Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit | One Tigris Pouch Review

Hi, I’m Sarah and today I’m showing you my
improved first aid kit for my bug out bag. When I made my bug out bag video, there were
loads of god suggestions from everyone for improvements and the first one that I decided
to work on was my first aid kit. Previously I just had a zip lock bag with a few bits
and bobs thrown in it, so there was definitely room for improvement. If I sound a bit funny
in this video, it’s because I’m ill again. I’ve had a really bad month for being ill.
I actually feel fine now, I just have a cough and it means my voice keeps going, but I’ve
got my cup of tea so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the end of the video and you’ll
still be able to hear me. So now I’m using this bag from One Tigris. I’ll turn the camera
round and I’ll show you it in a bit more detail in a moment. I just wanted to say first that
they did send me this for review, so I didn’t buy this one with my own money, but I am going
to be buying another one because I really do like it. Now that I’ve got my BOB first
aid kit sort of done I know how scatty am and I’d be really tempted if I was going hiking
or walking for the day or camping or something to take it out my BOB because I know there’s
a first aid kit ready to go and then I’d just forget about putting it back. Or I would use
all the pain killers and forget to replace them. So, to make the goblins in my head calm
down I’m going to get another one and do a duplicate of it and then I can keep one for
camping and hiking and then I know the one in my BOB is always ready to go when I need
it. So, I’ll put links to everything I put in it that I can find and obviously the bag
itself, but if you are watching it and thinking ‘WHY WOMAN? Why have you not put this in,
you silly fool?’ then leave me a comment. If you see something that is blindingly not
there, then please tell me because I would like to know that. My voice is so croaky!
Okay, I’m going to turn you round now. Hopefully you’ll be able to see a little bit more clearly
now I’ve turned you round. This is a slightly awkward angle to film at though so if I seem
a bit fumbly then bear with me. First off, it’s bright orange. This is going inside my
bug out bag so I like that it’s bright orange. If it was black or cammo then I’d probably
have more trouble finding it when I was scrummaging about. But if you didn’t want to put it inside
your bag, it does have molle webbing on the back. It’s also quick release though, so if
you did need to take it off in a hurry, this strap on the front, it does serve as a compression
strap so all your bandages and squishy stuff gets packed down, but once you’ve undone that,
you can just rip this Velcro patch off the back and the whole pouch comes off separately.
So I like that. I’m definitely going to be getting a bag with Molle webbing soon for
camping and hiking as opposed to a BOB, so it’s something that I know I’ll use in the
future although for the moment for the BOB it’s just going inside. The pouches come with
patch for your blood type. They do all of the blood types but the only thing that I
would change about it is they only do the positive blood types and I’m O negative so
if you gave me positive blood it would make me poorly. So hopefully they’ll be adding
negative blood patches in the future. But that is the only thing that I would change
about the whole bag. Everything else is absolutely perfect. So I’ll get into what’s inside it.
On this front pouch I’ve got antiseptics and loads of water purification tablets. I did
also rip off the instructions from the cardboard. I know it’s one per litre, but someone else
might not. Okay, so the main pouch has zips all the way round, and then inside there’s
also a compression strap to stop everything rolling around and to keep things secure so
it doesn’t fall out as soon as you open it. Then it opens like a book. I’ve got two, a
small and a large tubular bandage, so you can use them for sprains but you can also
use it if you were bleeding. Then I have, absorbent, sterile dressings. So if something
needs more than a plaster, you can use them. And blister plasters because if I’m bugging
out, to get to where I’m going to I’m assume there will be gridlock so there will be a
lot of walking and if you’re not used to that or you haven’t worn your boots in ages, you
might get blisters. They can make walking so miserable. I bumped you and you fell off,
but I’m back. So once the bandages are out of the way I have, cut to size plasters. Two
rolls of them. I never know if I’m saying this right, but colloidal silver spray because
it’s antiseptic and you might need to clean things and it’s just more convenient in a
spray. A digital thermometer. I should probably get a normal non digital one. Two of the little
liquid skin things. I have antacids. I never get heartburn, but when I saw them when I
was buying extra supplies I thought if you’re eating weird food that you don’t normally
eat like freeze dried food and you’re walking a lot, it might be a bit uncomfortable on
your digestive system. On this side I have tweezers, scissors, a roll of adhesive
tape to use with dressings. Then I have a whole bunch of stuff. I have Cocodamol. In
the UK you can’t just buy strong painkillers over the counter but Cocodamol combined with
Ibuprofen is quite strong, so if you were carrying all your stuff and you threw your
back out, you might be glad of it. Oh, that’s a cold and flu, blocked nosey, thing. Because
I’ve been suffering with colds and stuff, if you had a fever and a runny nose and you
couldn’t breathe properly when you were bugging out then I would be really glad of that. We
don’t know what to expect, but I’m hoping to keep us fairly safe so I’m hoping that
the minor ailments are the kind of thing that I need to deal with more than someone’s leg
falling off. Allergy relief, I’m reading this through my phone so it takes a second for
me to be able to see what’s going on. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, More Ibuprofen and more paracetamol.
Now that I’ve taken everything out you can see the inside of the pouch a little bit more
clearly. There’s three webbing straps. Two big ones and a smaller one. A mesh pouch at
the back with two straps on the front. And then a compression strap which goes over everything.
Front pouch with a Velcro fastener, Velcro patch and then you’re molle webbing stuff
on the back. Three’s a handle which is attached to the bag part itself as opposed to the molle
webbing bit. So that was my improved first aid kit for my BOB. I’ll leave links in the
description for the bag itself if you want to check that out in more detail and any of
the contents if I can find a version of it online I’ll leave links for that as well.
I did purposefully leave out a tourniquet because I think they cane be a bit dangerous
if you don’t know what you’re doing with them and also if the situation was so severe that
if we did not put one on someone now then they would definitely die, then I can just
as quickly fashion one out of a belt or a tie or a shoelace than I can open a bag, scrummage
through, find the thing. For me, I understand why some people would want them, but I have
chosen not to put that in. So that’s the only thing I’ve purposefully omitted. Anything
else I just haven’t thought of it, or I’ve forgotten about it, or I’m too poor to buy
it? I don’t know. A needle and thread I thought about and then I thought I’m too scared to
sew myself up and certainly I hate the idea of having to sew my children up which is kind
of why I put the liquid skin in. I don’t know if that’s really enough though? Leave me your
thoughts on that. Alright, well thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you soon.