Como Desidratamos nossas Ervas / How We Dehydrate Our Herbs

Hi everyone, Welcome to Batistenha, I’m Iva and I I’m Joselito. And today at the request of ours
friend Célia Guimarães, we’re going to bring for you how we dehydrated our herbs. So come with us, a special hug for you Celia. People to make our dehydrated herbs, Iva has prepared here. How are we going to do this? Look, this is the oregano that the Joselito picked it out of the yard, I already tied. We’re gonna hang, that’s one of the ways we dehydrate here. Let’s hang in the window like those
who are already dehydrated ready to be placed on the jars. The other method is going to be in the oven, I already washed parsley and coriander and here also has chives that
I got stuck. Here I have rosemary and some leafs of oregano were loose, which could not be to hang. So this we’ll put in
oven, to start I will put the oven to preheat is the minimum possible for you to put there in your oven at minimum possible. In my case here, mine already has where it says here to dehydrate which is 150 but I’ll press here to get started. Here in my oven temperature to dehydrate is 150 remembering that we are in the United States people. In Brazil can not be 150F, Let’s do, for that we will discard the part of the stem, as I use the stem in soups and other things. I have cut and let to freeze already cut, This is the part that we are going to dehydrate, it’s okay if you stay a bit longer than the stalk. It does not have to be much. We’ll put it like this, as loose as possible so they do not get too cluttered
the others. To dehydrate well when you have in the oven, people are already here, already
I cut coriander all over and now I’m going to do the same with the parsley before we put it in the oven. I advise you not to trow off the stems, because it has much value nutritious here. You can use it to make
the green juice for example the parsley you uses a lot in green juice, coriander
I use a lot of fish in soups. Even in the beans here at home we use the coriander. Look, people are already ready here in the way of putting in the oven, I can imagine about 10 minutes, but every two minutes. I I’m going to give a turn, we have to be very careful not to burn. we only want to remove moisture, the It’s a secret, the more you have it dried make it faster, okay? Come on, it will depend on each oven but I’ll put it like this, this is parsley. I’ll show you the rosemary and oregano is ready, look, the others have not yet. We have to leave some more, it’s been 20 minutes since I because I did not want it to get too roasted. And the others are still in the oven. Look, people are ready, see if you can listen. One thing I noticed is that the cilantro is dark, and the parsley turns green. You’re ready to people put in our packaging, can
put plastic or glass containers. I prefer to store in glass packaging, I’ll put it in the jars, come on. The parsley will give two packs, we have two of parsley. People remembering that the tips I cut, the stalks I’ll freeze to use in soups and juices and other things beans. The coriander is already ready and we are only waiting for the spring onion taking a little longer. What took a little longer, it was our spring onion that in my oven it took more or less 35
minutes. But as I told you depends on each oven, I have the white parts because I put the whitish part too. Look and everything has dried very well, and now Let’s put it in the jars. Our herbs are ready, so here we have chives, parsley coriander rosemary and oregano. I’m preparing everything for us to make a seasoning for meat, and I’m going too. dehydrate onion and garlic. I’ll make the garlic
and the onion powder, if you like us to make a video. Leave it there in the comments that I can show for you as we did and then we
will make the seasoning for meats. Guys is one of the ways you can keep your products, your herbs you have in your garden for a longer time, so that’s the tip. Very Thank you for joining us here on
Batistenha Homestead making these herbs dehydrated. If you have not registered, sign up on the channel, give your like to us
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