first aid kit, demands
of a first aid kit. The furniture or case of a medicine cabinet should be
plastic or enameled metal. resistant to have a hook that allows
hang on the wall if necessary Prevent the passage of water to your
content, be identified and be visible to all, be without key. To be
ordered and with the elements labeled. Be out of reach of children.
ELEMENTS THAT COMPOSE A KITCHEN. Polyethylene glove Elastic bandage
Adhesive tape. Large dressing a wrapping
Running cotton 100 grams. Antiseptic soap
Square gauze 10 by 10. Band-aid patch. Long chiffon Physiological serum 0 9% of 20 milliliters. Thermometer. List with telephone numbers of
emergency. Lantern. pencil. handkerchiefs for sling. Tips. To maintain a
first aid kit review expiration date of the inputs. Keep the first aid kit
neat and clean. Verify with one list all the elements that
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