Chu Trình Chăm Sóc Da / Skincare Routine 2016

Hello guys! Lately my skin has a lot of improvement, so I want to share with you about my skincare routine and my everyday skincare products First step is removing makeup, and I usually only do this at night My most frequently used removers are Heilmish All Clean Balm and Bioderma removing water After rinsing off the remover balm, let’s move to cleanser I’ve been loyal to CeraVe cleanser for a year, because it’s mild to acne skin Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide helps maintain and balance the skin moisture So after cleansing, my skin don’t feel tight or dry at all Another product that I’ve used for 2 months is Pebble Lisa Cleaning Device I find cleansing much more effective with this Pebble Papules on forehead also decrease The silicone scrubs are minuscule, however a little too concrete… Therefore, be careful with red swollen pimple skin Compared to Clarisonic, as I examine by Hada Crie, it’s equally clean What makes me fall in love with this is the low price, long-lasting battery and you don’t have to replace the brush head Most importantly, it’s easy to clean Recently, I also add this Beauty Water to my routine after cleansing as Linh’s recommendation And this is the toner I use every morning, Thayer Aloe Vera By night, I switch to this toner called Pixi Glow Tonic which contains 5% AHA I often take a makeup pad to absorb the toner then dab it onto my skin After balancing pH of my skin, I continue with these chemical exfoliator AHA, BHA In the morning I use Paula’s Choice BHA, it proves to be efficient in pushing acnes and cleaning pores deeply At night, I use AHA to wash away the dead cells and dirts This combination is awesome: AHA cleans the path while BHA does its job, penetrates and cleans thoroughly My skin feels a lot more glowing and less papules I only apply Vitamin C in the morning 30 mins after BHA has fully absorbed For Vitamin C, I jump from one brand to another After the 3rd bottle, I feel no effect of lessening bruise scars The last step is moisturizer I really love to use this First Aid Beauty “Ultra Repair Cream” in the morning It’s not to dense, permeates quickly and extremely gentle to acne skin At night, I change to a little more concentrated moisturizer by Origins It gives you relaxing scent and sensation when you wake up Nevertheless, this has lots of Dimethicone mosture barriers which can cause clogged pores I’m thinking of switching to another moisurizer after this is used up And cannot forget sunscreen for the day That’s all of my skincare routine which helps me to improve my skin condition lately But each person has different skin types, so this is just reference Hope you’ll have an energetic week! See you in the next video, bye bye!