Body Detoxification with Dr. Christopher Shade – How Toxic Are You?

Thank you so much for being here can you
tell me a little bit about yourself and your name. My name…my name is Christopher
Shade. I’m a PhD that now works in dietary supplements with a focus in
detoxification. Specifically, I was studying mercury in how mercury moves
through the environment, goes into different compartments, where it builds
up like building up in fish, how we’re exposed to it, like in dental amalgam. And
I patented some testing while I was in grad school that had great application
towards functional medicine and integrative medicine for diagnosing
levels of metals in us and how we’re metabolizing them. How we’re breaking
them down and detoxifying them. -So this patent that you created, this test, can
you tell us a little bit about it and when you test people, do most people have
high levels of toxicity in their body? For a long time mercury was a little
misunderstood in how it moved through the body because there’s different forms
of mercury and they act almost like different metals, and so when you eat
fish you get a form called methyl mercury, which is very well absorbed in
the GI tract, goes into the blood, goes into the brain very easily and it’s very
mobile. And it has a certain nature to it. And then when it comes out, it comes out
through the liver gallbladder and GI tract but not the kidneys in the urine.
Whereas if you have dental amalgams, the mercury based amalgams, that form. You’re
actually inhaling and it’s going through your lungs.
It has different pathways it goes into and it’s more tissue stuck. It’s not as
mobile and it’s hidden behind the fish based form of mercury methyl mercury. So
to really unfold the story and see, where it’s going in the body, and how you get
it out we had to separate those two in the analysis and that’s what speciation
is. And once we did that, we were able to make good sense of what the sources of
mercury to a person were and what their excretion patterns are, because we could
go into the blood and say, well here’s the two forms and their relative
proportions. Here’s how much is coming out in the
urine, here’s how much is in the hair and I give us a map of the disposition and
it tell us something about not just what the sources are, but where blocks the
detoxification might be. For instance, the kidneys, when there’s damage to one
aspect of the filtration, the mercury levels in the kidney become very low. Old
ways of looking at mercury testing would look at low mercury in the urine and say,
oh good! You don’t have exposure. But the new way says low is good or bad
it’s good. If you have low exposure and your excreting, but it’s bad if you have
high exposure and you’re not excreting. And that excess builds up in the blood
and so that leads us then into the treatment that we know that we have to
focus on different aspects of detoxification in that treatment.
Dr. Shade, what got you so excited about mercury and why in grad school would you
create a pattern. Like what was it? I met this guy who had these global mercury
cycling models and he needed a lab setup and he was just the smartest guy I saw there. And so I’m like I’ll do that. That’s how I decided and then I’m
halfway through there and I’m like analyzing mercury you know, you’re like a
monk in grad school. it’s just the same thing. It’s just obsessing on figuring
this thing out and then all of a sudden, I just perceived this mercury just
running through me. I had 17 amalgams in my mouth and it’s just all sort of
dripping through your body and you know, it was suddenly very clear to me that I
had to get this all out of me. And so I’ve gone from this holistic farming
background where I wanted to save the world by feeding the world clean things
and love that, and then I started looking at the various industrial and medical
toxins that we put into our body. And what I found is as I cleared my inner
physical environment that my inner emotional and spiritual environment got
much clearer. It’s very, it was very profound when I first started clearing
the mercury out of my gut. I found out that I had been walking around folded in
on myself for a long time. And as soon as I cleared that
out, everything just opened up and I was relating back to the world I was plugged
back in. And at the same time, I was describing this to one of the doctors
that I that I worked with who was working on me and he goes, that’s
the basis of what we call the toxic reaction. When somebody’s triggered by
something small and it just seems so big and when you’re really poisoned inside
you’re wondering, what that inner pain is and you’re looking for a source to pin
it on. And you start pinning it on everybody around you. So there’s an
important part, not just to our own performance and health. But there’s an
important thing to our society in getting rid of all of these things that
twist our perceptions, twist our behaviors, our emotional reactions, our
sense of empathy. These are all blocked by these toxins, so detoxification is
important to us on lots of levels. How many of us do you think are dealing with
with toxicity in our tissue and that’s holding our weight and things
like that. So we have the things that we’re exposed to, and then we have the
genetic overlay of how good we are at detoxifying that innate ability to do it.
And some people are up here, some people are here, some people are here, and then
overlay on that is the epigenetics. These are other things that have come in and
taken our potentiality and further limited them. And some of these things we
don’t even see. A lot of these things are sort of mental psychic stressors, the way
that we perceive and hold stress in our environment. One of the most important
things to see in detoxification is that the autonomic nervous system has to be
in balance for detoxification and in the autonomics you have sympathetic, which is
fight-or-flight movement to activity. And parasympathetic rest digest repair
regenerate all of the processes of detoxification only take place within
that parasympathetic autonomic tone, because when you’re in for the flight,
you’re not going to use energy to clean up the house, and it does take energy. So
it’s a direction of energy in the fundamental process of clean up.
Everybody’s got some exposure and some ability to deal with it. And the
abilities can change between classes so I may be good at metals, but bad at
plastics and so everybody’s got some level of something in there. And these
days with all the stress and then even all the electrosmog, all the wireless
that is going on our cell phones, these are all disregulating to our autonomic
nervous system. And kind of making it all a little bit tense and fundamentally
making it difficult for you to do these jobs. So my job is to show you well, this
is what detox is built out of, these are the supplements that help it, and then
broader than that you know. Here’s the mind frame that goes into it. Here’s the
lifestyle that goes into it and even farther than that. Then here, the diets
and here’s what’s going to happen in each of these diets.
– Thank you so much for sharing such fascinating information that I know, so many people have never
even heard before, but can truly transform our lives.
– Absolutely, it’s my pleasure to talk about this all the time. And it’s always
my pleasure to talk to you, Naomi. – Awe, thank you.