Best Natural Herbal Remedies fast relief Ayurved treatment for GOUTY arthritis గౌట్ కు ఆయుర్వేదం

Best Natural Herbal Remedies fast relief Ayurved treatment for GOUTY arthritis Arthritis is the only sighting of older adults but nowadays it begins even at early middle age When suffering from arthritis Pain in the joints can be painful Daily tasks such as sitting, waking, and walking are difficult. In arthritis of the gout type These sufferings are much greater Taking proper care of food habits and life style changes is a good relief. ayurveda describes gout as vatha rasa in ayurveda treatment, we focused on diet, exercise, habits and life style changes for the gout treatment, food, exercises and lifestyle changes play key role so we should take care proper care to maintain food habits we should avoid certain type of some foods avoid spinach, califlower, peas. in these foods purins are there. these purins aggrevates gout symptoms. avoid non veg foods like chicken mutton, fish, prans etc Gout symptoms can be reduced if non vegeterian foods stay away Alcohol should be avoided It is not advisable to sleep during the day and sleep immediately after meals in gouty arthiritis condition, Amam is one type od taxic product produced in our body due to this, not advised day time sleep and sleep after meals Lemon juice daily can reduce gout pains consume green leafs, and vegetables daily as much as possibel beet root, carrot, keera dosa juices helps a lot relive gout symptoms as much these juices excrete uric acid effectively Pain in the joints is the same as when suffering from gout Movements can be difficult Getting up and sitting down is very painful It can also be difficult to walk once knee pains hurts The pain especially the toe, is very severe All the joints have pain and bruises in elders, Menopausual women, In those who have weak bones joint pains are severe tippa teega is very helpful for gout victims tippa teega, dried in the shade, and powdered it. preserved it after that made that powder as a kashaya take that khashaya 200ml, add 1 gm shudda guggillu churnam and consume it daily twice. it cures gout In the morning and evening, it is better to have 30 ml Kashyam of stem of ravi tree Take one part of pepper, two parts of cumins mix and powdered them add sufficient jaggery make as a Laddu and consume it morning and evening daily it controls gout and its symptoms effectively if gout is a chronic can take ayurvedic medicines under doctors supervision pancha tiktha grutham, simhanada guggillu, yoga raja guggillu, dhanvanthari thilam are some effectice ayurveda medicnes to treat gouty arthritis maharasanadi kashayam, punarnavadi kashayam also helps to relive gout symptoms When suffering from gout arthritis High intake of milk and milk products Also, the Omega six nutrients available in fish have anti-inflammatory properties Gout sufferers are often better off eating fish Citrus fruits, green vegetables which are rich in antioxidants, should be consumed in large quantities. By taking appropriate care in all these ways, you can get better relief from sore gout