Caregiver Training: Refusal to Take Medication | UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program

[Music] grandma hates taking our medicine even after I tell her what it’s for she asked ten different times why she’s taking it what should I do [Music] time to take your medicine grandma I don’t need to take medicine who said I have to take that medicine for what what are you talking about grandma you have high blood pressure and diabetes dr. Brown said if you don’t take your medicine you’re going to get sick I don’t need pele why do we have to do this every day just take your pills I give up refusal to take medication is a common manifestation of dementia it can be very frustrating for the family particularly as this has to be done every day stay calm and be patient keeping in mind that these medications help your loved one stay healthy [Music] time to take your medicine grandma I don’t need to take medicine you said I have to take medicine Oh what remember dr. Browns that you have to take medicine for your blood pressure and your diabetes he even wrote a note my patient or a Jackson that’s you needs to take her blood pressure and diabetes medicine every day so let’s take your medicine for dr. Brown okay I’ll take it today but maybe not tomorrow only because dr. Brown said it’s a good idea okay I have an idea let’s take the dogs outside for a walk it’s a beautiful day do not allow your annoyance or frustration to become part of the problem your loved one may pick up on your emotions and become annoyed with herself or you here are a few tips on how to improve the situation pick a doctor or an individual that she wants to please and tell her that this person advises her to take these medications if swallowing pills is the issue check with your pharmacy to see if the medications are available in liquid form if not consider crushing pills into applesauce or pudding to make them more palatable give pills one at a time with water sitting next to your loved one when you try to offer the medications instead of over her if she continues to refuse allow her to calm down for several minutes then try again remember to be patient as this process may take several attempts in regards to specific medications prioritize the most important medications to be taken first [Music] you