Child CPR Training Video – How to Use an AED

When the second rescuer arrives on the scene
with the AED, turn on the AED and follow the prompts. “Apply pads to patient’s bare chest.” “Plug in pads’ connector next to flashing
light.” “Apply pads. Plug in Connector.” “Analyzing heart rhythm. Do not touch the
patient.” “Shock advised. Charging. Stay clear of patient.
Deliver shock now.” “Press the orange button now. Shock delivered.” “Pause. Begin CPR.” Rescuer should continue CPR beginning with
chest compressions and reanalyze every two minutes. Special situations include: if there is water
on the victim, wipe off the chest. If there is a transdermal medication patch, then remove
the patch. If the victim has a lot of chest hair, then shave with a razor and use new
pads. If the victim has implanted devices, the pads must be at least one inch away from
these devices. Do not place the pad directly over the device. Remember, for child CPR with one rescuer only,
chest to ventilation ratio is 30:2. For child CPR with two rescuers, compression to ventilation
ratio is 15:2. For two rescuers, change the compressor every five cycles, or two minutes,
to avoid fatigue. Rescuers should try to change the compressor role in less than 5 seconds.