Build a Relationship with Your Pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy

I tell other people about Adam all the
time. I do have other options through my insurance where I can actually get my prescriptions through mail order, and
literally walk to the end of my driveway to get them, but I don’t. I would rather
come here and know that I’m getting good customer service that I receive here
from Adam. As a pharmacist with CVS, I’m presented every day with hundreds of
these little interactions where I can make an impact on someone’s life, make a difference in their well-being, and basically helping them on their path to
better health. Adam has taught me a lot about compassion. With his overall interactions with the people that come in the pharmacy. He treats every one of them
like they’re a member of his family. Whether it’s his team or a patient, he makes sure
that they feel very comfortable talking to him. He is a true business leader with a true health care professional. Basically, I look as though, what if this
were my own pharmacy, and I lead my team in that same way. This CVS presents some
unique challenges. The main one is just the fact that we exist within a larger
Target store. Adam and Josh, the store team leader here,
their relationship is very unique and probably, one of the best partnerships
that I’ve ever seen. I’ve worked for Target for a very, very long time, and I’ve really never interacted with a pharmacist quite like him. His
personality comes through, in just how wonderful the business is running back
here. He’s got returning guests, people that ask for him specifically. When I get up in the morning one of the reasons I’m excited to go to work is to
see the team. He gets to know them on a personal level so that he can understand
what truly helps his team to succeed, personally and professionally. Adam has helped me realize that I wanted to go back to school, so I’m a full-time
student right now. He started off my boss, quickly became my mentor, and
then we became friends. I come into work every day, and I just want to give
everybody my best effort. Adam is the best pharmacist that I’ve
ever met. Even my neighbors talk about Adam, the pharmacist, and how great he is. I think that’s just a testament to what impact he’s had on, not just this store
but, this community at large.