Biggest Sephora VIB Sale Haul 2016

hi everyone and welcome to my town today
in the new haul video this is a bit of an impromptu video as I didn’t have this
planned but i just received my package from sephora as some of you may know
last week was the big vib sale where everything was twenty percent off now I
don’t like buying things at full price and this is the one time of year that I
actually stock up on all my Sephora items and I made a very very big
purchase so I have my sis army knife and I’m going to open up the stack edge and
I just going to share with you all the things that I bought I’m just going to
open this up this is my big box from Sephora I’m gonna try to make this video
as short as possible so I’m just going to quickly go through all the products i
bought if you would like me to do a review on these products please leave a
comment below and let me know and i’ll see what i can do so let’s get started
first thing I picked up is the TLC for Ambrose glycolic night serum refinery
generate with raspberry extract horse chestnut and 12-8 h8 blend and that’s
the product and the only reason I bought this was i was reading reviews on makeup
ballet in sephora and i was looking at reviews for the sunday riley good genes
serum and that’s the product i did buy but a lot of people were saying that
this product was just as good and this one was a lot cheaper so i’m excited to
try this out next thing I picked up is the tart tartlet in bloom Amazonian clay
palette in whatever color this is like this is just called the tartlet and blue
palette this one I bought for friends and what else is I pick up okay i picked
up the hourglass ambient lighting palette i bought this as a christmas
gift for someone i picked up the hooter beauty lip contour set in trend setter
and bombshell of course i love huda beauty and i’ve never tried their
lipsticks and I thought the contour kit would be a good deal to try some of her
product and this one comes with one lip contour
and two liquid matte lipsticks I’m really excited to try this and as i
mentioned i picked up the sunday riley good genes so this is the all-in-one
lactic acid treatment someone at sephora gave me a sample of this and they
actually use it on me when i got a mini facial and it just made my skin is so
soft and I always have flaky skin like just skin flaking off everywhere and I
found that this year really really helped so i’ve been using samples for
the last month or so I kept going back any samples and I was waiting for this
vib sale so I could stock up wells on sale the only bad thing was they were
out of the big bottle so I had to get the 1 ounce bottle versus the 1.7 ounces
bottle that’s okay I’m just glad I got it thanks to things I picked up I picked
up oh this one’s not for me i bought this for someone else this is the Urban
Decay perversion bigger blacker batter mascara my friend said this is her
favorite mascara and he said it’s the best one so I picked up two of these for
her and where’s the other one I don’t know they loan it yet and then I also
picked up this one’s for my friend as well this is the kat von d everlasting
liquid lipstick in the color exorcism wells in ithaca oh yes I picked these up
for my husband he’s a huge fan of Bumble and Bumble and he loves using this to
attack which is a low gloss elastic molding compound he uses this non-stop
so I picked up a few bottles of these I picked up three for him was on the
ground I hope you don’t break picked up two of my favorite foundations this is
the make up for ever Ultra HD invisible cover stick I picked up two of them one
in my color which is one two three and one in the color 177 and this is one of
the darker shades that i purposely got this off the contour my face contour my
chubby cheeks mmm next thing I picked up is another kat von d ever lasting liquid
lipstick and this is in the color them vampira vampyre
is how you say it and this one is for my friend as well I picked up this makeup
forever missed and fixed to setting spray I currently use Mac’s fix+ and I
like it but I wanted to try something different and I don’t want to splurge on
the full size so I decided to get the small bottle even though this is more
expensive per ounce I’m still saving money because I don’t know if I like it
yet so i picked up the small bottle um this one i actually bought for my sister
this is the clinic clarifying lotion number three she swears by this stuff so
if you have oily acne prone skin this is what she uses there oh I picked up the
clarisonic mia 2 and this is the limited edition with kate somerville products i
actually bought this as a christmas gift again i’m back until you is for and so i
picked up the first day beauty pure skin face cleanser it removes service oils
makeup dirt and grime safe for sensitive skin I currently use the philosophy pure
makeup remover I like it but I was reading the ingredients it’s not
actually all natural so I’m trying to find another all natural face cleanser
so I’m going to give this one a try what else is in here this is oh the second
Urban Decay perversion mascara that I picked up for my friends and then I got
my free samples so you always get free samples with the four orders and this is
the long kept safe s long yves saint laurent old-time perfume mmm picked up
the sheer glow foundation from NARS sample and then the benefit the
Porefessional sample okay last but not least i picked up this well this is free
so whenever you shop on sephora online at the very end you can choose if you
want things gift-wrapped and they give you boxes or a bag and i chose a bag
just cuz i thought it was cute so i can put like
something in it don’t tell the mill wasn’t a gift so when I got the email
from Sephora stating that they’re going to have the vib sale coming up I
actually started adding all the things I wanted into my cart already and I was
ready to purchase it once a sales started but a few of the things I really
wanted to buy were already sold out and that’s because I’m not a vib rouge
member so they had priority for the sale and I believe a sale for them started on
the 4th while vib started on the 11th I’m still glad that I ordered everything
online because I got the majority of everything I wanted and I didn’t have to
line up at sport and I know this because on the weekend I stopped by Sephora
during the sale and it was crazy it was lineups out the door every product was
sold out it was such a mess and I was just so thankful that I got the email
and filled up my shopping cart ahead of time and then he was just shipped to my
door and I didn’t have to worry about anything that’s the end of my video
thank you so much for watching I know I rushed through all the products that I
bought but I wanted it just to be a halt and if you’d like to review on I mean
the products please let me know in the comments below please subscribe give me
a thumbs up um yeah well thank you so much again for watching and I’ll see you