BuddsBuddy Home First Aid Kit

so this is buds buddy’s first aid kit it comes with a handle and is made of durable plastic there’s a small first aid guide which comes with the kit and it has a lot of information about how to tackle emergency situations and conditions in the house like bleeding wounds unconsciousness injuries burns so how to tackle all those then there is this whole bunch of band-aids more band-aids and square shape now this very interesting strip thermometer is this which is good to use in kids like this so it’s effectively and very quickly it gives away the temperature and either a bunch of some fun stickers which I’m sure all the kids would like to use somewhere or the other let’s see what more is there some medical calls pieces which can be used if there is a cut then this is what the cells cooling gel pitch oh this is a great thing so this has to be applied on the forehead to bring down high fever this is a cold pack which is the used whenever there is muscle injury or a sprain so you don’t need to use ice anymore you can use this then this is the Gauss web more of them earbuds safe depends then there is a bandage and it comes in two different sizes in the box this is an antiseptic ointment so that is also needed and a pain relieving pointment then it is sanitizer and sanitizer and cell phone of course and what else twizzle and small Caesar more calls pieces this is a micropore tape to hold on to the swabs that’s it I think it’s a very comprehensive and compact first aid kit and you must have one in your house you can buy this one from the website but buddy’s website from their shop or you can just put together your own