Client Interview: Results From Switching to An SLS-Free Cleanser

I made this recording with my client
Rebecca who has dry skin if you’re confused about how to treat it and you
don’t know where to start then this video is for you you good morning so we
were just explaining about how when you’re using products that are not
necessary when you’re overusing too many different types of brands of product as
well you’re going to strip your skin and you’re not going to have the natural
oils that are there to help you age well and protect your skin against
environmental damage so you are now your like as you’re not a graduate you’re
still a beginner okay but I’m just gonna go through some of the routine that
Rebecca uses and thanks guys for letting me know that you can hear us you can
tell that we’re really professional thank you so much oh my god we just
literally recorded about five minutes and no one could hear a word we were saying
so a recap of what we were saying so my lovely client Rebecca she has do you want to just tell
them what what you’ve been doing with your skin when did we get started so I
think we’ve got we kicked off in October November last yeah and I had my wedding
that was due in December so we had to really go fast so I think you went on
the extreme plan to get me started so we did a peel to begin with yeah and I
think before that you asked me to come with a clean face yeah and I remember
sitting waiting for you to do what you were supposed to yeah doing a Facebook
live and my face felt like somebody was just pulling it, it was so tight and I
was just desperate to put some cream on to me so you were a real moisture
addict, you really need a moisture and yeah I’ve gone for like more than an
hour without like lathering my face with loads and loads of different products
and so then we did a vitamin C peel a very light one
yeah and then I started with a balm the vitamin C powder and then two
night serums and the morning serum, so what’s really
interesting about Rebecca’s skin is the she group in South Africa and as a child
had a lot of exposure if you just want to come a little bit closer to the
camera you can see that there is some visible pigmentation but if we just turn
her face to the side where she would have caught the Sun she’s got a lot of
freckling and also it’s cause for the skin under her eyes just to get a few
like a loss of collagen, now that skin when you feel all
that tightness and you’re like oh my god like I need a moisturiser that goes back
to what I was saying in the elimination video, video one, if you haven’t watched
it already I posted it this week and it explains the reasons why your skin feels
tight and the reasons why your skin feels tight is because you’ve lost the
natural barrier of your skin which is what is like the ozone layer it
basically traps moisture now Sun damaged skin and people who use too many foaming
cleansers moisturisers you know you said that you had like 50 different products
she was trying all at once to help her skin but she wasn’t getting the result
they will strip that barrier away so what we’re actually seeing in this
program that I’ve put together is it’s like a skin recovery system so when you
first started we had you on Purity Clean and that’s a 5% lactic acid cleanser so
that lactic acid you said it the Purity Clean sort of tingled on your skin
didn’t oh yeah in a nice kind of way yeah I felt I could feel there were
parts of my face that it was tingling what was it like up here on your cheeks
okay that’s perfectly normal by the way if you get that tingle sensation all
right and how are you now with your Purity Clean how do you feel no I don’t
really feel it, every now and again if I’ve had a detox mask then I might feel it tingling,
Other than that I don’t feel it this is why Rebecca is no longer a
beginner when it comes to conditioning her skin I’m gonna be talking about
conditioning your skin with active ingredients in week two
she’s now at an intermediate level going on moving towards advanced
but the amazing thing with lactic acid and active ingredients is that by using
them on a consistent basis you will recover a healthy skin, it’s proven
I’m not making this up this is the system
that gets results but you have to know that some of these signs and things that
you experience change-wise it’s perfectly normal
okay so let’s talk through some of the options that are really good so I’ve got
here in my hand a product called purity clean let me know if any of you like
using oil cleansers there was a while like I think with your skin because of
the tightness that you have, this oil cleanser is very effective for removing
you can see how light it is it’s very effective for removing dirt and grime
and it has Moringa and olive and all kinds of lovely soothing ingredients
okay so you can see just how the oils would really nourish your skin as well I mean it’s got the kind of citrus smell to it so all our products are
actually scented with plants they’re not perfumes but what’s really lovely about
this product is that for a drier skin purity solution is the one that actually
sort of soothes your skin as well but because the Rebecca was getting married I
was like we have three months so I was like straight in
there with your lactic acid cleanser or she was going to start from
like a slightly higher level of skin correction you know but cleansing is so
important because you really want to make sure good morning you really want
to make sure that you avoid using any soapy, foamy cleansers that have sodium
lauryl sulfate in them so this week actually on the challenge I’ve asked
everyone to check their cleanser to see if you have sodium sulfate its SLS for
short and if you are using a cleanse that has that ingredient I would switch
and look for an alternative because it’s part of the reason why your skin starts
to develop dryness and premature aging so cut it out so if you’re looking for a
gentle cleanser now with Rebecca this was the option
that you can now use for taking your makeup off so it’s a gentle cleanser
it’s called benefit clean it’s a gel cleanser very easy to use and you mix
this with water okay so it will foam up it’s sodium lauryl sulfate free you
literally just massage it all over the face you can put it on your neck and
your chest and the thing with these cleansers is that they’re they’re
working like little vacuum cleaners so they’re literally sucking the dirt and
the oil in the grime off your skin surface so cleansing is the part of your
routine that I imagine before you probably didn’t even think about you
were like I’ll use whatever is going I think I use three different cleansers, okay
so were scrubbing yourself within an inch of your life she was there like scrub scrub
scrub so you had three different cleansers yeah I mean like you know it
makes sense you know just alternating do you know what’s really funny
I have met some stunning girls in my time like beautiful girls and often I’ll
ask like what do you wash your face and like are you using you know like
something really fancy and luxurious and so many of them buy the cheapest
products okay and they use like their boyfriends like
Lancome or Dermalogica or whatever scrub they’re not even buying products that
are even meant for women skin like so I just I have to tell you it’s okay like
you’re not alone there’s so many of us out there but it’s really time like if
you’re if you really want to help yourself age well and I have to say in
the last so you’ve been using the products for at least six months now
yeah the rehydration levels in your skin, the
plumpness it’s so much more hydrated just more that firmness is there as well
that I feel like it’s like an intervention do you know it was like
your wedding was like the time to kind of detox and just like get on to the
proper regimen yeah because it is it’s an investment it’s something that you
know like if you’re gonna buy something like Purity Clean as well
this is a 42-pound product but it’s gonna last for at least six months now
this is the cleanser that Rebecca uses the green cleanser
and it basically has 5% lactic acid in it so lactic acid is what Cleopatra
she used to bathe in goat’s milk if you ever it has this you smell the
mint in us it’s amazing so Cleopatra babes and goat’s milk to
refresh her skin so if you think about you know your daily ritual your morning
routine leave your Purity Clean on as a mask so you don’t need to buy multiple
products you can just use your cleanser as a mask I use it maybe once a day at
least as a mask because my skin I’m like you know high-level graduate I can take
so many I use like a I have this 11% lactic acid cleanser that I use
called RX Clean so I’m double wammy
you know I’m like throw it on but I think the thing with your skin is that
after a peel treatment and you just had a peel treatment so we’re
day seven post peel yeah it was Monday last week okay so if you’re doing
any like advanced skin treatments you really need to use corrective advanced
cleansers, even if you’re doing things like Botox you know you
might think oh that’s the muscle but actually cleansers are so important for
people who are wanting to condition and correct their skin if
you’re doing microdermabrasion I mean I’m not a fan
of microdermabrasion but the other things like people that use
Clarisonic like there’s all kinds of machines and things that you can get at
home to exfoliate your skin I would advise you to watch the first video
because I explain a lot about elimination and the whole process of how
to clean your skin in a safe way but it’s really important that we don’t over
exfoliate but for any of you out there that are doing treatments you know with
professionals by a proper cleanser don’t skip on that expense now did you ever
use a toner before not from Cosmetix of many one of many okay and I stopped
using everything when you came to see me so the thing with toners is
everyone has this thing in their head that it’s cleanse, tone and moisturize
like we’ve all been brainwashed into and I’m here to tell
you that is so outdated and it causes a lot of people to develop skin problems
so for your skin you were already very dry you felt tight you did not need a
toner, toners often have alcohol so you want to check your toner, look on the
back of the lid at the list of ingredients and if you see alcohol that is just like
using nail polish remover on your face so you just strip out the moisture, people
don’t look at ingredient labels but when you start to look at them you’ll see
that there’s a lot of products that have stripping you know that’s why when you
use a toner you see like all the kind of gunk on the cotton pad so I just want
you to think about having some alternatives if you’re using a cleanser
like Purity Clean that’s a that is a cleanser and toner in one and but we do
do prep solutions so if you have an oily skin or even a drier skin you can use a
liquid like this this is Purity Balance which is really good for just taking out
some of the oil in the areas on your face where you might see it but in
Rebecca’s case you don’t really have oil so you need more hydration you need a
hydrating toner like Benefit Balance or but you know a lot of
this conversation around cleansing your skin, the reason why I’m really
interested in like speaking to people like Rebecca as well is that it’s
surprising probably that if you have dry skin to know it’s not that you need
another moisturiser you actually need to think about your cleansing routine
that’s where it starts so we’re gonna be focusing this week on cleansing watch
the elimination video I will post pictures pictures of Rebecca and her before and
afters and this week if you have your regimen at home we have a special
promotion so if you can send me a picture of your products like every
single skin care product that you have in your cabinet lay them out and take a
picture send them send the picture post it to the group I will be able to give
you advice on how to use that regimen in a more effective way so I’m actually
going to be probably saving you some money as well and anyone that post their
selfie into the group as well tell me a little bit about yourself you will both
be receiving a private message with a special promotion a discount code that
you can use on the website and we would be absolutely delighted to help you
choose some Cosmetix products but as I said before you don’t have to use
cosmetics in order to do this challenge so I’m really looking forward to
catching up with you later in the week everyone have an enjoyable morning
take care