Children Starting ADHD Medication, Should They Undergo EKG Screening?

EKGs are not necessary for children who are
about to begin medication for ADHD. Concern arose in the past related to voluntary reporting
of incidents in children who had unrecognized heart disease. In general, most children can take these medications
quite safely without any concern. If the family has a prior history of congenital heart disease,
a premature heart disease, or a significant arrhythmias, or the child themselves has a
history of heart disease, an evaluation is indicated prior to beginning these medications. There has been great debate about the need
for the screening tests in children. Consequently large organizations such as American College
of Cardiology and the American Academy of Pediatrics have come out with consensus recommendations
where experts, physicians reviewed all the available data and determined that the ECG
was not indicated for most patients beginning these medications.