Betrayal of blood | Discourse

When I was a child my brother would tell me and bed time story about the man who murdered our father He deserves to die for what he did. Do you want me to apologise? I won’t. He came here alone knowing full well how he’d be received. We were at war. Why would he do that if he weren’t telling the truth? I think that would be a mistake. I’m not looking for advice. I’m looking for a decision. So what will it be then, Clarke? He is our father. That is the end of it. I don’t know if your death would bring me peace I just know I don’t deserve it. I love our father as much as you do. Who said I loved him, Ubbe? I ought to have him killed. I give this man his life. Blood must not have blood. Wouldn’t you rather be loved, than feared. I lost someone special to me too. I am trying to rule well. You saw them. Saw who? I am trying to rule for the benefit of our people. Not the strangers. Not the outsiders who threaten us. I’m sorry. I thought I’d never get over the pain. But I did. How? You say you want peace. And everything you’ve done is to achieve that. Yet here we stand on the brink of another war. A war you can stop. But still you deface my image. You criticise me. Why? Blood must not have blood. I am more than capable of separating feelings from duty. I want to take Kattegat back from Ivar. We want the same thing. I’ve come to make you an offer. Before I came to power you favoured my brother. He is a monster. You have to stop him. Love is weakness. You didn’t serve him long. You turned against him. To be commander is to be alone. I will not hear this again. If you ever betray me If you betray me again I’ll burn you alive. I won’t. Do you trust her? What choice do we have? Then enemy thinks its safe behind its doors but its not. We need to be ready. Let’s begin. There’s no other way they could’ve got inside the walls. Someone betrayed me. Are you going to deny it? No. I am sorry for all that I do. I love you. You also mean well. And I know that. Someone has betrayed me. Please tell me this wasn’t you. I wish I could. No. You freed you brother. You committed treason. After everything I did for you. You can’t tell anyone about this. Your legacy will be peace. I have things to say.