Brexit and Tariffs Advice For Preppers- What to Stockpile

advice for preppers prepping on Brexit Tariffs Chinese economy what to stockpile buy hi it’s AlaskaGranny if Alaska Prepper
you’re a prepper working on emergency preparedness
and you’re concerned with the effects of Brexit or the USA Chinese tariffs what can you do to prepare so that there is a less of an emergency disaster economic impact on your life than
there could be with the upcoming concerns the first thing to prepare for Brexit or tariff shortages is to stockpile
household goods and food that you rely on then you’re not dependent on
government supplies or excess that’s available that is already in stock when
those items run out at the store they need to be replaced at probably higher prices some imported everyday items may not be available for a while while the powers that be governments industries try to
straighten out the Brexit and the tariff economic consequences implications another strategy is to
stock up on your emergency and ust have everyday supplies in case a weakened currency causes a shift in the
market sends prices up on consumer goods we don’t know for sure yet the effects of Brexit or USA Chinese tariffs and how they will affect the economy once things spiral out of control the cost can too – so
to avoid having to deal with financial issues not having enough money to afford things you need that may turn out to be short-term stockpile the things that you need and save up some of your cash the
price of goods and currency conversion rates will definitely figure into the price of
any new incoming imported items consumer goods stock up on food cleaning hygiene items that you know come from abroad read the labels on goods you use to see where things are produced if you’re worried about Brexit
things that come from Europe are going to be priced differently once they hit
the UK things coming from China are most likely going to be priced differently
once they hit the US and a lot of the raw materials that things we don’t even
think about are also coming from places like China that’s going to affect the
price of things that you count on having the next thing to do is save money if
you have currency cash and money the bank in your stockpile you aren’t
going to be at risk of not being able to provide the food supplies things that you need in a changing economy the world is ever in flux whether it’s this Brexit or this
Chinese tariff there’s always something that’s affecting the supply and demand
the price of goods the economy and just the safety that we feel with upcoming world economic unrest events many of the monetary concerns worldwide are temporary or just a
sign of the times the Consumer Price Index goes up
taxes go up and down we never know for sure what’s coming but cash is always
going to be a great idea so have more cash on hand save a little money at a time so
that you have the things you need and you don’t have to worry about not being
able to have what you want and need to survive disasters emergencies being a prepper is a lifestyle insurance
it means having the things that you need so that you can continue to live the
life that you want you have provided the food supplies things that you need so in an emergency
you don’t have to worry in the short-term where am I going to get food
clean water medicine or shampoo and it allows you to figure out what to do next
in a large or long-term emergency situation smooth the turmoils that come
to all of our lives by being prepared you need to remember to give yourself
credit for all that you do you’ve been doing lots of emergency preparedness things being prepared
remember to take the time count your blessings look over your emergency survival disaster prepping supply stockpile see if there’s any supplies gear things that you need and give yourself the credit you deserve for the work and the planning that you’ve done
but don’t keep looking back or into the present always look a little bit into
the future so that we know what’s coming and we know how to figure out how to
face it and deal with it hard times come to everyone it’s just part of life learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel