Bridal Show + Christmas Diner + Keratine Treatment! VLOG

Okay I am right now at Dona hair treatments. Here she is She is busy with the botox I came here today for the Keratin treatment Jean Paul Myne It’s now in my hair for the hair outgrowth You guys know I really love this And she is doing these treatments. In Venray So If you’re from Nijmegen like me, it’s really near by. She works with Jean Paul Myne And she is also going to put Botox in my hair. Because.. Yeah, What is actually the reason for this? The botox is to treat damaged and broken hair. To repair and nourish the hair It’s actually a anti aging treatment for your hair. It doesn’t make your hair straight like a keratin treatment. It’s really ment to repair and nourish the hair. So my hair will shine. So yeah, we are busy with that. Unfortunately I am not able to show the results because of my scarf. But I will show you guys some before and afters from her clients. If I am allowed. I will show you some posts of her instagram right now here in the screen.