Burn patient finds healing in music therapy

when they say music therapy I was
thinking like me just sitting there and they like click a radio or something
you know what I mean like some Beethoven music or something some
really like just slow like calm music but when she came in and she had the guitar and she was like can I sing you a couple songs like sing? yeah girl! like
let’s do it so she played Beyonce Irreplaceable and it just sparked it was
just like yeah this is my song so she played it and it like I couldn’t even feel
that hand just being able to see the joy on Markeyla’s face even in the midst of
all the pain that she had going on and just the the trauma that comes along
with being in the hospital and dealing with burns of that nature just being
able to see her smile and take her mind off of it for a minute. When my mom posted on Facebook so many people was like you go girl, like you are doing an
amazing job and my mom instantly just put on there like UAB has the best like
techniques to help a patient her story has helped a lot of people cause we we’ve
had people inbox us and tell us their problems what they’re going through and
that my daughter has given them hope and encouraged them to go on it’s real nice
to see that love can spread so fast over social media just by music, it put me into a better
place a happier place to where I push myself to where I said okay now really I know
I can do this I can make it through this people want to see something good and
people want to see something that’s uplifting and encouraging music always
soothes you so it’ll always travel with me