Confusion over medication

Hello, Mr. Adam. Welcome back for
your yearly check-up. I’ve reviewed the blood
work you had done the other day and I see your
blood sugar is still too high. We’ll have to increase the
dose of metformin pills I prescribed to you. Well, actually, I wasn’t
taking the pills you prescribed. Why not? Well, I don’t really like
taking pills and after our last visit, I discussed
it with my family doctor and he said that my blood
sugar wasn’t that high and I didn’t have to
take the pills. I’m a specialist,
he’s only a GP. Why do you think
he sent you to me? I’m sorry. I didn’t understand why you
wanted me to take the pills. I mean, I’m on pills for
cholesterol and for high blood pressure and
that’s in addition to my arthritis pills. I mean, can these
pill cross-react? These pills are
to keep you alive. They’re all important. Let’s review the issue
of your blood sugar. Would that be
okay with you? That’s okay. What are my options? Your blood sugar
result indicates you have Type II diabetes. We should discuss the pros
and cons of Insulin versus the pill I prescribed
you, metformin. It has the advantage
that you have much better control over of your blood
sugar because we can adjust the dose precisely. There is the disadvantage
that you would need to check your blood sugar
yourself and administer the needle once
or twice daily. The other option is the pill,
metformin, that I prescribed. It’s very easy to take,
it’s quite tolerable and there are no side effects. Well, to tell you the
truth, I don’t much like either option, but
I’ll take the pills. Wise choice. I agree. I will write your
prescription with 12 refills. Make sure to book yourself
a follow-up appointment for a year from now.. I’ll do that.