Bug Out Bag / 72 Hour / Get Home Bag

All right guys today we’re going to go
over my bug-out bag and sure everybody knows what a bug out bag is there’s a lot of
different versions. this one for me actually i would consider more of a get
home bag a bug out bag basically is a portable kit that contains everything
you might need to survive for a certain period of time in an emergency
situation the reason I say this is more of a get
home bag for me get home bag it’s more designed to get
you home in the event yet the abandon your
vehicle for whatever reason. this bag that here is designed to lastl me at least 72 hours possibly longer
now a few things you want to think about when you’re building a bug out bag is
weight quality and budget as far as the
contents the the main things you’re looking for that you need to have in
there are food and water first aid, light fire, shelter, clothing, communications and
defense and you know you’ll see all that in this bag and there’s thousands of
videos on YouTube about bug out bags this is just what I put together you know I’d be open to other ideas if
you want to leave some ideas in the comments below anything I might have left out anything
that you think i could do better feel free I don’t mind getting a little
criticism so let’s just get right into the bag this is the Red Rock outdoor assault
pack now this bag is pretty compact for the nice it’s got a lot of rettention
straps everywhere Its pretty well padded on the back and
have some pretty decent straps, the straps leave a little bit to be desired but
they do seem to be a good quality, it has the chest wrap and a waist strap so you keep
it sinched down to you and keep things from danggling and shaking around
anywhere I’m gonna start with the stuff i have on
the outside of the pack in the back back here it has a Velcro pouchits made for a hydration bladder but I dont keep a hydration bladder in here I keep a good waterproof map of my area and a waterproof backpack cover one thing you need to think about if you’re in a
bug out situation you don’t want to be walking around with the most tactical
looking backpack, you want to be able to cover it up make it look like just a
regular bag and hopefully keep people from messing with you too much and obviously If it starts raining you can
keep your pack dry keep all your contents dry, that kind of thing now moving on to the side here I got a little leatherman sheath, I keep my leatherman sidekick in there You definatly need a multi-tool. this here is the Condor rip-away medical pouch , it will rip right off the side so you don’t
have to keep it on the pack, if you need to use your first aid kit you have quick
access to it on the outside and just rip it off and leave your pack if you need to go help somebody out definitely good to have a flashlight somewhere on the outside something you
can access quickly if you need it. this is just one i got from
lowe’s home improvement its about 320 lumen flashlight. I keep a carabeaner on the
front, american flag patch and this flashlight here I wanted to have something that will be
facing my back now if I’m walking down the street at
night I can turn this red light on or it also flash that way if there’s cars going by or if
i’m looking for help i need help then this will be visible to people that can
help me also has a regular flashlight on there
if for some reason all other lights were used up or whatever this would be a backup light as well On this side I have a Condor hydration pack cliped onto the side of that is a little
compass and whistle also has a thermometer on the back and a magnifying
glass I use that look at your map or start a fire. On the outside pouch I keep all my water stuff in this pouch I have the Sawyer filtration straw a
little water bladder to keep the water in this goes along with the sawyer. I also
keep some water-purification tablets in there just in case I need to purify some
water. Also in here I keep a Berkey sport water bottle this will filter up to a thousand
gallons of water so i can really just put my water or any water from any
source in this bottle and I can drink straight from it and this will filter it for me. I also keep a conteen cup
in here you can cook in it you can boil water in
it over a fire definitely need to have one of those. Now we’ll get into the pouches on outside In this top one here I keep a lot of stuff that I want to
need to get too fast I don’t have to dig around in the bag
too much for some of this stuff. I keep a pair of back up sun glasses, headlamp, in this little pouch I keep a compass, bandana, a mosquito head net if the bugs are really getting to you, you can throw that on there real quick a few rubber bands for whatever you
might need those for. Now down here In the pouch below that, I have another little small pouch here and here i just have some nitrile gloves and a little
dust mask in here I have sunscreen, Ibuprofean, some Purell,
chapstick eye drops and some hand lotion. all things
that you might need to get to or you might need and you won’t have to dig
down into your bag get it have a five-hour energy, a couple glow sticks, one green one yellow just for a light source if you’re in the woods and you’re having to camp and you don’t want to have to use your flashlight batteries
can use those if it will give you enough light some hot hands and emergency pancho, have a backup knife its a double bladed Smith & Wesson, regular blade on one side serrated blade on the other. A regular bic lighter, extra
flashlights and I don’t keep the batteries in this because I don’t want
the batteries to go bad and get corroded inside the bag a bug out bag isn’t
something you’re going to use all the time so it may be years before i use this
flashlight, I just keep the batteries close by some bug spray, regular pen, sharpie, some emergency
phone numbers if i can get to a phone and need to call for help have a wright in the rain notebook, it’s
good you need to leave anybody message for
any reason. Important for me, New Testament Bible. A little survival instructions that came with something or other, it might come in handyA and that’s it for that
pouch. One other thing in this pouch I
forgot is some quick little first aid some small gauze and a anticeptic wipes
burn creame, of a couple different types of medicine Now let’s get into the middle pouch This one doesn’t open all the way, but it will go about three quarters of the way. First thing you get to in here is another bandana this is my fire kit and i’ll do a
separate video on this, but ill give you a quick little view of everything is in here and here we have
some twine, wet fire, waterproof matches, a little striker and
a small bic lighter. this is kind of a self-contained little
fire kit just in case I need that another lighter these things are awesome fire puck, you
can get these from walmart for about two bucks, its basically like a mini flare, but you
you light this underneath some wood it will really get it going I think it burns for about three minutes
really really hot. have a small knife in here some cotton balls soaked in Vaseline. In
this thing in the top here have a little piece off of one of those little firestarter bricks shoved
down in there and a bunch of fat lighter wood that’s it for the fire kit. also down here is
my pocket stove, these things are really cool, it just opens up like this and have some spare cubes in here you light one of those on fire and you can use that tin cup that I showed
you earlier to sit on here in boil water next thing is really important, its your
food kit I have a few mountain house meals in here
I have some beef jerky and here i have one of those little spam loafs in there,
Im not sure that i like the spam loaf but if I was an emergency situation id eat it. Some folgers, some tea bags salt and pepper enough food to last me
for three days if I needed it and one of the most
important things, some toilet paper if you’re in the woods or you’re
stranded by yourself for a while with no bathroom, you’ll be glad you have that. some utensils just a spoon and a fork another backup knife, this is just an old Kershaw that I dont carry anymore. another flashlight you know I go by the one is none, two is one rule. You need to have backups for everything just like the other one I don’t keep the
batteries in that. I have a small knife sharpener and that’s everything for the
middle pouch Now for the large pouch this one does clamshell all the way
open first thing that falls out is a little monocular just in case to see
things far off, a little bit smaller than a pair of binoculars so it’s nice to
have. I have an SOL escape bivvy just basically it’s a small sleeping bag I have a small backpacking tarp got that
from walmart a roll of duct tape, Datrex emergency drinking water, I have six
packs in here. I have a Fiskers folding saw in case you need to cut down some
firewood also have a Cold Steel GI Tanto pretty good survival knife good for
chopping or batoning , help make some fires make a shelter. lot lighter than
trying to carry an axe or something like that I have about 50 feet of paracord, some zip
ties, a couple of contractor trash bags You can use those for a drop cloth or a
shelter if you need to, anything like that have emergency wind-up radio I does not need batteries, it also have
a flashlight on their, play some music listen to what’s going on in the world.
it also charges solar power and you can plug your
devices into I could plug my phone into that and charge it would probably take a
long time but I could if I needed to keep a full change of clothes I have a long sleeve shirt, long pants wool socks, extra pair of underwear and also in here in the back there’s a
little zipper pouch in there I have a little power bank supposed to
be able to charge my phone at least once keep that in there, I keep a small pack of
extra batteries for all the flashlights and any devices. Also in that pouch I have some little power cord that go along with the emergency radio
for charging different types of phones and over here on the other side I just to finish it up I got a deck of
playing cards just in case you have to spend the night somewhere, have a little somthing to keep me entertained, have an emergency blanket, some hot hands another little fire starter striker, and one thing that I think
people leave out a lot, most people they look down in here
they’re going to think it’s a flashlight but I thought that would be a good spot
to hide a little extra cash just in case I needed it one thing i did forget to tell you guys
about is how do you have a pair of mechanics gloves in the back pouch. but I
any way that does it for my bug out bag / get home bag. I hope you guys have
got some good ideas , If there is something I left out there something I didnt
think about feel free to comment on it please like share and subscribe and
we’ll see you next time