Chauncey’s Father’s Day | Sample Room #3

dear diary, i’ve got some exiting news. today im trying out a new colon sex panther i really hope the lady’s like it (hans) oh, whose smelling totally good dear diary,i have decided to never wear colon again. as long as i live AT vat19 headquaters, there’s a room full of products just waiting to be featured in our commercials. we call it the sample room oh hey chauncy Happy fathers day! Is it fathers day today? yup oh today, how about that i guess the forget to give me a gift then oh well then don’t forget kids kind of forget that stuff all the time Theodore is 20 Oh, why don’t you grab something out of the sample room as a treat to yourself Oh, That’s So Kind Of You do you have any delicious confections oh yeah sure we have got jelly belly jelly beans we have got poppin cotton candy or we have got extra long twizzlers oh the extra long twizzlers sound nice all right there you go could you hand them to me and say happy fathers day why don’t you just take’em they are on the house please could you just hand them to me and say happy fathers day dad i love you here you go dad happy fathers day i love you i love you too son oh who could that be hello .hey chauncy .oh son.hey mike and i set fire to a bunch of old books in the outlet mall parking lot can you come post bail for us oh a fathers day suprise you say . sounds chauncy.all you can eat pasta ill be right there are you deaf wow my day just keeps getting better and better i guess good bye friend bye chauncy oh chauncy you forgot your twizzlers