Cheap Medical Supplies from Dollar Tree

cheap medical supplies from Dollar Tree First aid supplies Dollar Tree Haul Shop with me Dollar Tree new prepper needs essential prepping supplies hi it’s Alaska Granny I just got back
from a shopping trip to the Dollar Tree the Dollar Tree is a great place to
build your stockpile of cheap medical supplies and first aid supplies
begin with gauze bandages and medical tape if you can find flexible fabric band-aids
always go for the fabric over the plastic they adhere better stay on
longer and protect your skin better the Dollar Tree is also a great place to
stock up on cleansers sanitizers and ointments hydrogen peroxide and rubbing
alcohol hand sanitizer petroleum jelly which is
Vaseline triple antibiotic cream which is like neosporin hydrocortisone
cream and muscle rub get a supply of cotton balls and try some
cotton rounds sometimes a cotton ball will leave fibers and stick to a wound
while cotton round will clean it more gently get some cotton swabs and some
wet wipes so you can clean up any dirt or spills another cheap medical supply
from the Dollar Tree the Dentek dental emergency kit you can repair lost
fillings and loose caps another cheap medical supply from the Dollar Tree get
a cold compress it’s a single use item squeeze it to pop the inner bag and the
contents will mix together and make a cold compress read the directions on the
package coughing is a problem for my family so I always like to stock up on
the cough medicine when I find this at Dollar Tree
find the OTC and pain reliever medicines that your family uses and stockpile them as well there are
lots of containers at the Dollar Tree that will help you organize your keep
medical supplies also look around your home you may find you already have the
containers that you need to keep your medical supplies organized stockpile
basic supplies first aid supplies cheap the next time you go to the Dollar Tree you’ll find that they’ll
come in extremely handy in lots of emergency situations learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel