Chicago Med – Honor the Patient’s Wishes (Episode Highlight)

[knocking at door] – Yes? – Dr. Downey, you mind? – Nope. – What’s that? – “Ka Hana No’eau I Ka Hulu.” The art of the feather. – Oh. – I am a rank amateur, but it’s good for the hands. What’s on your mind? – I have a patient. He’s had an LVAD
for four months. Been experiencing
unremitting pain, fatigue. He has little to no control
over his bodily functions. – That happens,
unfortunately. – It’s been rough, and he is not a candidate
for a artificial heart. – Where is he
on the transplant list? – Pretty far down. Chances of being moved up
are slim to none. – And he wants you
to take it out. – Yeah. – Do it. – But he’ll die. – I am a cardiothoracic surgeon. The patient has asked you
to remove it, yes? – In no uncertain terms. – Then honor his wishes. I hope when my time comes to be so lucky
as to have someone extend me
the same consideration.