Which is more coverage than I want. I prefer light-medium coverage. So I mix it about 50/50 with Hourglass Veil
Mineral Primer, and it gives me like a nice light-medium coverage. Which I love. I also will then set this foundation and it
will last basically 14-16 hours, and I think it looks great. I forgot to mention, so the Nordic Veil I
believe this will work for normal skin, dry skin, and maybe slightly oily skin. I don’t think it would be very good for extremely
dry skin, and I’m not sure that it would work well for extremely oily skin. Next up is the Idun Minerals Norrsken Foundation
in the shade Jorunn. Again, this is a great foundation that I don’t
have to add white to. That is just amazing to me, because there
are very few foundations out there that I don’t have to add white to. This one is for very, very, very dry skin. It is very dewy. If you do not set this foundation it’s going
to come off in about three or four hours. So this is for days when my skin is really
dry, and I can’t tolerate anything else. So this is a water based foundation, and you’re
best off using it with something like Too Faced Hangover Primer, or maybe with something
like the First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothie Primer. Either way you’re going to want something
that’s water based to go with it, because it’s not going to work with a silicone based
primer. I do find that it will wear maybe eight to
10 hours if you set it. Next on my list is the Huda Beauty FauxFilter
Foundation in the shade Milkshake. This is probably the easiest foundation for
you to find, since you can find it at Sephora. This is a full coverage foundation that is
silicone based. So what I do with it is I thin it out with
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, because that’s just what I find works very well for my skin. It will basically give me like nice light-medium
coverage when I thin it out. The big drawback to this foundation is that
it stinks. It smells like very floral perfume, and the
scent lingers for hours. So if you are a migraine sufferer, or if you
have allergies, or if you have sensitivities to fragrance, which I normally do … This
is like, I don’t know, probably the only foundation I own that has fragrance that doesn’t cause
me to break out. I would get a sample of this from Sephora
before you buy the full size, because I don’t want you to deal with breakouts. Anyway, I like the fact that I don’t have
to add white to this. That’s such a rarity for me, and you can get
this at Sephora. Last I checked though, this foundation was
sold out of every single shade except for the two deepest shades. So hopefully they’re going to restock it soon. Next on my list is the Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten
Foundation in the shade Porcelain. It looks like this. It’s a swirl of white, beige and pink. That’s a new one that I bought. I actually have this one that I’ve almost
finished. You can see pan peaking out like right here,
because I’m getting down to the end of this one. Now for this foundation I don’t typically
wear it as foundation. I use it to set my foundation. So whenever I’m wearing the Nordic Veil, or
the Norrsken I set my foundation with this as opposed to a setting powder, because this
doesn’t seem to emphasize fine lines under my eyes. It just basically gives me like a nice subtle
glow, so I really appreciate that. However, you can wear it on its own. If I’m extremely well hydrated and in a hurry,
I will sometimes take a big fluffy brush like this, and just dust a light coating of this
all over the center of my face. The problem with that for me is that, because
I have a pink overtone from Rosacea this foundation picks up on whatever your undertone or overtone
is. So for me it picks up on the pink and my Rosacea. If you have olive undertones I believe this
would pick up on your olive undertones. It’s really interesting in that it’s very
forgiving and works for a wide variety of skin tones. From warm, to neutral, to cool, to olive so
I have been really impressed by that. At the same time I really kind of hate some
of that flexibility, if only for the fact that I don’t like that if I wear it on its
own it’s going to emphasize my redness. Still it is an excellent product, and that’s
why it’s on this list. So the last item on my list is the Cle Cosmetics
Air Cushion Foundation in the shade Light. Now this foundation is actually what I’m wearing
in the video today. It’s not a perfect match for my skin tone. It matches my face, but my face is darker
than my neck and my chest. So if I put this all over my face, and you’re
in person with me you would be able to tell that my face was darker than my neck and chest. Which I hate. The reason this is on this list is because,
the cushion foundation, this cushion foundation is one of the easiest foundations I’ve found
for just basically covering up my redness and go. So if I’m going to wear this foundation I
usually typically only wear it when I’m out running errands. What I will do is take the cushion and just
cover up the parts of my face that are the most red from Rosacea. Not my entire face, and that’s it. On its own it only lasts for maybe like two
or three hours, four hours tops, but it does give … If you can see in the video. I guess I’ll zoom in so you can see what it
looks like on my skin right now. It does give like a very nice skin like finish. So obviously I do wish that it came in a paler
shade, but the reason it’s on my list like I said, is that I will use it whenever I’m
just wanting to run out really fast and run errands, and I don’t want to cover my entire
face with foundation. I just do it on the worst areas of my face,
and it works really well for that. Another thing I need to say, I believe when
you buy this foundation it looks like it’s really expensive, but you’re getting one foundation
and refill. The refill amount is, I think it’s .53 ounces
of product. So they give you a refill that’s .53 ounces
and the main container, which is .53 ounces. So you’re getting like 1.06 ounces. So it’s still a very pricey foundation, but
you are getting a refill. I guess because it’s a cushion foundation
you use less foundation then you would otherwise. Still it’s pretty expensive for what it is. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t found another
cushion foundation that’s even close to my skin tone. I recently bought the Wet and Wild Cushion
Foundation in the shades Light Ivory and Cream Ivory, and those are both ridiculously dark
and orange on me. It’s pathetic. So this is actually at least kind of close,
kind of in the area. I’m going to insert swatches of the five of
these, just so you can see how they match up to each other. Norrsken, Nordic Veil, Huda Beauty, Cle Cosmetics,
Laura Geller. I just recently updated my best vegan foundations
post, so if you’re looking for more vegan foundations I’m going to put a link up here
for you to go check that out. That’s a post that I spend a lot of time on,
and I did update it for 2018, because I had a lot of requests for that. So please be sure to let me know your thoughts
on that. Anyway, what are your favorite foundations
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