Carilion Clinic Medication Disposal Program

I’m Karen McNew at Carilion Franklin
Memorial Hospital where we are getting great feedback from the community about
our medication disposal program we started this in August of 2017 and in
about six months we’ve been able to hand out about 500 of these drug kits to the
community Tyler Lee our community health care outreach advocate shows us how they
work you open it up then you pour the medication in some lukewarm water and
you want to fill it up to about where it says drug deactivation and then and then
you zip lock it back up just like you would your normal sandwich bag container
but you can see if the bag starts to puff out a little bit then that’s how
you know the medicine is being deactivated and then you just make sure
it’s locked 100% and throw it in the trash another benefit of this program is
that anytime a patient is prescribed an opioid or a benzodiazepine they’re
automatically given one of these drug kits to dispose of any unused medication
at a later time we have been educating the general public on how to dispose of
their drugs properly instead of just flushing them or you know just leaving
them in the medicine cabinet so this is a biodegradable approach and the
community loves that aspect of it plus they’re able to get all their drugs out
of their home