Best of Beauty 2014 : Benefit, Laura Mercier, Kiehl’s, First Aid Beauty and more

>>Hi guys and welcome back As you may have guessed from the title today’s video is about the beauty products I loved the most in 2014 a sort of vademecum of everything I really enjoyed using in the past 12 months. The video will be in sections I’ll start by talking about make up, I’ll move then to the skin care and as last thing I’ll talk about hair products. So if you’re looking for suggestions to help you out during your beauty shopping sessions you’re in the right place! Ok, let’s get started! I’ll show you the products in the order I usually apply them so I’ll start with the face primer and my 2014 favourite one, is by no doubts, Benefit the Porefessional that minimizes the pores, evens out the complexion and makes the skin smooth and silky, making it easier to apply the foundation which will last throughout the day without any need to touch it up. It’s a bomb! Talking about eye primers my favourites is always the same, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer potion in Eden. I love it because it glides on easily, it evens out the skin and it preps the eyelids for the eyeshadow which will last throughout the day without creasing I really suggest it! Talking about foundations I have 2 to show you because I couldn’t pick just one The first one is my all time favourite, the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + I love it because it’s the perfect foundation for my skin type, which is combination to oily, it has a creamy texture which makes it easy to apply, it blends in perfectly, it has a really high coverage so it covers also the most evident blemishes and it has a matt finish that prevents the shiny effect. I suggest you to try it, if you’re interested you can get it at Sephora By the way I remind you that on my blog you’ll find the list of all the products I’ll talk about in this video with indications to buy them online and the link to my blogpost is in the infobox below. Let’s move the other foundation which has a different texture it’s the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish foundation Powder that I actually discovered in 2014. It’s a pressed powder foundation It’s easy to apply thanks to the built-in sponge it offers less coverage than the Matt Velvet + and I tend to use it mainly when I create effortless light and natural looks. As I said it’s easy to apply and it covers the little imperfections but the real plus of this foundation is that once you apply it it feels like you have nothing on your face but at the same time it evens out the complexion and you face will look flawless. If you never tried it before I really suggest you to! Let’s move to concealers, I use the plural because once again I couldn’t choose and I had to include 2. The first one is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in honey, which is the best one for my skin tone I really like the packaging because the wand makes it really easy to apply the product, it blends in perfectly it covers even the bigger imperfections, I mostly use it to hide the iperpigmentation stains it lasts all day and I highly recommend it! The second concealer is the Maybelline Age rewinder, here it is! I really like it because it’s really covering but also brightening, so it’s perfect to use to hide the dark circles, but also on all the areas where you need to add some light, for example I use it on the bridge of my nose, on the cupid’s bow, on the chin on the forehead and wherever I need it.
As I said it’s really covering, it’s easy to apply thanks to this sponge I love it and I recommend it, moreover it’s not expensive and you can find it in the drugstores too. Let’s move to the powder and my favourite one is Revlon Photoready I like it because it mattifies without being cakey because it’s slighly shimmery that brightens the skin. It’s lightweight, easy to apply and the price is not too bad that’s why I recommend it! It’s time to talk about eyeshadows and it has been hard to narrow it down to only one product but at the end I went for a palette: Urban Decay Naked 3. I chose it because it contains some of the eyeshadows I used the most in 2014 like strange which is this light pink, which I used quite a lot even on its own, or dust, a shimmery gold pink that I adore but also all these shades of brown are cute and the good thing about this palette is that you can use it to create very natural looks but also more intense and sophisticated ones. So, yes I recommend it, the Urban Decay Naked 3 is my favourite palette for 2014. Eyeliners, in 2014 I tested a lot of them but nothing beats Stila Stay All day waterproof in intense black. I say it because it has a very thin brush which makes it super easy to apply it without imperfections, it lasts all day because it’s waterproof it’s really intense as you may guess from the name, intense black, and it’s my 2014 favourite eyeliner by no doubt. Let’s move to the mascara once again it was hard to chose my favourite one because I used several ones and I liked many of them. At the end I picked Maybelline Colossal Feline look and I chose it because thanks to this curved wand it grabs the lashes, it lenghtens, volumizes and separates them keeping them very natural at the same time, so it’s not too heavy and bold, but it will make your lashes more voluminous and longer anyway so I highly recommend it and once more as it’s a Maybelline product is easy to find and the price is affordable. The next step is blush In 2014 I used several ones and I liked many of them, but as I had to pick one I went for the By Terry Hyaluronic blush which I discovered in 2014. I really liked it because as you can see is a creamy blush it’s really pigmented, but at the same time it blends in easily and it lasts all day. You can apply it in the morning and in the evening, it will still look perfect without any touch up. It gives an healthy and bright look to the face so I highly recommend the By Terry Hyaluronic blush. Let’s talk about eyebrows and I really have no doubts here, because in 2014 I always used the same product What am I talking about? The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder duo! As you can see in the package there are 2 pressed powders in different shades, this is the Ebony combo, that perfectly define the brows, keeping them very natural and it lasts all day without any need to touch up so once again if you never tried it I recommend you to. As last thing highlighter and this is my all time favourite highlighter I use it everyday and it’s Benefit Watt’s up I love it because it has a cream/champagne color it’s super bright, I have it on now and it underlines the cheekbones it brightens the face and it looks amazing. Among all the highliters I tried, some were in powder and some were creamy like this one, Watt’s up is my favourite for sure. We reached the last make up cathegory which is lipsticks It was hard to narrow to just one product, but in the end I went for Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie and I chose it because it’s the one I wore more often in 2014. It’s not really a lipstick but it’s a mix between a lipstick, a lip balm and a lip gloss. It’s really natural and light, it hydrates the lips and it adds a bit of color I love it, I wore it a lot and I chose it because it’s the most versatile one. Ok, I think I covered everything we can now move to the skin care. There are a million skin care products I’d like to talk about but as I can’t talk for the next 12 hours I tried to narrow it down to the essentials So let’s start with The Body Shop Drop of Youth which is part of the Nutriganics line. I’ve been applying it every morning for the past year and I really like it because it has a gel texture that turns into liquid as soon as it touches the skin, it soaks in quickly it hydrates and refreshes, so it’s really nice to use in the morning. Moreover its formula is designed to reduce to signs of age It’s a bomb and if you never tried it I suggest you to. My 2014 favourite day cream is the Clinique Superdefense I like it because it’s rich, but lightweight at the same time it soaks in quickly, and it deeply hydrates the skin and it has an SPF 20 that protects from the sun It’s perfect during the Summer, but I use it all year around. Let’s move to a product i couldn’t avoid including in a best of beauty video Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate I think I already spoke about it a thousend times because is one of my very favourite products it’s amazing, I don’t know what’s inside this magic jar but each time my skin acts weird I have spots, irritation or imperfections due to hormons, the weather or whatever I apply it in the evening and already after a day I can see the situation improving. It’s an oil, but it’s not oily at all once you apply it it soaks in quickly and it’s done. If you never tried it you absolutely have to as I have no doubts in recommending it. Always from the midnight recovery line I recently discovered the eye cream, the Midnight Recovery eye, I think I included it in my last favourite products video too, because I really like it. You apply it in the evening and in the morning the eyes look younger and less tired I really recommend it! Talking about the lips another 2014 discovery has been the By Terry Baume de rose it’s probably the brand’s most sold product and I can see why it’s a bomb! It’s a very rich balm that deeply hydrates the lips if I apply it before going to bed in the morning my lips still feel hydrated so once again I really recommend this! Talking about face cleansing I couldn’t avoid including my beloved Clarisonic Aria For those of you who don’t know it, Clarisonic is an ultrasonic cleansing brush that thanks to the rotation of the brush cleanses the skin 5 times better than with a classic hand wash. I love it and I’ve been using it for the past 3 years and I noticed some huge improvements in the quality of my skin. Speaking about cleansers I have no doubts in recommending The First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser which I actually discovered in 2014 and I love it. it’s a light mousse that turns into a voluptous cream when you add water and deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out on the contrary it hydrates it while cleansing. it’s a bomb and of course I suggest it otherwise it wouldn’t be in 2014 best of beauty! What else? Oh yes of course, the body care. It won’t be a surprise finding out that my favourite body products are by The Body Shop. Scrubs and body butters, these are from the Argan oil line but you can choose the frangrance you prefer In 2014 I tried out a lot of them and I liked them all The scrubs are amazing because they exfoliate without irritating the skin and they hydrate at the same time, as I said you can choose the fragrance you prefer The same can be said about the body butter which is very rich, it soaks in quickly , they’re both amazing! Those were the last products from the skin care section and we can move to hair care section. We’ll obviously start with the shampoo my favourite one in 2014 has been again John Frieda Full Repair In spite of the fact that I tried other products nothing ever beated this guy because it nourishes and repairs the hair stressed by color, heat or whatever It cleanses and makes the hair smooth and silky I highly suggest it! Another product I discovered in 2014 and I’m madly in love with it’s the Babyliss argan oil Restorative mask in fact it’s almost over and I need to order a new one straight away. I love it because you just need to apply it on the wet hair, leave it in for 10 minutes then you rinse it off and the hair feels immediately untangled, softened, brightened, it’s a bomb! I found it by chance and after I tried I can’t do without, so it’s highly suggested! Talking about heat protectors a great classic is back, John Frieda Frizz ease because it’s a must have for me. I apply it everytime I use the hair straightener or the curling wand because it protects from the heat and at the same time it makes the hair shine and feel soft. Another product I suggest you to try, especially if you always use heat to style your hair. As last thing a recent discovery KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray I bought it because I was curious to try it, but then I left it aside for a while because everytime I was not sure if I wanted to use it or not but once I tried it I fell in love because this guy when sprayed on wet hair makes the drying process 50% shorter both if you blowdry your hair and if you leave it drying naturally like I do. it also detangles the hair it doesn’t weight it down it’s really an amazing product. KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry and with this one I finished my 2014 best of beauty. As usual I hope you liked the video and that it was useful If so don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up and share it with your friends I remind you that on my blog you’ll find the list of all the products I talked about with suggestions on where to buy them online and the link to my blogpost is in the infobox below. Ok, that’s it for today My question for you is, what are your favourite beauty products? because I’m always on the hunt for good products so leave a comment or write me on Facebook or Twitter you’ll find both links in the infobox. Ok, that’s it for today, as usual I wish you a good life kisses and I’ll talk with you again in my next video, ciao!