Betrayal At The House On The Hill – Escape the Night

[JOEY] Previously on
Escape the Night. Lele is electrocuted and
killed in a dark challenge. We free another owner and learn Arthur is
the one who is in league with the
evil of the house. [OLI] Run! Run! Go! [ARTHUR] I was a
confidence man and I played games with
peoples lives. And of all the games I played, this one was my favorite. Happy Anniversary, my love. (wailing) But after playing
it so many times, I had grown tired of it. I wanted more. Then the devil came calling. (music playing) I was going to convince the
evil within this house that I was its servant. When in reality, it was
going to be working for me. [ARTHUR] I needed the artifacts and the previous owner’s
gone so you have this house. [JOEY] You played
us. What is that? [ARTHUR] It’s a ritual. [OLI] We did the ritual! [ARTHUR] You did the wrong one. [ARTHUR] Goodnight. [OLI] Joey, no! (screaming) (dramatic sounds) Guys? Oli and Eva are also
tied up to these posts and there’s this crazy
lunatic man in the corner. [EVA] Oli, Oli, Oli? [OLI] Oh my gosh! [OLI] Oh my God! Guys we’re, we’re chained. (screaming) [JOEY] Look, look, look I
have a box. I have a box. [LUNATIC] All dressed
up and nowhere to go! [EVA] Joey! [EVA] Joey, what is that,
what is that next to you? [EVA] See, it’s like poker. [LUNATIC] Welcome to my house! [OLI] Joey, get
it. Open the box. [EVA] Try. [JOEY] It doesn’t
fit, it doesn’t fit. [EVA] Give it to Oli then. [EVA] Give it to Oli. [OLI] Give it to
me, give it to me. [OLI] Oh no!
(screaming) [LUNATIC] (mock screaming) [OLI] Oh, shut up! [OLI] I can’t get it! [EVA] Guys, mine
worked! Mine worked. Inside is a key, she unlocks one of the shackles
around her wrist and then she spots
another key which opens another one of our boxes. So it’s, like this big teamwork
thing where we have to push pokers back and forth to find
the ones that works for us. [OLI] Guys it doesn’t work! [OLI] It doesn’t work. Don’t
leave me, please don’t leave me! [JOEY] There’s a box there too. [OLI] Get the key! Get me out! [EVA] Joey, grab, grab
the key from him! [LUNATIC] (Mocking)
Joey, get away from me. [OLI] Get me out, get me out. [OLI] Yes! [LUNATIC] No, no, no. [EVA] Wait. [JOEY] What is this? [OLI] Yes. [JOEY] Open it. [OLI] What’s inside?
What’s inside? Inside is this pocket
watch and also this note that says we’ve been
injected by this serum. [EVA] “By the time
the sun rises at 6am, you will be as complacent
as well trained animals, and ready to join
the house staff.” This is from the butler! [JOEY] We’ve…it’s 5:30. [OLI] Oh my God. [JOEY] We have half
an hour. Let’s go. [OLI] Let’s go, we need to go. [JOEY] Come on. [LUNATIC] Stay. Go. [EVA] We walk into this room and we realize that we are
in Arthur’s bedroom. There’s files everywhere, it seems like the place where
someone crazy would live. The only thing it’s missing
is, like, that board on the wall with all of our photos
and like red sharpies. [EVA] Guys, I found a key. [JOEY] Wait, what?
You found a key? [EVA] On top of here. Wait, wait, wait, I found
something. I found something. This is it. [JOEY] What is it? [OLI] Look. [JOEY] Oh. [OLI] There’s the file. [EVA] That’s it. [JOEY] Our fingerprints. [OLI] “Brother, you
have humiliated me, betrayed me, enchained me in a
dark corner of your new estate. You brought me here to
help you clean things up, but really you needed
to stab me in the back to show the wicked
presence your loyalty. Someday the key to my
cell will be found, and when that day comes I will
repay this betrayal with blood. I know you’ve hidden it
behind a trail of gems the first of which lurks beneath the surface of a
reflecting pool.” What is this? Apparently, Arthur has a brother who is locked up and chained
in the house somewhere, who was betrayed, he
wants to kill Arthur. [OLI] “Beneath the surface
of a reflecting pool.” [EVA] We have to go to the pool. [JOEY] Okay, how do
we get out of here? Let’s take this with us. [EVA] This key has to
belong to something. [JOEY] This door, right here. [OLI] This door. [EVA] Okay. [OLI] You got it? [JOEY] Yeah. [EVA] Guys, my nail broke. (alarm ringing) [JOEY] This way, this way. We get outside and
we quickly realize that Marvin, Sarah and
Arthur are after us, and we need to stay hidden
from them at all cost. [ARTHUR] I don’t know
how they got out. [ARTHUR] Sarah, you
take the house. [SARAH] Okay. [ARTHUR] Marvin, you
check the side, if you find them, gut
them where they stand. This game is over. Our first instinct is
to go to the pool. This is not easy though,
because we have three people hunting all
through out the house and we can’t be seen. [JOEY] He’s coming, he’s coming. [JOEY] This way, this way. [JOEY] This way. [JOEY] Eva, this way. Come on. They’re all chasing after
us, searching for us. This is horrible, I
hate being chased. This is , like, one
of my worst fears. [JOEY] 1, 2, 3, go! We get over to the
pool and realize that there is no gems there. Then we realize the
fountain in the front yard. [EVA] The fountain? [JOEY] Yeah, this way. [JOEY] Come this way. Eva. [JOEY] Eva? Eva? [JOEY] Where’s Eva? [JOEY] Eva? [JOEY] Get inside. [JOEY] Close the door. I have to hide in this bush
next to the pool house. I’m thinking he’s definitely going to see me. I am so
scared at this point. [JOEY] Eva, come
on. Get down here. [JOEY] Hurry.
[EVA] Where are you? [JOEY] What are you doing? [JOEY] Marvin’s over here,
Marvin’s over here. [JOEY] We’re gonna try… [JOEY] He’s going
in there. Okay. [JOEY] Ready…1,2,3. Finally we duck behind
the fountain and we look in and see that there’s
diamonds inside of it. [JOEY] There’s a
gem in the water. [Oli] There’s a German? [JOEY] Yeah, no gem! [OLI] Oh, a gem. And then I notice that there’s
a chest [JOEY] Look. right next to the fountain. [JOEY] “Under the water are
three invisible stones, place them on my crown and
I will repay you tenfold.” [JOEY] Let’s look for something
that can help grab it. [JOEY] There’s a rake, a rake. [EVA] I’m nervous, I’m nervous. [SARAH] I found them! [OLI] Joey, you’re caught,
she’s in the window. [JOEY] Who? [SARAH] Arthur? So next we take the
three diamonds, we put them on the chest and it pops open. [SARAH] They were there! [MARVIN] Where? [SARAH] Over there! [MARVIN] Where? [SARAH] They were just there. [JOEY] “The spirits
will speak words to help you restore
my evil eyes, so I might guard the
house with my wings.” [JOEY] Wings. Is
there, like, a statue? [JOEY] A statue with wings. [EVA] There’s that, with
wings, that guards the house. [JOEY] The gargoyle! We realize we need
to get back inside, which we know Sarah’s in there,
lurking and looking for us. [EVA] Watch for Sarah. [JOEY] Okay. [MARVIN] I see
them in the front! [JOEY] Get in, get in. [MARVIN] I think they
went in the house. [JOEY] Where’s Oli? [EVA] I don’t know. I see
Mavin, I see Marvin. [JOEY] I don’t know where he is. [EVA] I see Marvin. [JOEY] He didn’t
see us. Get down. [ARTHUR] Right
there, I found them! I thought I was,
like, this strong big game hunter not afraid of anything, and I am so scared. I don’t think I’ve
ever been more scared. [JOEY] Oli, get inside! [JOEY] What is he doing? [JOEY] Oli? [JOEY] Get over here. [EVA] Close the door, Oli. [JOEY] Alright, listen. [JOEY] Sarah’s upstairs, she
needs to come down here. [OLI] Shhh. [JOEY] She’s coming, she’s
coming, she’s coming. [JOEY] Get under the table.
Get behind the table. [JOEY] Get behind the table. My heart is just pounding
and I can see Sarah’s footsteps just walking
right passed us. and I just feel like she’s going
to just look down and see us but she doesn’t. [MARVIN] Come out,
come out and play! I’m trying to be so quiet
but my shoes are really loud. They’re definitely not made
for this type of situation. At all. Unless you want to die. (Suspenseful music) [JOEY] Get up here. [JOEY] Quick, get in here! [JOEY] Eva! [JOEY] (Screams) [SARAH] Open the door! [SARAH] Open the door! [SARAH] Where is the other one? [SARAH] Eva? [EVA] People are going rogue, I’m getting left behind. I am thinking I’m going to
be the one to die in this. (Suspenseful music) [JOEY] Guys. [JOEY] Guys? Eva? [JOEY] Oli? [JOEY] Come on,
come on, come on. [JOEY] Where’s Oli? Oli? [MARVIN] See them! We get upstairs, but it’s not
an easy room to get into. You can’t just open up a door, you have to take the
bottom and pull it up and I’m thinking, okay, this is
going to make a lot of noise. [MARVIN] They’re upstairs. [JOEY] Why is it the gargoyle? [JOEY] I’m going to
try putting it in. [JOEY] One. Two. Okay,
they’re in. Now what? [JOEY] I don’t know! [JOEY] I don’t know what the- [JOEY] What is it? [OLI] Guys, hurry up. [EVA] “I overlook the
back of the estate, and wait to feast on green A met- [OLI] Guys, guys,
here she comes. [OLI] Go down. [EVA] ” I over look the
back of the estate and wait to feast on green. A metal spiral – [EVA] Did she see us? [JOEY] No. [JOEY] Oh my god. Okay. [EVA] It says, “A
metal spiral of pain will lead you to my
table of blood.” The next clue mentions something
about a spiral of pain, and I’m definitely
thinking it’s the spiral staircase in the
back of the house. [JOEY] She’s gone. Come on. [JOEY] Okay. [JOEY] Let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go. [JOEY] We have to be quiet. [OLI] Go, go, go. [JOEY] Out the front door. [SARAH] Ha! [SARAH] Get him! [SARAH] Marvin! [JOEY] Guys! (Laughing) Ah, so now I’m outside alone, so I quickly duck in behind the fountain again and
I’m just waiting! [ARTHUR] Come on! [JOEY] Ugh, I’m so
freaking upset! [ARTHUR] This is insane. You are the worst searchers
I’ve ever hired. We’re trapped and
I’m really nervous. Eva? Are you still here? [SARAH] Eva? You know what, screw it. I’m going to the freaking
staircase by myself. [ARTHUR] Hello? [ARTHUR] Oli? Where are they? [ARTHUR] Eva, Marvin
thinks you’re cute. [MARVIN] Ah, yes. I’m not sure at this point if
Eva and Oli are still alive. [JOEY] Guys, I’m
in the backyard! Where the hell are you? [SARAH] Get him! [ARTHUR] Oh, hey. [SARAH] Marvin? [MARVIN] Come out,
come out and play! [SARAH] Marvin. I know that the window
opened in the study, so I’m thinking,
like, we could open this window. This
is how we get out, but meanwhile Joey was
out running outside. [JOEY] What the hell
are you guys doing? You’re such stupid idiots! I run out there and
you guys left me! [OLI] No, we got cornered
by her. [EVA] We tried. [JOEY] No you didn’t try! I’ve
been out here for so long! [EVA] We need to stick together. [JOEY] Hurry up! Let’s
go up the stairs. [SARAH] Did you hear that? [JOEY] Oh, gosh. [EVA] Let’s get up
before they see us. [JOEY] What were you guys doing? [OLI] We got cornered! [JOEY] Oh shoot. [OLI] We got cut off. [JOEY] Oh my god, what is this? [JOEY] Do you still
have the thing? [EVA] Yeah. [JOEY] God, I would have
done this by myself but you guys had it. [OLI] I’m sorry we got
cut off from you. [JOEY] Oh my god. [MARVIN] Am I fired? [ARTHUR] No. [ARTHUR] No one else can
do the pansies like you. [JOEY] Okay, there we go. [JOEY] Okay, a key and a map. [OLI] Wait, look, that’s
the front door there. [JOEY] Yeah. [JOEY] We’re going
back in the basement. Wait, let’s think about this.
Let’s actually have a plan, and stick to it, okay? [OLI] Okay, okay, okay. [OLI] Right, so what’s the plan? [JOEY] Wait, let’s go over here. [OLI] What’s the plan? [JOEY] The plan is we’re going
down here, turning right [JOEY] And going
straight into the- [OLI] Go, go, go, go. [JOEY] No, Arthur’s right there. [OLI] He’s right there? [JOEY] Yes. [OLI] Now go. We finally find the key and
the map to the brother, and, like, this is it. We
just need to get there. We’ve made it this far
and we’ve survived it’s just ones more step. [JOEY] Is this it? [OLI] This is it. [JOEY] Sarah could
come down here. [OLI] Be quiet. [JOEY] Is that it? [JOEY] Over there. [EVA] That’s, that’s
it. That’s the – [OLI] Is that it? [JOEY] The key, the
key, the key, the key. [EVA] I don’t have the key. [JOEY] What do you mean
you don’t have the key? [EVA] I was never given the key. [JOEY] You got the
key. You took it. [EVA] Guys, you never
gave me that key. [OLI] Oh no, I’ve got the key. I’ve got the key,
I’ve got the key. [EVA] Oh my god. We open the door and we
see Arthur’s brother and he looks weathered
and he’s tied up with, like, rope. [EVA] Are you Arthur’s brother? Untie me. My brother’s a dead man. This is what we need
to get out of here we need to divert the
enemy and kill him off. [JOEY] Let’s untie him. [EVA] Okay, let’s untie him. [JOEY] Come on. [OLI] We’re good. [EVA] Yeah. [JOEY] He has a hook.
Holy crap. Oh my god. [JOEY] Eva, Eva, Eva. My brother is a dead man. [OLI] Where are you going? [JOEY] What are you doing? [OLI] Go up the stairs, go up
the stairs, go up the stairs. [JOEY] Oh, shoot! [JOEY] Oh, gosh. [OLI] Oh my god. [JOEY] Oh my god. [OLI] Oh my god. [JOEY] Behind you! [OLI] Behind you! [OLI] Oh no! [JOEY] No! [JOEY] Oh my god. [OLI] Get him! [EVA] Come on! [JOEY] You can do it! Get up! [EVA] Get up! [OLI] Come on! [OLI] He’s done it. [EVA] Can we go home? [OLI] This is over. [JOEY] He’s coming
across the grass. [OLI] What are you doing? [EVA] Wait, what? [OLI] What are you doing? [OLI] Get back inside! [JOEY] Get inside! [JOEY] Get inside, quick! [OLI] No! Push, push! [EVA] Get in, get
in, get in, get in. [OLI] What just happened? [EVA] At least the
sun is coming up. [JOEY] The ritual, the ritual. [JOEY] Okay, this is
the right ritual. [OLI] We need to
make this right now. [JOEY] Okay, let’s do it. [JOEY] Get the sand, get
the sand, get the sand! [JOEY] Oli, go get the
sand, it’s outside! [OLI] I’ll go get that. [EVA] Okay, I’ll help. [OLI] Alright,
I’ve got the sand. [OLI] Let’s move
this out of the way. [JOEY] Yeah, let’s,
let’s move it. [JOEY] Guys, we
have to be quick. [JOEY] We don’t have
much more time. [OLI] Okay. [OLI] Guys, the sun is
getting up. Are we ready? [JOEY] Yeah, let’s go, let’s go. [OLI] Okay, “With the thread of
the crimes of your own design I bind your evil three times. Seven times, I bind
you from behind I bind you from before that you hurt my
people never more. I bind you from the left,
I bind you from the right I bind you by day, I
bind you by night. I bind you from below,
I bind you from above. I bind you with your
own evil within, so let this magic unfold Goddess of the darkest night Bind the presence
that haunts this home in thy sacred fires
of eternity.” [JOEY] Did it work? [OLI] Did we do it? [EVA] Did it work, guys? [OLI] I think it worked. [EVA] We need to bury them. [JOEY] Let’s bury
these, come on. The ritual finishes
and we realize obviously this one worked. We feel a little bit safer but we’d still have
to bury the artifacts before we can finally
make it out. [EVA] Joey, hurry! [OLI] Come on, Joey! [OLI] Put it in. [EVA] Hurry guys! [JOEY] Give me the shovel. [OLI] Let’s bury this. This night has been the
craziest night of my life. This night is definitely
gonna change me and I definitely made some
really close friends too. I don’t think anyone
will understand what happened tonight
at this house. [JOEY] Oh gosh. I don’t think I’m ever going
to go to a dinner party. Doesn’t matter where
it is, who it’s with, I don’t do dinner parties now. I feel so lucky
to have survived. I saw the deed and I
knew that I needed to take it so it wouldn’t fall
into the wrong hands.